This movie is Black Sci-Fi & Afrofuturism's largest secret. I saw this surreal cinematic essay/documentary at a Black Sci Fi screening last year, and everyone including myself couldn't believe we had never heard of it. And its 11 years old. The people in this film include Octavia Butler, Ismael Reed, Samuel R. Delany, DJ Spooky, Goldie, Derrick May, and also draws some intriguing lines between Sun Ra, George Clinton and Lee Scratch Perry. Its an expensive movie to buy or rent, but if you at least rent it and have a screening, you'll make your money back, and have a lot to reflect on...!! we stayed in the theater and talked for over an hour. shortcomings? not too many female perspectives, and Octavia Butler DEFINITELY could have been given more screentime. but it is hands down, a must see. enough from me. peepify.

The Last Angel Of History (John Akomfrah, 1997)

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oh my! I never heard of this one. -C
that's what i said! and i am a dj/producer, so all the input from musicians was mindblowing for me.

for instance, Derrick May is one of the originators of Detroit Techno, a genre of futuristic black music that isn't commonly associated with blackness by a lot of people. In my experience, its mostly other black folks that seem to think of Techno as something only for glow stick wielding white raver kids (lamentations, lamentations!)

Jeff Mills, another icon of Detroit Techno has a beautiful metaphor for this creative movement. He references black families fleeing the ubiquitous police brutality and burning homes of the 1967 Detroit riots and escaping to Canada. Apparently the riots coincided with Quebec's Expo 67, a World Fair that featured speculative innovations for the future. Jeff Mills strongly believes that Detroit Techno is a generations' creative response to this experience. He believes that Techno is the relentless sound of black people fleeing oppression into a different time and space, a possible better future. I can hear it.

for more on the origins of Techno, see the documentary "Hi Tech Soul."
I just read the info about it. I most definately will have to check this one out.
I'm going to check it out, thanks for the info. I need to see some thing real after checking out the new "Speed Racer" trailer. Question: was Speed Japanese in the cartoon ? I do believe he was, but he's not this time. Sad, real sad...
Wow. Thanks for the heads up. I've never heard of this film. At 75 bucks I guess i won't be getting this from Netflix. lol It looks like the showing idea is the best bet. I've got to figure out how we can integrate this in our next offline showcase.
45 minutes seems like a short time with all of those talented folks you listed. Mmmmm . . . thanks for the techno links.
glad that people are feelin this! if anybody is in the bay area this summer, me and Lisa Marie are gonna try to throw together a screening.

Kemian: haven't seen "Speed Racer". reminds me of back in the day when for the "Mortal Combat" movie they took Raiden, an Asian thunder god and anglicized him. crazy.

Diane: you crack me up with netflix comment. ha! 45 minutes does seem short but its SUPER dense. you are gonna wanna have an open notebook and poised pen. it felt like a full length movie. are you a techno fan?!?

on a randomish note, just saw Persepolis. soooo good!!
Just want to know if this film is available on DVD format I'd love to see this one
its only on VHS... if it was on DVD i think i would be guilty of owning some pirate copies by now.... at this point you can go to a flea market and get a VHS player for $15 anyways... thats what i did. hmm. i should buy two... hmmmmm.......
Thanks for the info I think I may have a VHS player in my closet somewhere. I'm always open to learning something new :-) even if I have to go back in Time.
I'm as astonished as everyone else to not have heard of this! I'd love to see this, sadly there's very little chance that'll happen. I doubt I'll ever find it at a fleemarket here in France! I can't believe the price they're asking for this, I'm sure it's very good but you have to be reasonable if you want to expose people to it.
i wouldn't be surprised if the price of the video is directly related to its obscurity! for real...

You are in France eh? last time i was there i was impressed with the representation of black and brown folks in animated sci-fi/fantasy flicks, like "Enfants de la Pluie" (The Rain Children)
I'm bugging that I'm the only one who's heard of this flick. I've unfortunately never seen it, but I remember reading about it on some black-themed message boards a few years back, before Ms. Butler passed. It was also memorable because I remember wondering - "Why'd they interview Goldie?" :)

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