BET Networks and Marvel Animation Tuesday announced they will team up to produce an animated series based on the legendary superhero The Black Panther. Network officials said the show will debut in the first quarter of 2009.

Casting is already underway and BET will serve up a sneak preview of the series at the Comic-Con International convention in San Diego during BET’s panel on Saturday, July 26.

BET officials said the series will be adapted directly from the first six issues of the Marvel comic written by Reginald Hudlin.

“As a lifelong comic book reader, I didn't think anything could top the excitement of writing one of my favorite characters, the Black Panther,” Hudlin, who is also BET's president, entertainment, said in a statement. “I'm so proud I've been able to maintain a successful run of the series over the past three years while keeping my ‘day job’ of programming a network. But now to have both of my worlds collide, to have a faithful adaptation of my own work as a prime time series on the network—it’s a dream come true.”

The Black Panther animated series is executive produced by Hudlin and Denys Cowan, senior vice president of animation for BET Networks. Eric Rollman, president of Marvel Animation, and Cort Lane, director of animation development, are the executives on the series for Marvel.

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I'm looking forward to this series. Since it will be based on the first six issues of the Hudlin-writen comic books, my expectation for the series has elevated.
man, i hope this doesn't suck.
UH OH! Yet another rant from Mister Flex Hectic! Shortly after watching the previews of this series at Comic Con me and my son walked out to the main floor! PEOPLE! I don't know if you have been checking my posts since I started on this site but I can be very critical sometimes! I am not rich or famous and I do not have a major studio backing me right now... but come on! If their is one thing that is killing black sci-fi or Black Hollywood is our serious lack of vision! I went to SIGGRAPH to view the latest high end software to better my own project! For less than 10 grand they could use Maya, Vue 6, and even Poser 7! How can we be taken seriously as super heroes if our own creators do not deliver better than this! With no money down I convinced Wayne Knight to do a voice over for a character that isn't even published yet off of just one picture and a website still under construction! BET is making me sick with this! No name Ironman sold over 100 million opening weekend and all the other comic book shows are way better than this! The Black Panther is a super hero, a king, a scientist, a strategist and married to the most powerful female super hero in the Marvel Universe and this is how we deliver? All the freakin animators out there and this is it? It will be very difficult for us as a people to be considered for bigger and better things if we continue with less than mediocrity! I am not one to bash BET but I believe when I'm done with my masterpiece it will be better than this! With so little to my name I am already ahead of them at least in voice overs that is! Deep within your heart of hearts you know that we need to come better than this! Marvel may not want to rock the vote on this because of the racial implications but if I were Stan Lee I would demand as much attention to detail that is given Spiderman and the X Men! When my studio is up and running we will match and exceed whatever is already out there like Jordan or Tiger Woods! If this were basketball the ball would have been dunked by now! All I need is a couple of million and me and Ronald will run this town! MOTION CAPTURE BET! RENDERMAN used by PIXAR on their nine straight hit movies is only 1000 DOLLARS! Pardon my French but I am just a brother on a budget frustrated by our people who have the means to do better but won't!
When is this coming on? Since, Hudlin left... Who knows when.
I was there in the same room with you at Comic Con 2008 (you weren't the brother dressed like a super hero who stepped up to the mike asking Method Man a question, were ya?).

The clips they showed us were rudimentary and still in the early stages. My question to you is, did you like the artwork in the original comic book that Reggie Hudlin wrote? Because I'm looking at the book right now, and the art looks just like what they showed us pretty much.

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