hey BSFS fam!

Happy Spring! i just got back from spinnin an off the hook gig, and am feeling open! thought i would play with y'all. this is an invitation to have fun collectively writing something. it can be deep, it can be funny... just have fun, and get juicy and open too, aaiight? here's the first line:

"She could feel the jetstreams pushing at her back coil tighter around her, and pull her to a gradual but firm stop. She opened her eyes, and saw something bouncing towards her.

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ahem... thought i would just repeat that in case some folks missed my invitation to have fun collectively writing a random story together :)

i'll start:

"She could feel the jetstreams pushing at her back coil tighter around her and pull her to a gradual but firm stop. She opened her eyes, and saw something bouncing towards her.
She recoiled - It was both familiar and strange. And she wasn't in the mood for strange.
The entire room was filled with an all too familiar and pungent aroma. It seemed that this scene had been replayed over and over, yet welcomes each time.
the bouncing ball of burnt orange fur bounced a couple more times, then rolled the final several feet, coming to a stop an arms length from her. It was tall enough to reach her mid-thigh. The thick earthy vinegar and wet hair smell filled her nostrils, a smell she associated with incredible sensations and fortune... and massive disappointment and isolation. Two glassy black cue-ball eyes mounted on leathery stalks slowly protruded from the oversized furry beach ball, stretching towards her. She could feel the channels open in her head, accompanied by that familiar feeling like a draft of electrified air floating through her brain. She awaited the transmission, and hoped for the best.
The cascade of images started to slow down, and the glassy black eyes began to retreat back into the furry orange ball. The fur seemed to have slightly more luster now. Ma-Ru was still trying to fish out the images that seemed relevant, mentally grabbing the fleeting sensations and visions, making shorthand associations in her mind, and then grabbing the next one. It was like trying to record a dream before it evaporated.

Ma-Ru felt the wind relax around her, and the ball creature started rolling away. The air began to freshen as the ball of orange fur picked up speed and bounced further away down the hall of the old ruin. A fissure appeared in the air, refracting light prismatically, and briefly opening another channel of commotion and anticipation coming from the other side. The creature jumped in, and the fissure closed immediately.

Ma-Ru exhaled deeply and reached for her notebook and stylus, while the smiling man behind her started to lower the barrier field.
I love the sensuality of knowledge. That should have been work . . . but . . . I . . . feel . . .
"Lifted!" Her eyes darted sidewise, not wanting to include anyone in her intellectual bliss. This is so good, they can never really know as I do. Ha! They think I am their salvation. "Mmmm . . . " Another vision sensation. Mine. All mine. I know.
Ma-ru scribbled nothing. Oh so good. Smiling man. No more.
"There was nothing real there - at least for you. Nothing for you. I can't help.
Another salivating synapse licked it's electron lips with a flash of brilliant, blurry vision. Oh! So! GOOD!
"I'll be leaving shortly."
Power. The possibility filled her and lingered: a luscious black rose unfolding in her psyche like a promise.
Sun Ra was watching her intently. She lifted her eyes to his: nodding with satisfaction when he backed up another step.
What did it give me -- what can it give me?If she could persuade the other to stay a while longer, question it...?
Then I would have nothing more to fear from the elders. I not they would demand -- barter! Unbidden a tremor coursed through her body and she bit her lip savoring its passage...
Marvin Gaye provided the musical back drop as the ball rolled to a complete stop. Flex Hectic appeared in a silhouette of massive brawn and sexy sinewy muscles glistening in the steam from the sauna. "Yo baby, I just got off the forum at BSFS.com and thought maybe you would like to play some one on one basketball! You know I got five fouls to give!" As she looked up at this mountain of a man her beautiful brown eyes met his and and she said "You know I'm more of a water sport type of lady... so get in here and get wet!" How could he refuse that invitation? How could he refuse that body? Marvin finished his crooning as Barry White baritoned his way into the conversation. This was definitely going to be the remix of all remixes! I AM FLEX HECTIC!
Ma Ru felt the spark of life that was Su Ra flicker and then go out. Immediately she felt a wave rush through her, igniting her nervous system with the alarmed pain and struggle of the dying Su Ra. Ma Ru held her searing temples, her mouth open in a frozen scream, her mind filled with his tortured essence. She could even smell him in her nostrils. Reeling and half blind with agony, the floor started to rise to meet her, but before her knee hit the ground... it was gone. All of the pain, the shock, the futility. Su Ra was gone.

Ma Ru lifted her trembling hands off of her temples cautiously, half expecting another stab of searing physical and emotional pain, more visceral lessons in death throes. But all was still. Just wind in the ruins, the steady blue light of the barrier activation button, and the lifeless body of Su Ra spreadeagled on the floor in a graceful sprawl.

Ma Run stood up slowly, looking at the body at her feet.

I will have to be very strategic with this power.
The image of the man-mountain faded to nothingness. The dim backdrop melted off the walls of her subconscience like a weeping portrait. A darkness too impenetrable to be natural engulfed her and Ma-Ru flailed in the black, her hands grasping for purchase, but finding emptiness. Then she felt herself falling. She could not hear her own screaming...Ma Ru's eyes snapped open. She jerked upright, her heart thumping a rapid drum beat of panic. Ghostly remnants of a nightmare swirled through her head. Ma Ru leapt to her feet shaking away the residue of sleep, pushing those ghosts to the fringes of her recollection. But was it just a dream? Was her guilt over the death...the murder of Su Ra...generating these nightmares, or was the alien intelligence in contact with High Command, trying to establish a personal link with her? And if so, to what end?
Do we have until Dec or do you want it sooner?
This is so cool, I've never done anything like this before -- you guys rock! (smile)
On the heels of this the answer came: inexorable and sure. A vision of desolate, rocky landscapes and gray horizons. Posions choked the air. Some she recognized
-- the smell of smoke and ash; others were foreign.
She could hear their screams! Buzzing shrills that cut into her brain like daggers.
It hurts! Ma-Ru clapped her hands over her ears.
Immediately the cries grew silent...And an orange prickled landscape appeared in their stead, coupled with the smell of sweet, green tinted air...in the not long ago.
And she knew. They need me...to channel the source!
Their planet is dying.

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