So I'm reading this collection of short stories in a book called "Alien Sex", it's all about people having sexual relations with other-wordly creatures. I stumbled across the book purely by accident. I was writing a short story called "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now" about a sister who brings her alien lover home to meet her folks, an obvious play on the famous Hepburn/Tracy movie. Then I posted up on my blog about how I have this fetish for humans hooking up with aliens who look like brothers to me. (Predator, the black Klingons played by Tony Todd and Kevin Grievioux etc)

I take a break from writing and drive to Burbank to visit my favorite horror book store "Dark Delacacies" and I find this book. (I'll discuss more about the book in another post that I think is relevant to us as Black folk). I'm thinking "Wow, someone else is kinky too."

Now, since I feel like I can talk to my Black Sci Fi Society cyber family in a mature and honest discussion, I posit a question to you all. Have any of you thought about what it would be like to hook up with an alien?

Okay, now I shuffle away in shame with my dirty little secret.

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I would be scared of space AIDS. Your stuff would just rot off like alien acid. Uhhhhhhh. LOL
Come on now ya'll count the Sister some slack (laugh). Don't you remember Octavia's Butler's Imago (I think I'm spelling it right) -- and all the alien/human bonding that went on? I found it to be rather sexy.

Ok I'm leaving too (laugh).
Ok here we go. Heavy Metal magizine had a story years ago called Durruna try to find that book. Its not what you would call romance but if you want to go there,also japanees Hentia lots of aliens and demons getting it on. there is also a adult website that is catered to having pictures of women with aliens. Heavy metal is also a good source for alien and robot sex. Have you seen the 80"s movie STAURN 3 or HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP. SPECIES 1 AND 2
The Japanese do that a lot in anima movies. They are really freaky, lol!
THere was a movie that came out 3 t0 4 yewars ago about the aliens that came to the farm town and this over weight lady got pregant and turned into a huge ball then they poped out of her
ok, this is getting sickening. uhhhhh,
SInce yall went there. On Alien Nation they had to have two guys to get the woman pregnant. Then the woman would transfer the podling to the man's body where it grew until delivery.
I always liked those movies -- but I missed that (glad I did/smile). Anyway (using a really huffy tone) I wasn't talking about alien birth, I was discussing alien sex.
Ok, I'm really leaving now (laugh)!
OK LADIES this is my fantasy. I always want to have 2 organs, now a ALIEN might have 2-3-4 of them. HOW can you write a romantic erotic tale about pleasing a male with 4 sex organs. HAVE any if you heard of ASTRAL SEX people who have out of body experience can learn to have sex with any one they want. MY FAVORITE GHOST SEX, DID YOU SEE THE MOVIE-THE ENTITY.
More than anything, I'm really intrigued with Octavia Butler's idea that if we do explore space and encounter other sentient beings, the possibility and inevitability of sexual unions would happen. I'm curious to know what thresh holds folks have to the idea. If you HAD to have sex with an alien, how far off the humanoid spectrum are people willing to go.

As far as astral sex is concerned, I remember watching "The Entity" as a kid, and recently as an adult and was surprised at how into the sex Barbra Hershey's character was. Granted, it was astral rape, but before she was fully conscious of what was going on, she was into it! What the hell was blowing her back out! (and what's his/it's number? heh, heh) Most people have had weird sex dreams, but sometimes I do wonder....was the sexual dream my subconscious working some issues out? Or did I really leave my body and experience an astral episode?
That woman in Total Recall with the three breasts left an indelible image in my mind. Granted she was human. Still, a three breasted woman is intriguing!!!

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