So I'm reading this collection of short stories in a book called "Alien Sex", it's all about people having sexual relations with other-wordly creatures. I stumbled across the book purely by accident. I was writing a short story called "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now" about a sister who brings her alien lover home to meet her folks, an obvious play on the famous Hepburn/Tracy movie. Then I posted up on my blog about how I have this fetish for humans hooking up with aliens who look like brothers to me. (Predator, the black Klingons played by Tony Todd and Kevin Grievioux etc)

I take a break from writing and drive to Burbank to visit my favorite horror book store "Dark Delacacies" and I find this book. (I'll discuss more about the book in another post that I think is relevant to us as Black folk). I'm thinking "Wow, someone else is kinky too."

Now, since I feel like I can talk to my Black Sci Fi Society cyber family in a mature and honest discussion, I posit a question to you all. Have any of you thought about what it would be like to hook up with an alien?

Okay, now I shuffle away in shame with my dirty little secret.

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Yes.  I have written an erotic story with an alien and a human.  Interestingly, the alien is neither male nor female, but the 3rd gender of its race.  

That doesn't even begin to say it. :)
Actually, yes I've got some interspecies hanky panky going on in my SF story now. I think it would be fantastic if we wrote this not only as a means of exploring racial issues on earth but probed the difficulites of interspecies sex. Not everyone will be compatible. Never mind the different placements of external genitals, what about internal ones, multiple ones? What about exchanges of possible incomparable body fluids, acids, etc? What about species whose sex is dangerous to another due to their body structure? Or who have certain rituals that are too demanding for another species?

And these are only physical things. We could probe the idea of beings whose sex isn't at all biologically based, those who exchange energy, knowledge, essence, as a means of reproduction and communion.
It's a great potential for exploration on a subject everyone can get on with.

I think that can only be answered when we actually know what they look like. Hopefully they will look like Shaak Ti, or have the principles like that one race of aliens on the show ENTERPRISE with Scott Bakula. The doctor's wife was trying to sleep with some of the crew members, one of them informs the doctor, and he's like" Good for you!"

Okay here's the full novel: Colony: Ascension: An Erotic Space Opera :)  Purchase from the author at: www.vjeffersandqveal

"The Tyrian female he was mating with cooed and groaned. While in the back of her mind she wondered about the light she’d seen. It hadn’t come from her planet." The Earth is dying. Populations have been segregated into worthless and valuable populations. Wages buy only food and shelter, while the rich live like kings. Earth looks to the black abyss of space to save them. And the abyss looks back. Other species have their eyes on Earth, each with their own plans. Cover art and design by Quinton Veal.

Lisa B. This discussion will NEVER die! Your Jedi skills are off the chain :)

Who is the author of the book? I'm interested in reading it.

If you're talking about Colony: Ascension, it was Valjeanne Jeffers.  

Sean Graham said:

Who is the author of the book? I'm interested in reading it.

I meant the author of the book called ALIEN SEX that OP brought up.

Brandon Hill said:

If you're talking about Colony: Ascension, it was Valjeanne Jeffers.  

Sean Graham said:

Who is the author of the book? I'm interested in reading it.

It's not a "dirty little secret" to me dear. I'm 58 years old and have been intrigued with the possibility since I was a kid watching Star Trek and the infamous Uhura/Kirk kiss. Even tho they weren't alien, I read anything regarding alien abduction I could get my hands on to see if there my have been incidents of that.

Since I was young, I was intrigued about alien intermingling. 

We did a black Silver Age spoof comic book, entitled BRAIN TABLET, about 25 years ago (1992) and one story was called "Space Cadillac" starring Cosmic Jones who was black spoof on Silver Age DC comic book space travelers like Tommy Tomorrow and Adam Strange. Cosmic Jones saved a dreadlocked alien sista, and as a reward she gave him some. Her alien physique and looks were similar to African American sistas except for the fact that she had a small pair of wings on the slope of her back right above her buns. So when she gave brotha Cosmic Jones some nookie, they were doing the wild thing in mid-air, flying or hovering a few feet above her bed.

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