Deep Space 9 with Benjamin "A Man Called Hawk" Sisko

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Firefly stands out the most in my mind.
Throw in anime and i can name whole franchises though.

Not only is Star Trek: Deep Space NIne my favorite science fiction show, it is my favorite show PERIOD! I still think it is the second best written drama ever on television. The first being St. Elsewhere, since they always ask.......

Liked Dresden Files, even though I'm not into witches and warlocks stuff. Never heard of Jekell.
Valjeanne Jeffers said:

No, so ha ha (laugh). The Dresden Files was about this cool sorcerer who was also a private investigator, for the magic world. And one of the entities he had to answer to was a very grumpy Brother -- can you believe that :)?

Jekell was this hyped up, really cool J/H series on PBS. Although now that you mention it Hyde did have fangs sometimes, and there were vampires in The Dresden Files....hmmm. Oh well, you got me (laugh)!

Firefly is still at the top of the list for me. Battlestar Galactica remake is a close second. Been meaning to watch DS9 for years but it seems dry. One day i'm just gonna charge forward and tear through em!!! One day.

Good taste! LOL As far as anime, I had forgot about Cowboy Bebob!!

Chance Emerson said:

Firefly stands out the most in my mind.
Throw in anime and i can name whole franchises though.

I liked the first two seasons of Farscape when O'Bannion was running the show, but when Kemper took over it became silly and I've never been a fan of silly, which is why I couldn't deal with Bufffy, of Firefly or anything Josh Wheedon.
Anpu said:

Farscape is my all time favorite ever. The individual characters were roundly developed over the course of the series and absence of a fight as a first choice - win every fight mentality in the main characters was another thing that got me hooked. They actually lost many fights and were often captured and tortured. I saw every episode from season two onwards and videotaped them while watching them. When the SciFi channel re-ran the series prior to showing the Farscape movie i videotaped them all in sequence to get season one, and once i found out about downloading music, movies and TV shows from torrents i downloaded the whole Farscape series and have all the episodes (minus commercials) in my computer ready to burn on DVD.

I'm gonna add Dark Matter and I don't know how I missed Fringe.

D K Gaston said:

Primeval, DS9, Babylon5, Red Dwarf and SG-1

I liked  Star Trek, and back farther than that I liked ON STEP BEYOND (remember that one) and Twilight Zone.

Star Trek:TNG will always be my fav, but I gotta add Farscape as one of the finest, maturest, most out there SF shows to ever grace the TV screen in the last 20 years.

Doctor Who.
Although I'd been aware of the series since the late 70's, I'm a relative newcomer to Who fandom. (Having only begun watching a few years after the 2005 relaunch of the series).
Despite it having been around for nearly 55 years, I find that the premise of the series still has legs, and (in the proper creative hands), can still thrill and entertain.

When the series introduced The Doctor's first companions  of color (Mickey Smith and Martha Jones), the show resonated even deeper with me, and I've stuck with it ever since, despite the departure of both Mickey and Martha.
I'm eagerly awaiting the start of Series 10 this week, and the introduction of a new companion of color "Bill", played by Pearl Mackie.

Mine would have to be the Flash on CW now. The time travel and parallel universe themes are unbeatable and Ms. Shows fashion sense sure helps.

Doctor Who.

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