OK Everyone,

Here is a list of suggested items to have on hand at conversions and events.

Please feel free to add to this or field any questions you have.



  1. Books
  2. Posters
  3. Pens/Pencils
  4. Business Cards
  5. Seat Cushion
  6. Handbills/Promo Flyers
  7. Magazines/Articles
  8. Banner/Signs
  9. Netbook/Laptop/Tablet
  10. Tacks/Tape/Safety Pins/Ducktape
  11. Bungee cords
  12. Extension Cords
  13. Power strip
  14. Book Stands
  15. Square Device
  16. Table Covers/Booth Cloth
  17. Cooler Bag with Food & Drink
  18. Videos  Promos
  19. Change for $100
  20. Passport
  21. USB Fan
  22. Plastic Container
  23. Small Wheel Jack
  24. GPS Unit or GPS App
  25. Plastic Garbage Bags
  26. Umbrella 
  27. Gum/Mints
  28. Friends, Family to help out 
  29. Plastic or Paper Merchandise Bags
  30. Baby Wipes/Hand sanitizer
  31. Rubber Bands

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This is just not heads up football son... Super villains are ever ready to pounce and with oh so many black super heroes gathered in one location who knows what diabolical plans they might have so let's add the most vital things to this convention list!

31. Light Saber

32. Laser Stun Gun

33. Instant Force Field Generator

34. Emergency Teleportation Device

35. Portal Ring Makers (For quick exits in case things get real thick real quick)

36. Invisibility Cloak

37. Time Space Continuum Gum (If you have to ask get a clue)

38. Pheromone Detecter Kits (A must to ward off any super villainess using seductive methods)

39. Multiverse Scrambler (Trust me when worlds collide you will thank me)

40. Theme Music (As if you didn't see Shaft and wasn't inspired by Isaac Hayes at "Hello")

We are super heroes people and we need to ready ourselves for any type of unexpected events!

Iran's bringing the 'whack' just in case! Yeah, it may sound crazy but you'll be assed-out with no Emergency Teleportation Device when you need it most....

LOL, you guys a nuts!

And uhm...

41. FTL Fighter Jet (Leave it running in case the bad guys start an aerial attack from above the convention... Dastardly bastards them)

42. Jello Pudding Pops (Bill Cosby vouches and so do I)

43. A Mistr... I Mean A Very Cute Female Sidekick That Is Not Your Wife But Likes To Cosplay Every Now And Then (I'm probably in trouble for that one with the Misses but if wifey doesn't want to dress up as Princess Leia chained to Jabba The Hut it's her loss)

44. Trail Mix (In addition to being survival food it also helps pass the time as people ignore your little card table booth with the three issues of the crayon illustrated comic you managed to produce on a shoestring budget for the much bigger Playstation kiosk that lets you demo the next video game hit of the century... Dayum man step yo game up son you can do it)

45. That Winning Smile (C'mon now this is standard issue peeps so you could fake this and know one could tell the difference)

46. A Large Green Screen (With the right special effects you could offset the realities of #44 on the list with fake scenery to make you appear bigger than you really are in person so it's worth a shot to compete with the higher ups)

47. An Entourage (A couple of hired goons one with a briefcase chained to his wrist can make you seem more important than you really are... I mean if you need all that extra security something special must be going on for you right)

48 Personal Paparazzi (To go along with the goons listed at #47 a couple of random picture takers creates a fuss about you that has to attract attention one way or another... This actually works for some of the most untalented entertainers like ever)

49. Signify All Ignant' Like (We meant "Ignorant" but whenever a black person draws attention to himself... Well let's just say that out here in Hollywood any news is good news even if it is obviously not good so a Jerry Springer type "Who Is Yo Baby's Daddy" reveal along with weave extension hair pulling places a bright spotlight on your booth... Just sell your comics and keep it moving Spike Lee rarely comes to these things so you are relatively safe to do this without public impunity... I think)

50. A Stan Lee Lookalike (An old dude closely resembling Stan Lee rambling on out about endorsing and co-creating your project can lead to much "Excelsior" sized revenue collections... Besides, even if he found out the controversy is easily settled out of court for a portion of the proceeds that you will get having Stan's name attached to your project... Make no mistake about Stan is about his paper)

Bonus: Hire one of your white friends to follow and harass you dressed as a convention security guard and make a hot racial scene and watch how white guilt comes to the rescue and buys up all your products day one leaving the other days free to roam around on your instant vacation... I dare you to say this won't work I double dare you! Lol

I sure hope this helps you navigate the maze of a comic book convention... I'm there for you always!

As a veteran of Comic-con, The Anime Expo, The Black Expo, Mr. Olympia, various fitness expos and a host of other gatherings here and there conventions can be exciting and fun so enjoy and don't get all itchy if you forget something on the list!

Here is a link for a company that specializes in this sort of thing... I have been to two of their warehouses one in the Chicago area and one out here in the Los Angeles area and they are legit and then some!











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