Real name: Sanju Bihari

Occupation: Student, Adventurer

Identity: Known to the public

Legal Status: Citizen of India with no criminal record

Place of Birth: Thiruvananthapuram, India

Known relatives: Dr. Vikram Bihari Ph.D (father), Dr. Sujatha Bihari Ph.D (mother)

Group Affiliation: Provisional member of Sanrakṣaka (aka The Protectors; India's superhero team)

Brief Personal History: Drs. Vikram and Sujatha Bihari were structural and design engineers working on launch vehicles for the ISRO; India's Space Research Organization. When one of the ISRO's rockets collided with an uncharted object in low orbit and crashed back to Earth, they were part of the recovery and investigative team. While disassembling the downed craft, they came into contact with a dust-like substance of unknown origin. However after a period of quarantine and observation they were cleared to resume their duties. Roughly a year after this event, Sujatha gave birth to the couple's son, Sanju.

Sanju was a sickly child and always seemed to be afflicted with some recurring cold or other ailment. Repeated hospital visits and tests from some of India's best doctors revealed no cause for the boy's near constant state of illness. Sanju however took it all in stride and was a happy, funny and hope-filled child in spite of his medical struggles. The frail boy would lose himself in comic books, video games and in his own fantasies where he could be as healthy and as powerful as he wished.

One day, just after Sanju's 11th birthday, he fell to the floor as crippling seizures, headaches and a raging fever struck. Fearing for his life, his parents rushed him to the nearest hospital and Sanju was placed in the intensive care unit. That night as the staff struggled to lower his fever and diagnose the cause of his seizures, Sanju transformed. As a shocked medical team and his parents watched, he grew from his height of just under 4 feet to an astounding 6 feet 5 inches tall. He also gained an amazing amount of physical mass -- all of it unbelievably powerful muscle. Sanju came through that turbulent and frightening night reborn within the body of a man with Herculean stature.

As his doctors struggled to understand what had transpired, Sanju spoke -- but it was not the voice of the 11-year-old child. It was the sound of many voices speaking at once. The voices called themselves the Hold, and apologized to Sanju's parents for the many years of illness their presence within the child's system had caused. They explained that The Hold was a microbial symbiotic alien life form that had been sought after, cultivated and used for millennia by war-like star faring races due to the Hold's ability to grant incredible physical abilities to their hosts. This particular branch of The Hold (more than 200 billion microbial "citizens") had been adrift on an asteroid, keeping their mortally wounded host alive for nearly 1000 years before finding themselves in Earth's orbit and colliding with the ISRO's rocket. Nearly 90 billion Hold microbes died acting as transport for the others (the dust found on the rocket) and they moved on to Vikram and Sujatha soon after. As the Hold typically bonded with new hosts during the first stages of conception, they were part of Sanju from the very beginning. The constant state of illness Sanju suffered was the effect of the Hold subjecting itself (and him) to every existing terrestrial disease and virus and defeating them. Sanju would never be ill again.

The Hold further revealed that Sanju now possessed vast superhuman strength, invulnerability, stamina and the ability to fly -- abilities that he needed to become proficient in using immediately.

The microbes had heard the "Holdsong," which meant that other Hold were approaching. Their former masters, warriors of an alien race called the Kezarnekt, were rocketing to Earth to remove the Hold from whatever host they inhabited; a process that would result in the host's termination. Sanju had approxima

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Greetings everyone!

My short story, Kingdom of Lethe is FREE to download from amazon.com for the next three days only. 


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Enigma #1 - Missing Pieces
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