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About Me:
'Weben Em Ehker' which loosely translates into the English language as Rise In Excellence.
My name is DjaDja N Medjay and I am an Afro-Futuristic Author. A native New-Yorker for over 35 years. My life-story is not so simple...
Why did I start to write Science Fiction?
For as long as I can recall, I have always had an interest in the Science Fiction Genre, having been thoroughly exposed to Classic (Blade Runner) and 'B' (Galaxina) Sci-Fi films by my grandfather. Many of these films along with the craze of comics shaped my reality as a young child.
However, there was yet to be any great impact in Science Fiction films by a person of 'Afrikan' descent for years to come.
Possessing a natural inclination to the inner workings of life, I embarked on studying metaphysics and spiritual concepts, which lead me to be a practitioner of Shiatsu (Acupressure) and Chi-Kung (Internal Breathing). My studies lead me back to the essence of where these arts originated from, which was Kemet (Kemet meaning the Land of the Blacks - known as Egypt), although Kemet was born from previous cultures of the interior of Afrika.
Then the strongest impact that could be made happened, and launched my journey in writing...reading the works of Octavia Butler.
Octavia Butler ​wrote some of the most powerful novels in Science Fiction to date, one of the most well-known being Kindred. So I began to write...and my first novel was born Renpet.
Eventually I came upon the Afro-Futuristic Movement after a booksigning in Philly. Ever since that day, I became an Afro-Futurist.​
I began seeing the strong impact made by the ancestors in my culture on the Science Fiction world, noticing the key difference in expression. That key difference was that modern Science and Science Fiction is based on proving that the unknown can be tamed from an external application of science and machinery. While on the other side of the spectrum, Internal Science (as I like to call it) is based on the fact that the unknown is our birthplace and its energy utilized through internal harmonization and synergistic machinery.
It is from this aspect that I write my novels.
Rise in excellence!!! It is the most guaranteed constant of the cosmos!!!​

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Ohashiatsu Consultant
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Word of Mouth

RENPET CHAPTER 1 - The Hottest Sci-Fi novel to hit this side of the us....331 Enterprise



My mother’s garb caressed my figure well, much to
my surprise. The metallic black material hugged all
the feminine proportions of my body like a long lost
Only if I had one to speak of, my Ka yearns for the
touchof a Nefer Aha.
"Serqet, you look radiant! You are becoming more
like the woman our mother is with each passing
said Gebsennuf.
Even though our mother transitioned into the
higher plane some time ago, Gebsennuf never
referred to her as in the past tense. I guess he was
After all, our kind has existed for what other life
forms may consider an eternity.
My rambling thoughts were interrupted when
Gebsennuf took my hand and led me through the
corridor to Eb N Ma‘at, the counsel of elders’
I spent a lot of time in the many passageways of
our craft, just gazing into the vastness through
the portals.
I stared for moments on end at the nothingness
holding everything in place.
Although I have seen this cosmic beauty
throughout the duration of this lifetime, I am still
captivated by what my eyes behold. Now I will use
those same eyes to hold something else in
captivation––my ancestors and without their
knowing. I am to take an active role in shaping
their future, my future, hmmm.
We are coming closer to the chamber, I can smell
thes weet scent of Netcher permeating from its


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Afro-Futuristic Vision #33 - Say Goodbye to Miss Laura – Django Unchained

Posted on February 10, 2013 at 4:18pm 0 Comments

Afro-Futuristic Vision #33 - Say Goodbye to Miss Laura – Django Unchained

Why do I always do things after all the hoopla and hype has everyone plugged in when they should be giving all their energy to early day physical exercises and spiritual work. I don’t know. Could be that when anyone jumps on a trend I look to go the opposite direction.


Quentin Tarratino’s film style has always been interesting to me, a homage to the old…


Afro-Futuristic Vision #31 – Before the formation of the word c-l-o-n-e, there was...

Posted on January 1, 2013 at 5:17am 0 Comments


Before the formation of the word c-l-o-n-e, there was...

Afro-Futuristic Vision #31

Before the formation of the word clone by the attaching separate sounds together to form its utterance there were some beings of an unknown spirit and mankind. In a few societies, we have beings who make statements about forming man for the benefit of working the land. There are even…


Afro-Futuristic Vision #30 - The Nubian Principle of Nature known as Bes enters the screen as Yoda

Posted on January 1, 2013 at 5:15am 4 Comments

The Nubian Principle of Nature known as Bes enters the screen as Yoda…Image

Afro-Futuristic Vision #30

There is not one person from the BioSphere called the Hood who did not immediately take to liking to Yoda when they seen him in Empire Strikes Back. Maybe just as much as they did to Lando, especially since the organized push for urbanites to consume an…


Afro-Futuristic Vison #18 – Sci-Fi is Dead…

Posted on January 1, 2013 at 5:12am 0 Comments

Afro-Futuristic Vison #18 – Sci-Fi is Dead…

Rise in Excellence,

‘For a Samurai to be brave he must have a bit of Black blood.’ Is a Japanese proverb that alludes to the reasoning that Samurai, of the beginnings of that warrior class were

of Afrikan ascent (I do not like to use the word descent in this context). Runoko Rashidi and many others cite, Sakanouye No Tamuramaro, as a pivotal military leader in early Japanese (Nihogo) history. And he was noted to be of Afrikan…

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At 1:55pm on February 12, 2013, Bill Campbell said…

Hey brudda, I hope life's treating you well. Here, you might find this of interest:

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At 12:17am on January 29, 2012, Sidonie Colette said…

Thank you so much for the invite.  Wow, your page is so intriguing.  I am interested in a lot of this stuff too, though not on your level.  Its good to know there are other unique artists in the world.  Man....I hope to learn a lot.  Thank you again for the honor. 

At 10:49pm on October 07, 2011, Valjeanne Jeffers gave Djadja N Medjay a gift
Brother Djadja, so glad you enjoyed Probe! Thanks for the props :)
At 2:44pm on November 18, 2010, LaTreka Cross said…
:-) How are things going? Are you working on any new projects?
At 6:06pm on November 10, 2010, Wendy Raven McNair said…
Thanks for the encouragement.
At 9:53am on August 17, 2010, LaTreka Cross said…
What's going on? Just stopping through to show your page some love.








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He sat at his desk, woozy. He tried to move, his arms unresponsive. He searched for help, moving into the aisle in his swivel chair only to find all his coworkers had abandoned him. Was he being drugged? If so, it was the simplest scene he could imagine.Whoever was trying this was extremely stupid or extremely powerful. He'd find out soon enough.
(to be confinued)

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This edited volume will offer an opportunity for authors to investigate the ways in which blackness is reimagined in both mainstream and independent comics. Specifically, I propose responding to the following questions: What are the ways in which heroism is redefined by black characters? How are black futures reimagined? What gendered arguments are made through this medium? What are the challenges in presenting to black audiences in this largely white genre? How do the creators depict the continent of Africa and/or communities in the African Diaspora? How are black bodies presented in graphic comics and novels? Finally, how are themes of social justice specific to black communities presented in this…


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