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Hey everyone I am a writer looking writers and artist to actualize a comic book series that i have developing for several years now.... i have stepped back from the comic book for a while to do some screen play writing and finish school. As I am back on the comic book scene I'm embarking on on journey to find allies in solidifying a good story and complete work for the entertainment and representation of our people. I understand this type of project takes a lot of time and energy. However I will do my best to see it through, but i cannot do it by myself, try as I may. Again im looking for partners that will be able to sharein a common dream to bring to the public an African american based team of heroes. Im also interested in collaborating with other like minded individuals.... so Hit me Up with any Ideas
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Urban Decree

The creation and maintenance of the universe has always been in the hands of all sentient life of the universe. Spirits who achieved certain levels of consciousness where graduated to higher positions of responsibility always contributing to the journey back to the source. The Universe, a Uni-Grid of fixed energy forever expanding was carefully and skillfully divided into sectors, A specific class of elevated souls called Masters of light where assigned to these different sectors charged with the responsibility of keeping balance. Everything has its opposite, with understanding comes ignorance, and with light comes darkness, The Masters where to Guard that delicate line. In the earliest times the countless citizens of the universe enriched the ethers with a rapid expansion of growth, consciousness, and understanding. The overseers of the realm of darkness called The Inequity became arrogant, as they swindled more and more souls into darkness. Whole worlds where created to house the sick spirits infused with this cancerous gloom and the will of darkness began to be carried out by the preponderance of sentient beings everywhere.


In the unseen Realm of reality where elevated spirits vibrate, egotism flowed freely blackening the hearts of many Masters. In a last betrayal some who were once prominent masters of light turned on their brothers and sisters and for an age there was war in heaven. As so in the spiritual so is in the physical, great races became war hungry conquering other worlds the whole Universe seem to be gripped in war The energy grid was on the brink of destruction which meant the end of all life and existence an abrupt return to nothingness. Under the blackness of these times light shimmered, though only a few even the smallest light shines bright in the dark. A few hundred masters with tactical brilliance and indomitable will was able to systematically weaken the ranks of darkness and return all to balance. Arrested and defeated the generals of darkness were sentenced to mortal lives and the more dangerous warriors encased in stars. Those that resigned to their positions as The Iniquity for those in life did so scornfully. A Pact was made between the Masters and The Iniquity boundaries were placed on both side as a sort of check and balances. The Uni-Grid was restored to balance, however a long recovery to its former glory awaited.

Many souls in life fed on residual dark energy most noted those that called the planet Earth their home. Ages of a delicate toggle of balance persist till the pact was broken. The Uni-Grid was again unbalanced the power that was only allotted to prominent spirits dedicated to the expansion of light found itself prematurely in spirits irresponsible and untrustworthy some still tainted by darkness. War threatens the Universe again, Masters are hard pressed to respond to this flux in the Uni-Grid. Members of The Inequity sought to free their former master encased in Stars. The Power once only reserved for elevated spirits where in the hands of the common and it is the offspring of these wayward souls that will serve as the keys to unlock the stars. 12 True Stranders are needed to unlock a star. This defines the struggle between the forces of light and dark.


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