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The Carrier - Part 2

We were considered strange until we got to high school. Both with our idiosyncratic behaviors, nervous ticks, emotional barriers, and inability to find common ground with our fellow classmates. We were inseparable. We seemed to communicate without speaking, I just knew what he was thinking. We arrived at school at the same time, even though we came from different parts of the city. I would wait for…

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I'm here to bring talented people together so we can make money, moves, awareness, and most of all art.

www.SonicEclectic.com  Looking for topics, writers, animators, artists, radio shows, TV shows, reporters, production and crew.  We have ideas on the table as well as open to your ideas.  We are more than just a magazine we are a promotion machine about and for you. Hit me up here and or on the magazine.

Peace and love.

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The Carrier - Part 1

My name is no longer important. You have received this email or document depending on who you are because I believed you would be a person who would take what I have to say seriously and that ultimately you would see that this information would be released to the public.


I have spent months…


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Lesbian Stories, Victorian-esque Palin, The Way of Kings reaction

First, let me apologize to the BSFS Admin. I'm sorry dude! I know, I know, I know I have not been on BSFS in weeks(coming to a month!)but I will try to come on here more often!(Consider it a late New Year's Resolution. We're only 30 days in.)

*Note: Sorry guys for lack of tags and links. I don't feel like manually typing coding to link to sites on my phone. Yes, I'm blogging on my phone.*

When I first woke up, the first thing on Facebook I saw was Amal El-Mohtar's post about a… Continue

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COMPETITION: Win a Paperback Edition of the sci-fi novel: 'Veterans of the Psychic Wars'.

I am GIVING AWAY one paperback edition of ‘Veterans of the Psychic Wars’. Read the first 8 chapters FREE from Amazon, Smashwords or fReado. More information here.

Answer the following questions for a chance to win the novel:

1) Name two of the planets engaged in the Second Psychic War.

2) Who is the Butcher of Cyclo?

3) Name two forms of alien martial arts used…


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Calif System

















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Immortal 3: Stealer of Souls is here!

“The old woman laughed out loud, unbuttoned her calico shift and let it fall to her ankles. Annabelle kicked free of it, and pulled the pins from her hair. Naked in the moonlight, she whispered his name… “


They thought it…


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Project vampire (poem tell me what you think)

project vampire

By: William Landis


he was living a vampires dream in the bad part of town

there was a flow of eagerness in his black gown

in the confines of a casket he was no longer bound

crackheads hookers and pimps he bit everything around

the taste was bitter of the bum who lost his money in spades

though all was well and dandy until he bit the prostitute with aids

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Epic Science Fiction Novel by Black Author - 'Veterans of the Psychic Wars'.


Roman Doyle is a black, twenty-five-year-old schoolteacher, happily married and anticipating becoming a father. What Roman does not know is that he is really Armon Sakara, the only son of Sakara Rey, the emperor of a distant galaxy known as The Cosmic Sea. That is, until he encounters Chi-Ro Jin, a veteran of the Psychic Wars.



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Feature film Treatment from 'Halloween: H2O'....

Just wanted to let those of you interested in scriptwriting that over at the 'Masters of 3 Acts' Scriptwriting Group the original feature film Treatment for the hit horror film, "Halloween: H2O" can be read on the Mo3A page! If you've been scratching your heads about how to write a film treatment, you can take a look at the discussions on how to conceive and write a solid treatment and see how a treatment for a popular film is written. Also, you gamers can look at our series of discussions on… Continue

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Now Available As An E-Book From Smashwords



When old enemies and an emissary from a far country rudely interrupt Dillon's vacation, he discovers that an old friend has managed to embroil him in a brewing civil war of the island nation of Xonira! …


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who tells the story? the rosetta stone

On the net I was looking at the Rosetta stone as explained by Dr. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene and by the British Museum, same account. One based on research and one based on assumed authority. It tells the facts and the nature of the tellers. We've been hearing the chest thumping history rather than the truth.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGCpcVO3mYI&NR=1 is Dr. Kamene's telling.…


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Excerpt: Task Force Arrow

Here's an excerpt from a novel I'm working on titled Task Force Arrow.  It's about a group of warships that find themselves stranded in another part of the galaxy and are forced to fight their way home!



“Well, as you all may have noticed, we’re in a bit of a bind,” Greggory began with a little understated humor to lighten the mood.  “The Far Walker’s tunnel drive has failed.  It…


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Reflections From the Edge by Jonathan N. Livingston

Reflections from the Edge: Two decades of essays on race, culture and politics from a young southern writer
"The manuscript is a compilation of articles and essays that are grounded in critical race theory and common sense southern values. The essays in the text are reviews of and responses to current events over the last 2 decades. Thus, topics range from the OJ Simpson trial to 9/11 and the war on terrorism and their impact on African…

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Chapter Two

Thanks to all who posted comments for the first chapter. I appreciate it so much. Here is chapter two of the story. Please keep critiqueing even if you hate it!




Councilor’s Chamber, The Great Hall

Capital City, Novia Prime

United Republic of Planets


        First Viceroy Parnell Star ran his hand through his graying black hair and took a deep breath as images of what was left of the Harcadia Colony…


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Introducing Matty's Rocket


Bighead Scientists presents Matty's Rocket…


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MODOC - Part 9 - Public Gathering

Running out of the doctor's office with Justin in tow, we tried to look inconspicuous as we got on the elevator. I did my part to look particularly robotic and Justin wiped the sweat off his face. The elevator had several people on it. Initially I did not pay them any attention until I turned my ears toward them and noted their incredibly fast heart rates. Something was wrong, terribly wrong. They has the…


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About Nibiru or Planet-X and the 2012.............??

Don't know what's going on but in the last two years I heard more and more about Nibiru or Planet-X coming in on it's elliptical orbit, crossing through our solar system and causing various events.

1. the tilting of the earth axis or changing of the poles.

this brings shifts in magnetic fields, weather changes and catastrophes worldwide.

2. visits from aliens who created us or aliens intent on our destruction or enslavement or to help us.....????

If this… Continue

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That Alien Chick Inside Me #3: The Government Might Be Right, For Once: We Probably Can't Handle This Truth.

  “Do you really believe in UFOs?”

The fact is – it doesn’t matter if I believe in them, or not; I don’t have…

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That Alien Chick Inside Me #2: Because God Is Space -- All Around and Through Us (and Hell No, We Ain’t Alone in It)


The whole extraterrestrial/God thing* is kind of dicey, conversation-wise. Like, there are a lot of people won’t even mess with this topic.
Especially my intellectual, edumucated…

Added by Jake-ann Jones on January 18, 2011 at 9:42am — 2 Comments

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Measuring Cosmic Distances...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on December 13, 2018 at 6:22am 0 Comments

Image Source: Link below

Topics: Astrophysics, Black Holes, Cosmology, Gravitational Waves, LIGO

Decades of experimental effort paid off spectacularly on 14 September 2015, when the two detectors of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) spotted the gravitational waves…

[New Project] GLYPHX The URBAN MAGE Web-comic

Posted by PHARAOH aka NUBIAN7 on December 12, 2018 at 10:50pm 0 Comments

Check out my latest project, GLYPHX The URBAN MAGE web-comic!   urbanmage.net/

Take a look and leave comments. You can leave comments on most pages; detailing what you like about each. Critiques are welcome and encouraged! 





Thank you for your time and energy. I appreciate any feedback or…



Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on December 12, 2018 at 6:34am 0 Comments

Illustrations of frequency-dependent toughening in a polymer-metal-nanoglue-ceramic composite. Credit: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Topics: Materials Science, Metamaterials, Nanotechnology

In a discovery that could pave the way for new materials and applications, materials scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute…

The Perfect Fluid...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on December 11, 2018 at 5:30am 0 Comments

If collisions between small projectiles -- protons (p), deuterons (d), and helium-3 nuclei (3He) -- and gold nuclei (Au) create tiny hot spots of quark-gluon plasma, the pattern of particles picked up by the detector should retain some 'memory' of each projectile's initial shape. Measurements from the PHENIX experiment match these predictions with very strong correlations between the initial geometry and the final flow patterns. Credit: Javier Orjuela Koop, University of Colorado, Boulder…


BOCs @ Home...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on December 10, 2018 at 5:30am 0 Comments

Quantum games: Artist’s impression of the Alice Challenge experimental setup. (Courtesy: ScienceAtHome/Aarhus University)

Topics: Bose-Einstein Condensate, Electromagnetic Radiation, Quantum Mechanics, Theoretical Physics

Citizen scientists have outperformed physicists in…

It's Been A Long Time, I Shouldn't Have Left You...

Posted by PHARAOH aka NUBIAN7 on December 8, 2018 at 8:03pm 0 Comments

Peace. As the post title says, (inspired by Rakim's greatest opening lines), this marks somewhat of a return. I have not posted in a long while, so here I am. I hope everyone whom I have not communicated with; are doing well. 

I will be checking in more often than not.


The Diversity Track & Black Science Fiction Society Back For Dragoncon 2019

Posted by Jarvis Sheffield - Admin on December 7, 2018 at 2:43pm 1 Comment

The Diversity Track & Black Science Fiction Society Back For Dragoncon 2019

I just got news this week that the Diversity Track will be back for 2019 at DragonCon. I'm excited to be invited back for another groundbreaking event. Everyone associated with the first one this year knocked it out of the park! I could not ask for better volunteers, guests, photographers, moderators and participants.

Assault of the Mainstream

Posted by Turtel Onli on December 6, 2018 at 8:10am 1 Comment

Now that the Mainstream has tried and failed to take the life force outta the growing indie-Black age movement with its "afro-futuristic" blockbuster along with its here today-gone tomorrow great token Hero of Harlem, who among us is really about winning at  this challenge and profiting from the opportunities it presents?

Their best efforts to corner and control the Black Age is my proof that we are actually winning in this war for minds and market shares.....inspite of addictive  brand loyalty...the Black On Black boycott....and culturally based anti-intellectualisms.  I often present on panels.....over the years since 1992....at San Diego,,,,,Wizards.......C2E2.....on the Black Age or diversity....  Usually with a lame unprofessional uninformed person in charge.  Each time some hater stands up to taut how racist the Black Age is and how he of she gets so much more outta Manga/Anime'.

Sort of like all of the Black folks that spent 8 years complaining about…



Posted by Ms. Regina Owens on December 5, 2018 at 6:30pm 1 Comment

The author Amina DeLaMere's has a new, and revised ebook entitled, SHE. The book was first written a few years back, later on Miss DeLaMere's will work it all out to rewrite the book, SHE, having the space being Ximena to board her spaceship to travel out into space way beyond her extraterrestrial world, Beta Nevaeh.  "Sometime ago, a politician once wrote, "there are no do overs." Maybe concerning politics, however in the world of a writer a do over, could be a new beginning," notes the author Amina Delamere. SHE, the ebook is now on sale on Amazon.com

The Digital Brothers Multimedia

The Digital Brothers
Our goal is to provide cost effective technological solutions for home, small and big business. After over 20 years of service working in this field, we decided to utilize our talents to develop and cultivate our own vision to benefit the community.
2D & 3D Animation
Graphic & Web Design
Photo & Video
Multimedia Development
Online & Print Marketing

Contact Us Today To Assist In Your Business Success
Website: www.TheDigitalBrothers.com
Email: info@thedigitalbrothers.com


Life as alpha of a werewolf pack is anything but predictable. But even Parker Berenson is surprised by the latest twist: he’s fallen in love with a space alien. Problem is, he suspects Melera, his sexy new flame, might be the serial killer terrorizing Seattle. Or maybe she isn’t. After all, just because she’s an interstellar assassin doesn’t mean she’s guilty.


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