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The Night Time Traveler Pt. VI

      After a short but perilous climb, the trio reached the top of the dam where the Priestess stood her face ashen, hair rapidly graying and figure gaunt. Out across the land the once green fields and orchards withered and died with the last fading rays of sunset. “Odin’s beard!” exclaimed the Chief. The Knight started towards his wife but a strong hand caught his arm. It was Qatula. Surprised, the Knight tried to pull away from the youth, but could not break…


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The Night Time Traveler Pt. V

      Looking at the Knight beneath a hairy brow pouring with sweat the Chief sharply asked, “And what in Niffleheim am I supposed to do, keep pushing this rolling anchor while those ugly curs bite off my ass?” Unable to suppress a wicked grin the Knight snapped back, “They’ll be better to go for one of your legs than gnaw on that boney backside of yours!” The Aesir Chief couldn’t help but laugh as he retorted, “I know there’s a drinking song in that!” Looking…


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The Night Time Traveler Pt. IV

      Throwing both hands up the painted youth replied, “No mischief at all sir Knight! I only know it took all my strength just to get him to lay upon the cart! Each day as night fell, he grew heavier. When we came here last evening, the wheel of the pushcart came off. I couldn’t try to move him until morning and just before dawn, the hyenas attacked us. Long as he is on the cart during the day, Oboe can be pulled along. He is so weak, I think he will soon…


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MODOC - Part 13 - Missing Pieces

The room stank vaguely of urine and stale nicsticks.

J.Rile wrinkled his nose at the smell. Used to glanding his narcotics and nootropics, he always thought nicsticks were just disgusting. Even a drug addict should have some standards, he…

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The Night Time Traveler Pt. III

      Looking to the Chief, the Knight signaled for him to make ready. Now crouched and stalking forward as to not alert the pack, the Knight looked for the dominant female. The youth swatted and swung his branch hitting the beasts repeatedly but to no real effect. Suddenly, largest of the grinning devils snapped its jaws upon his makeshift weapon and wrenched it from his hands. With no weapon, its fellows dashed towards him! Leaping backwards, the youth…


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MODOC - Part 12 - The Outpost

The natives were restless.

They were always that way whenever they came to the outpost. When it first appeared, it came in the night heralded by the loudest sound the natives have ever heard. It was so great, it became a legend amongst The People. It was the sound that shattered Heaven. The speaker said a piece of…


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recog's journey

It is a funny thing, but my life is one of isolation in many ways. Religious folks are not suppose to wonder and wander. I am that but I was a recog before. To train one's eyes like a laser on one so called reality is cautioned. Look intently but not closely. We are taught that the things we worship are irrefutable but we have to believe it all by faith. The truth is that most religions are myths as far as fact goes, the principles are fact hid behind symbols and the mistake we make is that…


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The Night Time Traveler Pt II

      Being awakened in the dead of night to go running in pitch darkness without torch or lamp would normally have the Aesir Chief ready to cut off someone’s head! But on this night, being roused by the Valley Knight to accompany him on an errand for the Priestess put out all fires raging within him. The Chief had to admit, with all his men off on the perilous journey back to their homeland while he stayed behind left his spirits at an all-time low. However, he…


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My Tribute to Dwayne McDuffie

I read the first issue of Damage Control when it first hit the stands back in the early 90's and asked myself, who would have thought about the wreckage of a superhero battle and the logistical nightmare it must be to clean up; someone who had a little bit of experience cleaning up after other people. I related to the comic immediately, and though I had no idea who Dwayne McDuffie was at the time, I was certain I would hear…


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The Third Wave!

The Third Wave is Rising!

Most in the media want to characterize what is happening in the Middle East as something new but for a fact the upheavel is but the latest phase, the third wave, in a social evolution brought on by the information age. It is a phenomenon that may result in the end of the world order as we  know it. I outline my premis in my latest Podcast entitled "The Third Wave."

The talking heads and politicians want us to believe that higher energy prices is the…


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The Dawn of MAN has Arrived!

   I would like to let everyone know that my completely rewritten novel "The Dawn of MAN" is now available from iUniverse and Amazon Kindle. I describe it has a hard hitting, fast paced and imaginative story of revenge, redemption, the bond of friendship and the triumph of man against overwhelming odds.

   In the near future, another war in the middle east, skyrocketing energy costs, the crash of the stock market and civil unrest will set America ablaze. At a pivotal point in history,…


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The Priestess has returned!

I just posted part one of the newest Priestess short story called "The Night Time Traveler". A fearsome vision reveals to the Priestess an approaching doom! Stricken with some fell illness, she dispatches her protector and husband the Valley Knight to find a strange visitor who may hold the answers to her vision. Taking the Chief of the Aesir sea wanderers with him, the duo must face unknown dangers in order to save the dying Valley and perhaps the Priestess herself. But to do so, they must… Continue

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The Night Time Traveler Pt. 1

      The oppressive heat of the summer sun hammered down upon the lush green landscape of growing crops. A hot breeze rustled the leaves of uncounted soy bean, corn and rice plants. Insects fleeing ravenous field birds flew in intricate patterns to save their lives. All was as it should be. The pulse of life within this unlikely oasis in so vast a desert beat with invigorating energy. Suddenly the breeze changed direction. The dueling birds and insects abruptly…


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Immortal 3: Stealer of Souls (excerpt)

She was Annabelle’s shadow, trailing the dark woman as she rode in horse drawn carriages, sipped wine on balconies, danced in chandelier lit ballrooms. But she always returned home to her quarter alongside the river.

Now the twin moons shined through twisted branches. The vampire followed their light down the dusty road to the…


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Deadline for Carl Brandon Society Awards

From the Carl Brandon Society site:


The Carl Brandon Parallax Award is given to works of speculative fiction created by a self-identified person of color. This Award includes a $1000 cash prize.


"The Carl Brandon Kindred Award is given to any work of speculative fiction dealing with issues of race and ethnicity; nominees may be of any racial or ethnic group. This Award includes a $1000 cash prize.…


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The Aspect War - Chapter 6

Lightning flashed.

The Archangel Michael waited. He heard the warning claxons, not activated since the Great Pogram, six centuries earlier and extended his senses to the Guardians at the Four Gates. Each had turned its attention skyward. They all locked onto a streaking…


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Tor.com features The Go-Slow, a short story by Nnedi Okorafor

Read my lasted short story, The Go-Slow here on Tor.com.

A little about the…


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Writer's Notes

Writer’s Notes


    Greetings, I am Jerry Darnell McLeaurin. The Author of The Mystery’s of Rozika.  It is here where I pose the question of what could be considered real beyond my own skepticism. I know that it is somewhat impossible to initially become one’s own skeptic, though it is my experience, as a person living in America, to doubt things that…


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Chapter 1 The Mysteries of Rozika

Can't Do It…

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Measuring Cosmic Distances...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on December 13, 2018 at 6:22am 0 Comments

Image Source: Link below

Topics: Astrophysics, Black Holes, Cosmology, Gravitational Waves, LIGO

Decades of experimental effort paid off spectacularly on 14 September 2015, when the two detectors of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) spotted the gravitational waves…

[New Project] GLYPHX The URBAN MAGE Web-comic

Posted by PHARAOH aka NUBIAN7 on December 12, 2018 at 10:50pm 0 Comments

Check out my latest project, GLYPHX The URBAN MAGE web-comic!   urbanmage.net/

Take a look and leave comments. You can leave comments on most pages; detailing what you like about each. Critiques are welcome and encouraged! 





Thank you for your time and energy. I appreciate any feedback or…



Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on December 12, 2018 at 6:34am 0 Comments

Illustrations of frequency-dependent toughening in a polymer-metal-nanoglue-ceramic composite. Credit: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Topics: Materials Science, Metamaterials, Nanotechnology

In a discovery that could pave the way for new materials and applications, materials scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute…

The Perfect Fluid...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on December 11, 2018 at 5:30am 0 Comments

If collisions between small projectiles -- protons (p), deuterons (d), and helium-3 nuclei (3He) -- and gold nuclei (Au) create tiny hot spots of quark-gluon plasma, the pattern of particles picked up by the detector should retain some 'memory' of each projectile's initial shape. Measurements from the PHENIX experiment match these predictions with very strong correlations between the initial geometry and the final flow patterns. Credit: Javier Orjuela Koop, University of Colorado, Boulder…


BOCs @ Home...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on December 10, 2018 at 5:30am 0 Comments

Quantum games: Artist’s impression of the Alice Challenge experimental setup. (Courtesy: ScienceAtHome/Aarhus University)

Topics: Bose-Einstein Condensate, Electromagnetic Radiation, Quantum Mechanics, Theoretical Physics

Citizen scientists have outperformed physicists in…

It's Been A Long Time, I Shouldn't Have Left You...

Posted by PHARAOH aka NUBIAN7 on December 8, 2018 at 8:03pm 0 Comments

Peace. As the post title says, (inspired by Rakim's greatest opening lines), this marks somewhat of a return. I have not posted in a long while, so here I am. I hope everyone whom I have not communicated with; are doing well. 

I will be checking in more often than not.


The Diversity Track & Black Science Fiction Society Back For Dragoncon 2019

Posted by Jarvis Sheffield - Admin on December 7, 2018 at 2:43pm 1 Comment

The Diversity Track & Black Science Fiction Society Back For Dragoncon 2019

I just got news this week that the Diversity Track will be back for 2019 at DragonCon. I'm excited to be invited back for another groundbreaking event. Everyone associated with the first one this year knocked it out of the park! I could not ask for better volunteers, guests, photographers, moderators and participants.

Assault of the Mainstream

Posted by Turtel Onli on December 6, 2018 at 8:10am 1 Comment

Now that the Mainstream has tried and failed to take the life force outta the growing indie-Black age movement with its "afro-futuristic" blockbuster along with its here today-gone tomorrow great token Hero of Harlem, who among us is really about winning at  this challenge and profiting from the opportunities it presents?

Their best efforts to corner and control the Black Age is my proof that we are actually winning in this war for minds and market shares.....inspite of addictive  brand loyalty...the Black On Black boycott....and culturally based anti-intellectualisms.  I often present on panels.....over the years since 1992....at San Diego,,,,,Wizards.......C2E2.....on the Black Age or diversity....  Usually with a lame unprofessional uninformed person in charge.  Each time some hater stands up to taut how racist the Black Age is and how he of she gets so much more outta Manga/Anime'.

Sort of like all of the Black folks that spent 8 years complaining about…



Posted by Ms. Regina Owens on December 5, 2018 at 6:30pm 1 Comment

The author Amina DeLaMere's has a new, and revised ebook entitled, SHE. The book was first written a few years back, later on Miss DeLaMere's will work it all out to rewrite the book, SHE, having the space being Ximena to board her spaceship to travel out into space way beyond her extraterrestrial world, Beta Nevaeh.  "Sometime ago, a politician once wrote, "there are no do overs." Maybe concerning politics, however in the world of a writer a do over, could be a new beginning," notes the author Amina Delamere. SHE, the ebook is now on sale on Amazon.com

The Digital Brothers Multimedia

The Digital Brothers
Our goal is to provide cost effective technological solutions for home, small and big business. After over 20 years of service working in this field, we decided to utilize our talents to develop and cultivate our own vision to benefit the community.
2D & 3D Animation
Graphic & Web Design
Photo & Video
Multimedia Development
Online & Print Marketing

Contact Us Today To Assist In Your Business Success
Website: www.TheDigitalBrothers.com
Email: info@thedigitalbrothers.com


Life as alpha of a werewolf pack is anything but predictable. But even Parker Berenson is surprised by the latest twist: he’s fallen in love with a space alien. Problem is, he suspects Melera, his sexy new flame, might be the serial killer terrorizing Seattle. Or maybe she isn’t. After all, just because she’s an interstellar assassin doesn’t mean she’s guilty.


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