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Lovecraft, Racism, and Afrofuturism

Let me just rant about it at BlueBlack Atlantis

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The Stepford Cuckoos

Check out my latest blog at BlueBlack Atlantis on the Stepford Cuckkoos

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The Dawn of the BLACK Superheros: Prologue


The snow covering the forest ground reflected the moon light, keeping the black of night at bay long after sundown. The night was clear after the winter storm, and the snow covered everything. It had been a fairly gusty storm so the snow found its way everywhere, over rocks, over trees, and even under their sheltering branches. The moonlight, consequently, found itself everywhere, lighting up the park to the point where one could see quite clearly for nearly a… Continue

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Arcane Distortions

A DVD anthology of strange fiction presented in animation, film noir, and photo/art montage sequencing. Animators and film makers – Submit your completed shorts in AVI format. OR send samples in order that we may consider your tallents for creating new work based on selected short stories.

Wirters – Please send only stories which you feel are easily transformable to animation or film. 1000 – 3000 is best – script preferred but not necessary. In the subject line: "arcane".

We review… Continue

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A scream like that of some tortured animal lanced out down South street from out of nowhere. Loud enough to immediately silence a usually very noisy crowd. The scream did not stop however, it continued on turning into a grinding motor-like sound. That's when the other screams started.

Their cries rose in my mind like hot steam, and it took me a moment to adjust to the din. From the few thoughts that were clear to me I could only… Continue

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Heavy Sedation television series is going to Eastern Europe

My nationally syndicated public television series Heavy Sedation will begin airing in Eastern Europe starting in August. It will be seen in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichenstien, Denmark, Luxembourg Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Italy. If yout not getting it in your Hometown in the USA call your local public televsion station.Peace

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Nicktoons Networks Animation Festival

Nicktoons Networks Animation Festival


The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival is back for it’s 5th year! An event founded in 2004 to showcase the diversity of worldwide animation filmmaking, The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival is the largest multiplatform animation festival in North America. The festival features the best animated shorts (10 minutes and under) from around the globe. Shorts selected for the festival have the… Continue

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The noiz

Please criticize. tell me what you really think. any problems you see tell me. hope you enjoy.

The doors of the oval office flew open. Ten men in military attire walked in with haste. “ Mr. president “ the first one through the door said carrying a laptop. “ we have a problem”. “Doesn’t any one knock any more “ the president said looking up from his desk. “An unidentified aircraft has appeared over Southern Ireland“ the man continued. “ok” the president said… Continue

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Snow White by Carole McDonnell

I do not like the name: Snow White.

No one could be that pure.

But, accepting it, let us move on.

Such purity,

existing in a world as political as a castle,

could be daunting, unnerving.

And for a beautiful queen,

learned in intrigue,

reared in flattery,

such purity would not only be daunting,

but also an affront.

I am thinking of a girl I met in college,

an idealist at twenty,

who wrote… Continue

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'"The Chosen One" Vs. The One Who Chooses' Article up @ Fantasy!

I have a new article up at Fantasy Magazine: “The Chosen One” vs. The One Who Chooses: General Hero Tropes in the Harry Potter series and Zahrah the Windseeker where I critique certain tropes in SF/F and use the Harry potter series by J.K. Rowling and Zahrah the Windseeker by Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu as examples of the two seperate archetypes I explore.

Check it out and let me know what… Continue

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Taste: Chapter Two


The Guide

Vye had only been submerged for a few seconds and already Dame believed. Her appearance was almost angelic as the thin rays of morning shone through the crystal clear waters, zigzagging playfully across her golden skin. He'd always admired her courage, her ability to fight. They’d shared a mutual respect over the years while noticing one another from afar and recently they’d formed a friendship he sensed would flourish under the new faith.

Nearly… Continue

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Another excerpt from Visitors to NeoAfrica

Looking out the shuttle window, Mensah took in the sight of the Unity Expedition ship, Swiftstrider and blew out an awed whistle. Display screen images in no way adequately captured the immense size of this behemoth vessel. One had to view a ship of this nature in person in order to appreciate its scale.

The largest NeoAfrican warship was barely a third the size of the Swiftstrider. How many of these ships did the Unity Pact have? Mensah wondered as his thoughts began to sober. He noted… Continue

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Some Anthos


Modern Stories of Myths, Fables and Fairy Tales

Michele Acker & Kirk Dougal, Editors

E-subs & Info No web site as yet

Submission Guidelines

Think back to the days when legends walked the earth and tales of wonder entertained all that listened. Now take those stories and twist them, stretch them, or toss them aside and create your own.

"Mother Goose is Dead: Modern Stories of Myths, Fables and Fairy Tales" is looking for up-to-date… Continue

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Atlanta's Hot with Conventions Next Week

I'll be in Hotlanta next weekend to attend and work at the National Medical Association yearly conference (no, not a dr. - a techie with a biomed engineering background). The last weekend in July has both the Blogging while Brown convention and the National Book Club conference. .

I'll be attending the National Book Club conference and will try to represent for my… Continue

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Taste: Chapter One (Warning: Steamy Content)


Incident in Vine City

It was early evening as the sunset wrapped its rays around the anxious women. Deepest hues of ebony, coffee, and chestnut blurred with the golden sunlight seeping through the translucent clouds above. Vine City, coveted for its unique beauty, brimmed with a mischievous allure while the waters of the Mer Sea lightly kissed the surrounding shore. From above, the small metropolis was a gathering of peaks stabbing unapologetically at the sky in declaration of… Continue

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Taste: The Prologue


Beneath a sweltering noonday sun, the prickling sensation in her fingertips began to spread. Profuse sweating and violent hallucinations followed as the world around her swirled in the purplish haze of a narcotic high. Time slid to a sluggish halt as she closed her eyes, helplessly watching the blinding blue dance with screaming red behind her eyelids. Phase One of the shape-shift brought about a hurt so intense that all thought quickly became a dizzying distortion of… Continue

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When Fantasy Meets Erotica... About the novel: Taste...

Taste: An Erotic Fantasy Series

by B. Sharise Moore

Love is forbidden....Pleasure reigns...Taste the fantasy...

On Ido, island of cocooned cities, Mer people, and butterfly dragons; love and monogamy are strictly prohibited, physical pleasures abound, and a brewing civil war pits youth and virility against age and experience.

The Ido Youth seek the preservation of Taste, a set of carnal sex rites beginning in the 21st year and ending with climax,… Continue

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Essay & Review

I realized I hadn't posted any of my publications here, one is in print the other on the web and I'm actually pretty proud of both of them.

I have a review of the novel Empress by Karen Miller up at Fantasy Magazione: here!

And my essay: Colonialism...In...Space & On The Ground appears in the WisCon Chronicles 2 from Aqueduct Press and can be purchased… Continue

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The New York Times reviews the Shadow Speaker

It's not a perfect review (mostly positive), but I'm ecstatic to be reviewed by the New York Times. What an honor.

Weapons of Mass Creation


Published in the New York Times, Sunday July 12th


By Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu.

336 pp. Jump at the Sun/Hyperion. $16.99. (Ages 12 and… Continue

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Into Africa

Back in the day, when I was calling myself “educating” people about Africa’s place in folklore and mythology, I wrote an article about the continent’s unknown beasts and mythical beings for Dragon magazine. Dragon was published by the people who were behind the renowned Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. I never was a gamer myself, but the article nonetheless had some influence. It was published in the June 1987 issue of Dragon, under the title “Out of Africa.” But I think “Into Africa”… Continue

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Tunable Quantum States...

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When the researchers turn an external magnetic field in different directions (indicated with arrows), they change the orientation of the linear electron flow above the kagome (six-fold) magnet, as seen in these electron wave interference patterns on the surface of a topological quantum kagome magnet. Each pattern is created by a particular direction of the external magnetic field applied on the sample.

Image by M. Z. Hasan, Jia-Xin Yin, Songtian Sonia Zhang, Princeton University…



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Topics: Civil Rights, Diversity, Existentialism, History, Human Rights

Republicans: Founded in 1854 by anti-slavery expansion activists and modernizers, the Republican Party quickly surpassed the Whig Party as the principal opposition to the Democratic Party. In 1860, it came to power with the election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency. The party presided over the American Civil War and Reconstruction and was harried by internal factions and scandals toward the end of the 19th century. Today, the party supports a conservative platform (from an American political perspective), with further foundations in supply-side fiscal policies,…

Cynical Capitalism...

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Image Source: AARP, which up to this moment, I didn't realize was so "woke."

Topics: Climate Change, Existentialism, Global Warming, Star Trek

The home world of the Ferengi species is…


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Image Source: DC Wiki

Topics: Existentialism, Global Warming, Politics

Apokolips is a fictional planet appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The planet is ruled by Darkseid, established in Jack Kirby's Fourth World comic book series, and…


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At 2:30 a.m. EDT (0630 UTC) on Sept. 11, the MODIS instrument aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite looked at Hurricane Florence in infrared light. MODIS found coldest cloud top temperatures around the eye, as cold as or colder than minus 80 degrees (yellow) Fahrenheit (minus 112 degrees Celsius). Surrounding the eye were thick rings of powerful storms with cloud tops as cold as or colder than minus 70 degrees (red) Fahrenheit (minus 56.6 degrees Celsius). Credit: NASA/NRL…


Water Worlds...

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In a new study, Asst. Prof. Edwin Kite finds ocean planets could stay in zone of habitability longer than previously assumed. Copyright istockphoto.com

Topics: Astronomy, Astrobiology, Astrophysics, Exoplanet, Planetary Science, Space Exploration

The conditions for life surviving on planets entirely covered in water are…


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Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered pulsars as a PhD student.Credit: David Hartley/Shutterstock

Topics: Astrophysics, Diversity, Diversity in Science, Nobel Prize, Pulsar, Women in Science

Fifty years after…

Imperious Manchurian...

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Ferdy on Films - The Manchurian Candidate

Topics: Commentary, Existentialism, Politics

"I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters." Orange Satan,…

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