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Ha Ha, I Got to see Iron Man before my daughter . . .

Over two hours and I really enjoyed it. Good rewrite of the Stark history . . . killer suit . . . I don't even know why Gweneth Paltrow did this movie . . . Terrance Howard is ready for his suit and his close-up . . . Jeff Bridges as a baldy - not bad! There were a few holes in the early storyline, but not so egregious as to ruin the motion picture experience.

Can't wait for Hancock!

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A Writer's Story

I can divide my life as a writer into six stages, stretching over a period of close to 40 years.


During the 1970s, I wrote short stories for small-press magazines put out by fans of the science fiction and fantasy genres. Those genres always fascinated me, and there is something about them that causes an inordinate proportion of their readers to believe they can write, as well as read, “sf and f.” I was one of them, and I had stories published in magazines that paid in… Continue

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Some deadlines for CFS

Sword & Sorceress 23

We are happy to announce that Sword & Sorceress 22 sold well enough that we get to do another volume. Norilana Books will be publishing Sword & Sorceress 23 later this year.

If you wish to submit a story to the anthology, please follow the Guidelines below.


Stories should be the type generally referred to as "sword and sorcery" and must have a strong female protagonist whom the reader will care about. See Sword… Continue

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API speculative fiction books

Hey Sistas y Brothas

I know we all about Black Sci Fi up in here, but that means we got big brains and open hearts. Just wanted to hip you all to a list of API spec fiction books in honor of API heritage month.

one love

Lisa Marie


The CARL BRANDON SOCIETY recently recommended the following speculative fiction books for Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month:


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Heading to the NYC Comic Con

After two weekends of writers' conferences I'm off to the NY Comic Con with my husband and brother this coming weekend. I must be a glutton for punishment. I'm not attending on Friday because my brother will not be a slacker like his older sister and take a day off from work. I tried to convince him that it was the professional only day (until 3pm) and it might not be so overwhelming. No can do - that guy is super-responsible.

So it's Saturday - ugh. I hope the crowds don't make me… Continue

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Dossouye is in the house!

Time for some shameless self-promotion. But then, is there any other kind of self-promotion?

I’ll get right down to it. A new novel by me is now available. Its title is Dossouye, and it is being published by Sword & Soul Media, through That’s right … print-on-demand. I’ll tell you the reason I went that route in a minute.

The novel is based on several stories I’ve had published over the years about a black woman warrior named Dossouye. Her adventures take… Continue

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Chimurenga African speculative fiction anthology

Chimu People on the 164-page double edition, out now

The latest issue of the Cape Town based cultural and literary journal, Chimurenga, is a double-take on sci-fi and speculative writing from the African world, collectively titled “Dr. Satan’s Echo Chamber”. The title of the double-issue is drawn from a dub mix by the late Jamaican producer King… Continue

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Wars, great, small, undeclared, or recurrent

Yesterday I stayed in bed all day and watched movies. I saw two movies I hadn't seen before. One was called Tomorrow (by writer Faulkner by way of director Horton Foote and actor Duvall) and the other was called Constantine with my lifelong crush Keanu Reeves. (In fact I have had such a jones for Keanu for such a long time that in Wind Follower I actually named my character Kaynu after him.)

Anyways, Constantine --despite Keanu's gorgeous self-- just had me rolling my eyes. Hey, I'm… Continue

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The Pedestal of Author

Yesterday, I received a sweet little e-missive from a fellow author. In it, she lovingly but firmly told me about the concept of The Pedestal of Author. Backstory: I've gotten mostly good reviews on Wind Follower. When I have gotten bad reviews, I let it slide. Everyone has an opinion. When I get a really, really, really bad review....where the reviewer obviously hasn't written the book....well, I actually try to defend myself. Which is a no-no in writing circles, I'm told.

Anyway,… Continue

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BLOG TOUR: Phoenix Tales by Gregory Banks

Phoenix Tales

By Gregory Banks

WheelMan Press

FeBlueberry 2005 newsletter

"...For an experience in description and emotion, this is good." - Piers Anthony, Author the Xanth series.

Carole McDonnell, The Compulsive Reader, March 30,… Continue

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Podcast of Homecoming at the Borderlands Cafe

Please check out the podcast of my story, Homecoming at the Borderlands Cafe over at Escape Pod. It takes about fifteen minutes to listen to. Please comment if you can. It's a story about race and religion in an alternate America...and some folks don't like race in science fiction stories.

-Carole McDonnell

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A bit of history

I’ll begin this blog with a bit of history: namely, an excerpt from an essay I wrote back in 1977. The essay was called “Why Blacks Don’t Read Science Fiction,” and it was first published in a fanzine called Windhaven. A revised version appeared in a book titled Brave new Universe in 1980. A later essay, “Why Blacks Should Read (and Write) Science Fiction, included in the first Dark Matter anthology in 2000, was a sequel to the earlier one, which was something of a rant.

Here… Continue

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Clarion West!

Way back when I applied to both Clarion West & Clarion. After submitting the applications and stories I completely forgot about it, until I got a call Sunday saying that I had been accepted to Clarion West and could I still attend? Unfortunately I couldn't because I had just gotten a new job that I started two days ago. I couldn't very well go up to my new boss and say "Hey, I got into a writing seminar I need 6 weeks off this summer. "

But I've made myself a vow to actually… Continue

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Calling a Spade a Mardonalian (Part 2)

Sometimes, racism in SF is subtext rather than context. In E.E. Smith’s The Skylark of Space, the heroes are Earth’s best and brightest despite, when told by a malevolent entity there are many ways it could kill them, responding, “Name one!” Upon arrival on the planet Osnome they rescue an airship being attacked by flying monsters. The passengers of the ship are humanoids whose skin color is “a dark, livid… green.” In appreciation for their efforts the Terrans are given “slaves,” seven… Continue

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Calling a Spade a Mardonalian (Part 1)

In his essay “Why Blacks Should Read (and Write) Science Fiction” (in Sheree Thomas’ anthology Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora) Charles R. Saunders says, “The human imagination manifests itself in stories. Those same stories become legends, myths, the defining elements of a culture… We need to contribute to our culture’s overall mythology… and provide positive alternatives to the stereotypes that continue to plague us within that… Continue

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Bloodchild Revisited

This past Saturday my husband and I attended a local book club discussion on Octavia Butler's Bloodchild. In fact, we only attended because we saw a chance to talk to other black folk about great science fiction (of course, now I have you guys). My husband Stafford has read just about everything by the late Ms. Butler. I read one book in a series… Continue

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Howard University Continuing Education & Black Author Showcase™ Black History Celebration

Sandra Kelly, HUCE; Kyndall Brown, Diane Williams, and Abiola Abrams

Wow! What a fun night! Sorry you missed it!

Food, fun and books - what more can a gal ask for? Okay . . . maybe someone good at Photoshop to get rid of that too-too-too-tootsie roll. But I digress . . .

We'll have another one in June 2008. Keep checking the calendar because we may have a mini-showcase in April at UMBC in MD.

Howard University… Continue

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My Blog...

I guess every writer feels compelled to start a blog wherever they go. I want to start one, even though I am sure that I do not have much of interest to say at the moment. I would suppose that many of us are here because we are big Octavia Butler fans and have be inspired and/or influenced by her work.

I am relatively yong, but believe me when I say I've had my share of struggles as a young black professional. I can only imagine the heights of the hurdles that Ms. Butler must to have… Continue

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Welcome To Black Science Fiction Society!!!

Welcome To Black Science Fiction Society!!!

It has long been a goal of mine to create an online community with a focus on Black Science Fiction. Not simply a group or magazine, but a interactive site where consumers as well as developers of

Black science fiction can communicate together.

My company is a multimedia company that develops various media from websites and graphics design to… Continue

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Enough for Two or Three Days

This is dated now. It was written a year after "the storm". I will set the date to indicate that.

I’m reading an examination of Josephus, a first century Jewish historian. In the introduction, the writer notes that now “history is most often produced by professionals”. This was not true in ancient times, she reports. History was written by those who participated in the events. As I continue reading, it’s obvious that the writer is doubtful about the results of such… Continue

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Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in…

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Africa’s iconic baobab trees are dying, and scientists don’t know why. In a study intended to examine why the trees are so long-living, researchers made…

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“Take care of your own and don't expect anyone else to do so, or at least not to put the same priority on it.” – Theodore Beale


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Rocket science often seems to typify state-of-the-art technology. The extreme conditions of take-off, landing and space itself, the exacting…


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Inside the MiniBooNE tank, photodetectors capture the light created when a neutrino interacts with an atomic nucleus. Reidar Hahn / Fermilab

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Physicists are both thrilled and baffled by a new report from a neutrino experiment at Fermi National Accelerator…

Martian Molecules...

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Self portrait of Curiosity Rover at a drilling site on Mars. The drilled hole can be seen on the Martian surface. This location was not part of this latest study. (Courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)

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Organic molecules have been…

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