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Working on getting the Archangel X Trilogy published!

The next trilogy in the Darkside Universe is nearly completed. My intention is to get all three volumes published simultaneously and I'm going to need help.

The Archangel X Trilogy continues the saga of the Darkside Trilogy, following the extraordinary community of African Americans who discovered the means to beat NASA to the moon and live there secretly before Neil Armstrong arrived. The three volumes are Quarantine, Enmity,…


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Afrofuturist Artists Craft A Virtual World For Women Of Color

It was the summer of 2016 and molecular and cellular biologist/multidisciplinary artist Ashley Baccus-Clark was gifting herself a day of self-care. The police shootings of Alton Sterling and…


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't forget to turn your scales back ten pounds this weekend...

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It's Not YOUR Life That Makes It Interesting, It's Building A Credible Illusion

In June 2006, a 16-year-old girl began a video blog on YouTube. Her name was Bree, she’d been lurking in the burgeoning community for a while. She was a self-described dork, she thought her hometown was really boring –…


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Your Very Own R2-D2 Is Right Around The Corner!

The Taiwanese electronics manufacture Asus has unveiled a home robot called Zenbo that can talk, control your home and provide assistance when needed – all for the cost of a top-end smartphone.

The $599 (£410) robot…


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Say Goodbye To Encryption As We Know It - Has the age of quantum computing arrived?

the 1830s, computer science has been trying very hard to race ahead of its time. Particularly over the last 75 years, there have been many astounding developments – the first electronic programmable computer, the first integrated circuit computer, the first microprocessor. But the next anticipated step may be the most…


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Women won in every big category at the 2015 Nebula Awards

Saturday delivered a great win for diversity in entertainment as women swept every category at the 2015 Nebula Awards. The annual event celebrates the year's best literary contributions to science fiction and fantasy.…


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Unexpected and Unsung Black Movie Actors

(CNN) Dripping with menace, the alien in Ridley Scott's 1979 space horror classic was quite literally the movie's break-out star.…


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As Predicted in Discovery: Volume 1 of the Darkside Trilogy- Gravity Waves Discovery Confirmed Today

In 2001, I invented a method and device designed to discover gravity waves in local space/time and incorporated it in Discovery: Volume 1 of the Darkside Trilogy.

Though the exact method detailed in Discovery is a bit different than the LIGO Lab's hardware, the experimental method used to…


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Short Story Vending Machine Solves All Fiction-On-The-Go Problems

It's a familiar scene: You're waiting for a train, or for a chronically late friend. Bored, you reach for your phone to pull up Twitter -- but you left your phone at home, or the battery's dead. You stare about, panicked, desperate for something stimulating to occupy the next few seemingly endless…


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The Darkside Trilogy is Complete - all three volumes on sale now

The saga is complete.

The most original plot in AfroFuturism, contemporary and classic science fiction has come to its conclusion, with the forces of Earth pitted against several thousand of the most technologically advanced humans, African American humans, in the history of…


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#TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter is a trending hashtag on the internet and one which Jodi Picoult, Amy Tan and others are having fun with...so I thought I'd chime in. After three decades of living the writer's life,…


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At the limit of Moore's law: scientists develop molecule-sized transistors

Scientists have created a transistor made up of a single molecule. Surrounded by just 12 atoms, it is likely to be the smallest possible size for a transistor – and the hard limit for Moore’s…


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Gone in 46 seconds: in Hollywood that’s all non-white actors can hope for -

“No matter how successful I am, and no matter how many things I have under my belt, it just feels like nothing is enough” – those are the words of the writer and performer…


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Amazon set to pay self-published authors as little as $0.006 per page read

Writers of shorter works could lose out on revenue as company’s Kindle Owners Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited no longer pay per copy downloaded

Self-published authors could be paid as little as $0.006 per page read under new rules planned by Amazon.



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An Interesting New Social Network Designed For Marketing & Commerce

A new social network that uses a points-based system to encourage people to interact with content is closing in on 1 million registered users since it launched earlier this month, according to the company's CEO.

"We've been around for a week. We are already serving significant…


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Fifteen Styles Of Chat (and counting), as compiled by William Hayashi through scholarly observation

The following are the fifteen most familiar chat styles observed across the Internet, and here at BSFS presented alphabetically (research assistance courtesy of James Jones).

1. "Entitlement Chat" - when someone drops into chat, interrupts…


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Sci-Fi Writer Ursula K Le Guin launches broadside on Amazon's 'sell it fast, sell it cheap' policy

The grande dame of fantasy Ursula K Le Guin has weighed in forcefully to the debate about Amazon’s role in publishing. In a blogpost on the site Book View Cafe, entitled “Up the Amazon with the…


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Blog Posts

Fiber Optics Pioneer Passes...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on September 25, 2018 at 5:29am 0 Comments

Image Source: Link below

Topics: Diversity, Diversity in Science, History, Internet, Nobel Prize, Optics

Charles Kao, the electrical engineer who shared the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physics with Willard Boyle and George Smith, has died in Hong Kong aged 84.…

Mimicking Nature...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on September 24, 2018 at 5:30am 0 Comments

Image Source: Link below

Topics: Alternative Energy, Chemistry, Green Energy, Nanotechnology, Photosynthesis

During photosynthesis, plants split water into hydrogen ions and oxygen. If researchers could devise a method to mimic nature,…


Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on September 21, 2018 at 5:30am 0 Comments

Topics: Civil Rights, Diversity, Human Rights, Politics

Charles Blow revealed his own assault experiences on CNN. It was courageous but not hard to believe, as every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted; 15 persons per day.…

Fallback Disk...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on September 20, 2018 at 5:30am 0 Comments

A group of researchers recently observed a mysterious infrared emission coming from near a pulsar in NASA's Hubble Space telescope data. This animation depicts one possible source of the emission: a "fallback disk" or a disk that formed from materials of the parent star falling back into the neutron star after a supernova. Credit: ESA/N. Tr’Ehnl (Pennsylvania State University)/NASA

Topics: Astrophysics, Infrared, Neutron Stars, Neutrons,…


The Enslavement of the "Black Art Movement"

Posted by Turtel Onli on September 19, 2018 at 8:30am 0 Comments

During the heady days of the Black Cultural revolution in Chicago, there was a lot of art dealing with this hope and concept.  The mainstream galleries, Black art curators, historians and critics mostly stayed away from it.  Then once certain major players in this died in came the White parasites.  One a college professor the other a Jewish art dealer.  Both swooped in making deals to sell works, with the other building a entire career path for herself.  Now they are the accepted go-to authorities of this movement. That they treat as a dead slave on their plantations. "The Black Art Movement" now produces no revenue or power for the people it were supposed to benefit.

And all of this happened due to the "Black on Black boycott" that allowed non-Blacks to walk in a take it to the bank.  WHen Black do not support and endorse its own positives others come in later to reap its resources, power & wealth.

Sort of like Jazz, The Blues, Peanut Butter and Hip…


Schrödinger's Temperatures...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on September 19, 2018 at 5:30am 0 Comments

A new uncertainty principle holds that quantum objects can be at two temperatures at once, which is similar to the famous Schrödinger's cat thought experiment, in which a cat in a box with a radioactive element can be both alive and dead. Credit: Shutterstock

Topics: Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Nanotechnology, Schrödinger's cat, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics…


Tunable Quantum States...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on September 18, 2018 at 5:30am 0 Comments

When the researchers turn an external magnetic field in different directions (indicated with arrows), they change the orientation of the linear electron flow above the kagome (six-fold) magnet, as seen in these electron wave interference patterns on the surface of a topological quantum kagome magnet. Each pattern is created by a particular direction of the external magnetic field applied on the sample.

Image by M. Z. Hasan, Jia-Xin Yin, Songtian Sonia Zhang, Princeton University…



Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on September 17, 2018 at 5:30am 0 Comments

Topics: Civil Rights, Diversity, Existentialism, History, Human Rights

Republicans: Founded in 1854 by anti-slavery expansion activists and modernizers, the Republican Party quickly surpassed the Whig Party as the principal opposition to the Democratic Party. In 1860, it came to power with the election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency. The party presided over the American Civil War and Reconstruction and was harried by internal factions and scandals toward the end of the 19th century. Today, the party supports a conservative platform (from an American political perspective), with further foundations in supply-side fiscal policies,…

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