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The Priestess: Stones, Conflict and Legacy concludes....

The Priestess: Stones, Conflict and Legacy concludes as the Princess Meru waits as final preparations to defend Sea City from an impending Tenaree attack. She won't 'wait' long for within the hour, Meru will be introduced to her betrothed, Prince Tinochika of the Island Nation! However, as hour grows short Meru is conflicted as to what her future entails. Against her better judgement, Meru summons the foreign Amoosu, Mjarga the Witch of Aesirfjord to divine her future. With war and…


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The Second Saga Continues in: Stones, Conflict and Legacy, Part V

The Second Saga continues as the Aesir traitor Turid is confronted by Chief Svengald! Can the Chief reach his former subject through the brutal conditioning Turid endured at the hands of the Red Spirit? What can even he learn from a fanatic? Will his new 'sight' granted by the mighty sea serpent…


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The Priestess Second Saga Continues in 'Stones, Conflict and Legacy', Pt III


The Red Spirit broods deep within an extinct volcano as she licks her wounds after being thwarted by a new enemy. An enemy which has proven resourceful and capable of wounding even her, a semi-divine being! Brooding will not be enough to make her plans to conquer the Nation of Palm and all the surrounding kingdoms. It will take clear focus to stick with her plans though the prospect of an individual mortal or god capable of killing her is a sobering development.…


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The Priestess Second Saga Continues in 'Stones, Conflict and Legacy' Part 2


Palm's Champion N'Sisi's unsanctioned reconnaisance mission bears bitter fruit as she reveals what the Tennaree have been up to on their march towards Sea City! It will fall upon the Valley Knight to keep Palm's remaining high command from panicking in the face of such grim news. With the power of Little Fish, the Witch Mjarga and his comrade-in-arms Chief Svengald, the Valley Knight may well have the means to keep things together! Meanwhile, an unsettling…


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The Priestess Returns in 'Stones, Conflict and Legacy'....


The Priestess returns today and you are privy to a meeting of the Nobles of Palm as they commend the Valley Knight and his new allies the Aesir for the daring action against the Tenaree and the Red Spirit! Ghilda, Chief's Vife of Svengald takes in the spectacle and assesses her husband's place in this strange new land with stranger people. Clothing, food and customs are vastly different from what she knew in Aesirfjord, but the potential for reward in the coming…


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The Priestess Second Saga Returns Monday July 10th!


The Priestess Second Saga returns as the fledgling army organized by the Valley Knight prepares for the Tenaree attack on Sea City, the Prince of the Island Nations arrives with his fleet and to claim the hand of Princess Meru. Can the Valley Knight keep his word to his 'new' love that she will never lay eyes on the Prince and in doing so, still maintain the alliance between two countries with war imminent? Amid all the preparations the Aesir Witch Mjarga has a vision…


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The Priestess Second Saga Returns Monday, November 28th!

http://api.ning.com/files/XIzkNudAbb71*sP2e1i1o*55AXXDfqXEAPRqJUvLeozSKhV2vDsnGSRKtu9i6EhVgeoHIEdzVtmT050GF*tFVEXTZUnnAvNy/Priestessvictoriabanner.jpg The Priestess Second Saga returns! Little Fish and the Aesir Witch Mjarga come ashore to a land dominated by a great palm tree forest. On the horizon they see the ragtag survivors of the 'Everstorm' approaching. There is good reason to rejoice, but Little Fish is concerned. How will the people of Aesirfjord react to near centuries younger Mjarga? Most worrisome is whether or not he managed to reach the place in the vision of where the army threatening the Priestess when his…


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The Priestess Second Saga Returns Monday Aug 29th....

http://api.ning.com/files/XIzkNudAbb71*sP2e1i1o*55AXXDfqXEAPRqJUvLeozSKhV2vDsnGSRKtu9i6EhVgeoHIEdzVtmT050GF*tFVEXTZUnnAvNy/Priestessvictoriabanner.jpg   The Priestess Second Saga Returns Monday August 29th as The Valley Knight begins his quest to thwart an army of desert warriors descending upon the Valley Real. Their target is the Priestess herself! As this is a mortal threat, the goddess within the Priestess cannot interfere even with all her vast power. With the help of Little Fish, the Knight has reached the place where the great host has gathered as they begin their genocidal war. But what can one man do against an army?…


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The Priestess Second Saga continues....

http://api.ning.com/files/XIzkNudAbb71*sP2e1i1o*55AXXDfqXEAPRqJUvLeozSKhV2vDsnGSRKtu9i6EhVgeoHIEdzVtmT050GF*tFVEXTZUnnAvNy/Priestessvictoriabanner.jpg Once more The Priestess Second Saga continues as Aesir Chief Svengald's tribe find themselves lost at sea after the Chief ignores the warnings of the gods and brings disaster onto his people. Now lost at sea, they now begin an epic struggle which will determine their survival as a people! Can Svengald find his people far out on the 'Seas of Time' before they vanish forever? This and other answers will be revealed in 'The Priestess: Stone, Sea and Serpent, Part…


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'The Priestess: The Second Saga' Continues....

http://api.ning.com/files/XIzkNudAbb71*sP2e1i1o*55AXXDfqXEAPRqJUvLeozSKhV2vDsnGSRKtu9i6EhVgeoHIEdzVtmT050GF*tFVEXTZUnnAvNy/Priestessvictoriabanner.jpg The Second Saga continues as the Aesir Chief sent out onto the Seas of Time for the rescue of his people. Even if he can come to the aid of his countrymen, his next task will be to find Little Fish somewhere in time or he won't be able to return to the Valley Realm! But a great and all too familiar danger looms before his people and the Chief must face it alone in order save his own life and secure the future of his people. May the Priestess watch over him! Monday August…


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Little Fish Returns in 'The Priestess: By the Light of Stones....

The Second Saga continues as Little Fish finds himself stranded on a far off, but very familiar world. As he desperately tries to use his power to return to the Valley Realm, his 'tormentor' is there to dog his every step! How will the young man escape dilemma and contend with his destiny? All will be…


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The Priestess Season 4 Begins with 'An Invitation Accepted'

Season 4 of the Priestess begins as a vision of things to come disturbs the Priestess. Once more the tiny threads of fate are weaving together to form a tapestry that will cover all who live and prosper in the Valley Realm! The time has come once more when those who journeyed forth to save the Valley must…


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At long last, 'The Priestess Returns'....

At long last, 'The Priestess' returns! A new Saga begins as the whereabouts of Little Fish is revealed. The young man with the tremendous power growing within him must find his way back home to the Valley Realm. But before he can do so, he must face down a long dormant power brought back into the world of Chief Svengald's ancestors. If the Chief's people are wiped out, will all of history be undone? Find out Monday February, 15th as Season 4 of 'The Priestess' begins!…


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"The Book of Negroes"....

While many were watching the premiere of 'Empire', I caught the premiere of the Canadian series based upon Lawrence Hill's Novel, "The Book of Negroes". Off the top here at a sci-fi social networking site, that may sound like a racist fantasy-adventure tome. But it isn't. Rather TBN is the account of an African…


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DEU-TV Presents: "Appointment with Mr. E."

Wednesday Christmas Eve, DEU-TV presents the supernatural thriller "Appointment with Mr. E."

Witness the tale of 'Adamson' a down on his luck businessman who while trying to catch up on work one Saturday, gets a series of calls which will send his life spiralling out of…


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BSFS Member Chris Crawley's 'Let's Restore the Store' campaign....

Hey everyone,

I'm plugging for fellow BSFS member Chris Crawley and his 'Let's Restore the Store' campaign on Indie Gogo. Chris is working to restore the 100 year old bookstore that launched the writing career of author 'John Grisham' (Pelican Brief, The Firm) and many others myself included. A donation of $5, 10, 25 or more will go a long way to help keep one of the most 'Author Friendly' bookstores in the country alive and well! Former President Bill Clinton called the store…


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Encore Presentation of 'HOST' online starting @ 8pm Tonight 'Friday the 14th!'

Tonight 'Friday the 14th', the only reality-tv show that counts airs again on DEU-TV! Online streaming begins at 8pm CST (US) and will run all night long. So after you catch The Genesis Radio Show with William Hayashi, you'll have another chance to catch the award-winning horror film that shows where reality-tv…


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HOST an encore showing on DEU-TV

Since a good number of BSFS members couldn't get past the crush of folks watching our Halloween Event online, DEU-TV will present an encore showing of 'HOST' online starting at 8pm CST (US) The film will run all night on 'Friday the 14th!' So if you didn't get the chance to see it the first time or want to go…


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Tomorrow night watch 'HOST' online!

Halloween Night the only Reality-TV Show that counts comes to DEU-TV...'HOST'! After you tune into the GENESIS RADIO SHOW with host William Hayashi, you can stream the gameshow where 'getting voted off' means getting 'offed!'

HOST start time for streaming will begin at 8pm CST and will run all…


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November 15th, 'The Priestess' Returns!

Mid-November, the Priestess returns and though all seems well as the fall harvest begins in the Valley Realm, forces beyond the tranquil land threaten the life of she who has made the land what it is! Little Fish now a young man is still missing somewhere in time and a massive army is forming which will attack…


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Been Debating If I Should Finish This Story

Posted by Jacqueline Loggins on April 23, 2018 at 5:16pm 0 Comments

Effortlessly I pulled the tan stocking above my knee, sliding it across the thickness of my thigh before securing it to the garter. My hand now moved to my large, plump lips, where I dotted a speck of moisturizer before rubbing them together to get a perfect, even distribution. They now taste and smelled of cherry spice. Now for some color, I thought, opening the pallet of endless lip stains to see which would suit my attire for the evening.

This one! I decided as my finger tapped near the burnt orange circle titled Pale Sunbeam. The laser brush slid across airbrushing my top lip, then the lower. Blotting my lips, I smiled in the light-framed mirror, satisfied with my choice of color. The spotlights illuminated my sequin bra top, creating dazzling sparkles of purple and gold.…


I Was Starving

Posted by Jacqueline Loggins on April 23, 2018 at 4:55pm 0 Comments

No, I wasn't starving for food. I was starving or opportunity, direction, human interaction and friendship, but mostly I was starving for innovation and success. You see, around this time last year I found myself in a rut. I was doing hair, writing stories, making dolls etc etc. It felt like being on a hamster wheel to nowhere. And top on of everything else, our family was in a financial bind. Yes, I our ends didn't meet and we have more month at the end of our money.

One day while trying to complete a doll and at the same time worried if our gas would be cut off, something just told me to stop. I was trying to put out so much, but was taking nothing back in in return. Yes, I had burned out and what's worse our family was broke. So, I suggested to my…


Feynman Century...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on April 23, 2018 at 8:30am 0 Comments

Image from Science ABC dot com

"The Feynman Technique: How-to Learn Anything New in Four Easy Steps"

Topics: Quantum Computer, Richard Feynman, Nanotechnology, Nobel Prize, Quantum Mechanics…



Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on April 20, 2018 at 6:22am 0 Comments

Image source: AZ Quotes

Topics: Civil Rights, Commentary, Existentialism, History, Politics

The tornado that struck Greensboro Sunday…


Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on April 19, 2018 at 8:03am 0 Comments

Illustration shows the nanoresonator coating, consisting of thousands of tiny glass beads, deposited on solar cells. The coating enhances both the absorption of sunlight and the amount of current produced by the solar cells.

Credit: K. Dill, D. Ha, G. Holland/NIST

Topics: Alternative Energy, Green Energy, Green Tech, Nanotechnology, NIST, Solar Power…


A Busy Bill McSciFi

Posted by Bill McCormick on April 18, 2018 at 4:36pm 0 Comments

Whether you base your information on my real name or my Bill McSciFi nom-de-plum, I've been a busy little writer this year. I've got two releases out on Nerdanatix, two more in development, and another release, for a different company, running through the inking phase. Legends Parallel - the series for those of you who think quantum physics isn't violent or sexy enough - continues to earn rave reviews, Svarožič - the story of a woman trapped inside a man and a god trapped inside a human - debuted on Nerdanatix' top 5 most requested releases and continues to impress. You can click her name to read the 8 page character introduction for free.

Pestilent - the dystopian…


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