The Gathering Anthologies


My three-page story  “The Forgotten Ones” was published in this anthology: As a result of the police bringing their search to a halt and having received very little coverage in the media, the family of a young woman who’s been missing for more than a month only hope of finding their relative alive lies in Tzedek an anti-heroine who’s dedicated to riding the Orlando area of human traffickers.  While taking down a trafficking ring she manages to find the young woman along with many other missing persons whose names have long been forgotten in the eyes and ears of the public.

The comic’s no longer available on Grayhaven Comics site.

All Women’s Two:

Some of the best female indie creators in comics come together (joined by Gail Simone)  for a second installment of our All Women Gathering anthology. Featuring the talents of Erica Heflin, Elena Andrews, Michelle Pugliese, Dakster Sullivan, Rebecca Angel, Alysha McKinney, Jenny Langin, Jenny Gorman, Tali Adina, Claire Connelly, Diana Martinez, Romina Santana, Anita Tung, Amanda Rachels, Kell Smith, Ann Jurack, Audrey Chan, Jolene Houser, Taty Silva, and Gail Simone.

My three-page story “Willehmina Kings of Thieves: Never a Dull Moment,” was published in this anthology.A thief steals an advanced computer program that has become self-aware and must try to stay one step ahead of the police and her deadly competitors.

The book’s available at the Grayhaven Comics Store

Time Travel/Faith:

This special ‘flip book’ edition of The Gathering features 2 themes in one book. One one side, tales of Time Travel. On the other, tales of Faith.

My four-page story “The Musical Mechanism” was published in this anthology.  The book’s sold out.

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