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Product Review Update #7

I haven't done one of these in a long time and I was thinking about some of the products I read or watched a while ago. I wonder what our creative members are up to these days?

  • Dominion: An Anthology of Black Speculative Fiction was successfully funded on Kickstarter! If you missed out, you can preorder at the link. Click on the pre-order button.
  • Kasaka also posted a chapter update. We talked about this interesting webcomic in February. 
  • N. D. Jones has been quite prolific this year and she's got numerous releases so far in 2020. Here's her author page. Take a look and see what new afrofantasy works she's got coming out! 
  • Tapas got a major UI update and Nearly Home is still updating! The most recent update was May 5. Check them out for some killer African action!
  • Realmz author Anthony Moore (the guy who always live streams on FB) cleared another Limitless Comics Kickstarter. Muffenman #1 met its funding goal and I got my digital copy last month. It's pretty wild so if you're into nu-horror, check it out.
  • Black Salt: Coreuption is still in progress. It's on the Switch now, which I have to admit is quite a catch. They're working on the soundtrack right now so keep an ear to the ground. The finished project for Steam should be out there soon.
  • Above/Below is still publishing but The Extras is on hiatus. Let's hope both series continue.
  • Afromyth Vol 2 came out in Feb, but my queue was full. You should read it and review it! So far it has 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. 
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