In Acid of the Godz
Written by Anubis Heru
Illustrated by Ryan Best

"In Acid of the Godz, because an [enemy] creature was fashioned through alchemy, it's thrown the spirit of the planet and its climate out of balance, because it’s very unnatural,” he says. "It’s just like on planet Earth, where we're doing things that aren't natural and the Earth is reacting to it. It's called climate change. And it's very interesting how relevant Acid of the Godz is, in that if we don't get our act together, it's not us or our children that are going to suffer; it's our grandchildren and great-grandchildren."

Acid of the Godz © is a New Independent Comic Book series that combines various African cultures, African martial arts, mythology and lore. A complex story where Game of Thrones meets Stargate.

Link: www.acidofthegodz.com

Lady V By Eric Rogers
Her name use to be Victoria, surviving on the streets as a prostitute. Her life would change the day she met a young street minister named Solomon James. In time, Solomon would rescue Victoria from her street life and they would fall in love and be married. Unfortunately, Victoria’s fairytale life would end the day Solomon is murdered. Vowing revenge, Victoria changes her name to Lady V (the “V” now meaning Vengeance), and hunts down her husbands murderers. Little does she know that this decision will cause her even more pain and suffering.


Created & Written by Vince White  Published by Primal Paper Comics

This is a page from issue #1 of The Powerverse Chronicles. THE POWERVERSE CHRONICLES is a spotlight series created and written by Vince White and published by Primal Paper Comics. The series explores the new comic universe that exist inside and outside the pages of The Legend Of Will Power™ comic book series. Each issues highlights a new heroes or villain from the "Powerverse", a name coin to describe the Will Power universe.


Winterman Comics #1 

by geoffrey thorne

Geoffrey Thorne (Mosaic, Steamfunk, Star Trek: Titan) creates a new series and a new line of graphic titles geared for readers who are new to comics. Winterman Comics begins here with WINTERMAN COMICS #1, an anthology science fiction and fantasy series showcasing the adventures of exceptional young people in extraordinary settings.

From the reaches of space to the wilds of Faerie and everywhere in between, Winterman Comics brings you heroes without equal , adventure without measure and fun beyond question. Open the door and step in! (PS No 50 years of baggage to sift through just to understand what's going on!)

Link: http://a.co/hQWwpKj

Black Tiger Issue 0:  The Beginning Part 1

By Kwesi Jackson

In this issue, Black Tiger’s origin is revealed and shows Black Tiger’s violent and shadowy conflicts with the Black Cloak and the men clad in black.


Angel Knight By Eric Rogers

The Chosen Series is about ordinary people who have been chosen by God to do extraordinary things. Some have been given special abilities by the Holy Spirit but all have special assignments to carry out to prepare them for the final battle between good and evil. Caleb Knight is an ordinary kid, but with one difference… he was born with the power of the Archangel, the most powerful angel in Heaven. This power lies dormant inside Caleb until his 12th birthday, when he accepts the gift of the Holy Spirit.


By Nick Allen

FIGHT OF THE CENTURY is a fist-flying, biopunk sports story on steroids -- literally. Set in a futuristic Brazil controlled by a mega-corporation, this action-packed thriller examines humanities desire to become bigger, faster and stronger; while exploring the price we’re willing to pay to reach our maximum potential. With influences from Rocky to Akira, it’s a comeback story about an underdog, whose unlikely return will inspire a nation.

Check it at: Kickstarter


Darius Key? by Adrian "Asia" Petty

Darius Key, aided by his friend Freda Eves, is a sarcastic, arrogant yet effective demon hunter with many years of experience under his belt. A man named Maxwell Lightfoot, a brash former athlete with a dark past, has been chosen to be trained by Darius to be his successor. But once Maxwell finds out who Darius really is, Maxwell’s confidence is shaken as he contemplates if he up to the task of taking the place of his teacher.



Chess-Masters #1

Written by Bradley Golden, Gary McClendon


In the 25th century, society has finally emerged as a civilized population. No more wars, illness, hunger, or racial hatred. However, the evil PAWN-MASTER has seen this as an opportunity to control the weak and has been using his eight royal pawns to wreak havoc throughout the city. Conversely, the government has put together an extraordinary team of individuals known as THE CHESS-MASTERS to battle against this corruption and oppressiveness.

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The Land of Blood and Bone

Created By Lonnie Jackson, Written by Jason Franklin, Art by Caitlin "KK" Nixon

When Marine Sgt. John Adoyo’s unit in Iraq is ambushed and insurgents capture him, he experiences a night of torture revealing a buried past that will change his life forever.

“As the war wages internally within humans there’s a physical manifestation of evil that walks the earth. The “Upyri”. Currently, Upyri are accepted within society and have created governments that co-exist with humans. They have established rights and laws which they must obey, but there are seven Upyri that roam the earth with a specific purpose. They live by no rules and are powered by the fear they create within the human soul.


Fierce #1 (vol.2)

Created by Raymond Sanders,Written by Gabriel Smith,Drawn and Inked by Raymond Sanders,Colored by Leonardo Giron,Lettered by Jessica Jimerson,

Additional Layouts by Mark Marvida.

Fantasy Art Comics first superhero returns with a brand new look, brand new story, brand new creative team (except for the artist), and just brand new everything. Don't miss this exciting new take on the character that started it all


The Sunhawks, Vol. 


Saga of the Sol Children 

Benford Davis AKA iam bennu

In a healing new world, Six awaken on the Grid, the new way to wage war, to change the planet's soul, only to find they have to discover their own hidden past and find the Seventh to do it. Guided by a questionable creator and his team try to find the answers to all things.

Available at:


Written by OZ WILSON
Art by M.EVANS

50 year ago during one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam war, something crashed. something from the stars. One man survived…


Katharos: The Shattered World 

By Beverly Toole

Katharos: The Shattered World is the story of Joe the Courier. Her profession as a messenger mixed with a gift for locating anyone’s most
desired item makes Joe a highly sought after person. It is an action-packed story filled with intriguing characters and exciting capers. From creative takes on magic to high speed train robberies, to daring airship rescues, it’s a fantasy adventure of epic proportion – with a few laughs thrown in.

Available at: http://www.theshatteredworld.com/

Wind & Fire

By Travis Ware

Before he made detective, before he met his partner and before the accident, we learn Detective Wane's story. Detective Scott had to earn her homicide badge.

And how the great ninja, Master Togi applied justice. This is their story.


Raxon Universal Dominion

By Thomas Johnson II

Just as mankind began to enter a new millennium of war devoid of peace and on the path to begin a new chapter in existence, the Elite Defense Earth Network, “E.D.E.N.” the world’s ultimate system will be put to the test. Mankind has once again been thrust into the path of war. The human race’s first glimpse of alien life comes from a battle that led to the amnesty of one race that would ignite a great battle with two others. Bringing with them mighty fleets of warships, their own versions of expanders, and the great being that is known as their God, the ultimate weapon and being mankind has ever seen the Raxon. What was three races that once lived in harmony have now been fractured and their war has now reached humanities doorstep


Legend Parallel
by Dorphise Jean, Bill McCormick & Leslie Tejlor

LEGENDS PARALLEL is a, single story, comic book which spans twelve issues.

It tells the tale of five Earths, each very different from the others, and the one woman who wants to control them all.

LEGENDS PARALLEL is filled with action, suspense, sex, violence, and dark humor. It will be rated "M" for mature.


Jellybean Dream Anthology
by Norv Henry.

The Jellybean Dream Anthology is an 80 page book of art from some hot independent artists showing their love to the Jellybean Dream Universe and its title character, Jellybean Turner. Jellybean Dream is about the adventures of Jellybean, a native of Atlanta, GA as she navigates between her regular life and her life as a spaceship captain that occurs via dreamscaping.

Available at:


Street Pedal Black By Paul DeForrest Scisney

The young vigilante Street Pedal Black is out for blood against the tyrannical regime called "Government," which has rendered the world into a near-dystopian wasteland. No victory comes without maintenance, and Street's crew Team Blax will fight tooth and nail just to keep their right to be alive.

Available at:


The Chronicles 

of Ann & Lo Vol. 2 
by George "G" Moss

The Chronicles of Ann & Lo, a sci-fi/fantasy anime influenced illustrated novel. A Story written and illustrated by Gmoss to encourage the young and older generation. A Sci-Fi Fantasy story Two teen siblings fight an Ancient evil organization to rescue their best friend and save there City from World Domination.

In the summer of 2099, the Magic City, an area of peace and tranquility, was violently taken over by a gas bomb from the Evil Shadow Regimen. In ancient times this Regimen used mind control, fear, and extreme violence to conquer empires. A few blocks away, two teens Ann and her little brother Lo, witness the bombing, and saw their close friend abducted. THEIR ONLY HOPE IS TO TEAM UP WITH TWO MYSTERIOUS OUTSIDERS TO RESCUE THEIR FRIEND AND TAKE BACK THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD. CAN THEY SAVE THE CITY OR WILL THEY BECOME MIND-CONTROLLED SLAVES THEMSELVES?

Available at:


By Geoff Thorne

An ongoing anthology of fantastic tales from the creator of FRINGE SPACE and THE GRIM ARCANA


The Space Safarians
By Mark Hill

The Space Safarians are a group of super powered animals who banded together to defend their world (Mammalon) from the extra-terrestrial threats. The group was founded by the original members Cosmic Cat, Kanga-R.O.I.D.S., Agent Rovers, Ham Star, and Mega Mutt during the Mon-Grel Invasion of Mammalon. Shortly thereafter, new members such as S.P.U.T.N.I.K. the Space Dog, Foxfire, Moon Monkey and Laser Hawk joined the ranks of the Space Safarians during the C.O.N.G.O. conflict.


Darius: Sins of the Past Comic – 2014 by Alex Fernandez
From the award winning science fiction, superhero video series The Body Jumpers we have the first Body Jumpers One Shot Comic book.

Follow Agent Darius on his own solo mission that take him to the far reaches of space and bring him face to face with someone from his past!

Available at: http://amzn.com/B00RH44U94

The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim
Guy A. Sims & Dawud Anyabwile

Anyone who would walk down the streets of Big City should step wisely. Private detective, Duke Denim knows this all too well. After mysteriously leaving the Big City Police Department, he has dedicated himself to solving the crimes others have forgotten. From his small office, halfway down the alley and on the left, Duke faces cries for help and punches to the gut...overcharging cabs and cops with a grudge...trying to stay alive and trying to get a date. After all, life is cold and hard in Big City...and these are the Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim. Duke Denim jumps into action in the debut novella, Hold Em Close. A missing socialite puts into motion a tale of deceit, uncontrollable fury, millions in insurance money, broken hearts, and broken jaws. From high brow restaurants to unfinished skyscrapers, Duke Denim uncovers a city full secrets and why people want to Hold em Close. The critically acclaimed series, Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline, is the world from which the character Duke Denim originated. The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim takes the audience to another time period in the world of Big City. Fans of Big City Comics will enjoy this new and exciting facet of the world of Big City Entertainment.

Available at: http://amzn.com/0989281906

Bayne Legacy Apocalypse

By Chyna Mccoy

The World as we know it has succumb to the Creatures of Legend. One Hero has taken up the unwanted task of saving Mankind. Bayne.

Born from the blood of a King Vampire and the DNA of a Warwolf, Bayne who has already slain his creator, now hunts for Queen Ambrosia to stop her from fulfilling her quest which is to raise her father and Bayne's creator Lord Damascus, King of all Vampires and Pale Ones.

To find out what happens in this Apocalyptic tale, grab your Digi Download today at:


2020 A.D.: Dark Cosmos Series Paperback – by E. Hughes

You'll love this funny, action-packed, sci-fi adventure! 2020 A.D. a Dark Cosmos Series comic goes beyond the original 3D machinima-animated feature length-movie. 

Aliens with guns... lots of guns... Doomed to a colorless existence in a faraway galaxy, mankind will stage a war for freedom in this science fiction action adventure. When fourteen year-old Opheila Knightflower is kidnapped by aliens [the Kimerians], she is taken to a distant galaxy, bound for the planet Starliss, where male humans are kept as slave laborers and human women are used for breeding. Soon Opheila is rescued by alien hunter Jai and his rebellion, who are fighting to free the humans from the Kimerians and to return home to Earth again. Will Opheila join the rebels in their fight against inhumanity? Or will she find her way back home to see her family again?

Available at: 



It is inevitable, our very exsitence is threatened... we need Vanguards
A Digital Comic featuring earths most powerfull heros.

Jide Martin, Ozo Ezeogu, Michael Balogun, Franklin Izuchukwu, Tobe "Max" Ezeogu,

Available at: 


Prodigal #2

By Geoffrey Thorne

Welcome to Jacinto & Lennox Retrievals, the best damn thieves on the planet. From Fort Knox to Wonderland, if you want it they'll get it, no questions. For a price, of course.

(W) Geoffrey Thorne (A) Todd Harris As if being forced to chase the Egg of First Light to another dimension wasn't bad enough. Now Byron must battle an army of mystic warriors, evil sorcerers, cosmic monsters, to get it back to his own reality and get paid. Who said being a retrieval specialist was easy?

Available at: 




Darius Cummings & David Riley
Cover Artist:

Marcus Williams

Darius Cummings & Anthony Piper

In the city of Wingolia all is calm but the leaders named the Sovereign discuss the fate of the boy named Samuel who will become Red Tempo.  After a wild debate a conclusion is met but at a cost as the Sovereign will be truly tested this day. Samuel will meet face to face with his judgment but This is where the story unfolds as Wingolia will be awakened to deal with its long dormant rare Asset,Red Tempo!     

Available at: 


The Eight #1
By Abdul Rashid

In the aftermath of The Fall units of Angels are dispatched to Earth to act as educators of man to the new world around them and their obligation to do well by one another. A rogue amongst these “Teachers” becomes Fallen, and in an effort to prove the weakness of humans and the necessity to rule over them, grants the most vile of the species with angelic abilities…creating the first of an immortal race known only as. Forever.

Available at:

Sin Chronicles #1

From the Creator of The Body Jumpers web Series Comes SIN CHRONICLES

When a powerful prisoner escapes from Corinthus 2 a female bounty hunter named SIN is thrust back into action,sent to Earth by the council to retrieve the escaped prisoner and the person who helped him escape Sin’s own sister. It’s a race against time to save both worlds.

Available at:


Corsairs #1

Daniel McNeal, Charlie “FAB” Goubile

3 years after the happenings of the Corsairs: Prologue, the Hammerhead crew is hot on the trail of a big score with the help of their newest crew member, but can he be trusted?

Corsairs is a story about a crew of rebel space pirates from poverty stricken colonies, who are forced to rob and steal for their own survival.

Available at:

Celflux #1 Reluctant Heroes

By Mr Everard J McBain, Jr. & Mrs Dixie Ann E Archer-McBain

This is the very beginning. Where the amazing journey starts. Okira awakens with five other strangers in a remote laboratory, and soon realizes that she is not the same person.

Available at:


Ananse: The Origin #1
By Leti Arts

Kweku Ananse is one of Africa’s most popular legends. The Leti Team as part of our African Legends initiative is creating a super hero, based in part on Ananse.
Our story of Ananse the superhero, has two main thematic settings, Ancient Africa and Present Day. We give you a glimpse into the world of Ananse, The True Ananse.

Available at:


Assembly Pocket Manga Paperback 
by Sherard Jackson (Author, Artist)

In a land where war and rain are constant, the only way to pull your life together is sacrifice. A tale exploring the line between reality and perception unfolds in a war-torn socialist city-state. Giant mechanized warriors are locked in a perpetual struggle, but it is the flying corps, the pilots, who fuel the war. What motivates Shon, a young woman living in poverty, to sign away her freedom for almost certain death?


Matty’s Rocket  

By Tim Fielder

Matty’s Rocket is a galaxy spanning tale about the adventures of space pilot Matty Watty.This animatic series is based in an alternative past where the pulp stylings of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis collide with the real world events of World War 2, FDR, Nazis, the Harlem Renaissance and the oppressive Jim Crow era, Watch as Matty navigates her vessel through a dangerous world filled with evil villains, heroic feats, alien oddities and down home adventure.



(W) Adam Freeman & Marc Bernardin

(A) Afua Richardson

What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born to a people who are already supremely conditioned to wage war, who know nothing but violence since birth, and must continually adapt to new predators in order to survive? What if the second coming of Alexander the Great, of Genghis Khan, of Napoleon, of Patton...what if it was a teenaged
girl from South Central, L.A. named Destiny? And what if she decides to secede three blocks of the ‘Hood from the Union? Who is going to take it back from her and her army of gangbangers? Who CAN?

Available At:


Bounty X
BY Nakiwaoobake

Bounty-x immortal destroys a negative sound wave being in gamma space by raising his frequency above it. while the architect is introduced to planet ootha apond the painful impact of his physical body hitting the ground. gills oreah and waoobake are unexpectedly expected by the cyber city queen.

Available At:


by Kevin Sipp

The debut graphic novel in a series of high adventure....
Born into slavery in 1840 on the Amelia islands off the coast of Florida, David Walker Blackstone is an initiate of a host of African and world indigenous mystical traditions. Having settled in Boston after traveling the world and fighting in the civil war, Blackstone secures a job writing about crime and spiritual matters for a Boston newspaper. When a secret society of former abolitionists and post slavery freedom fighters headed by Frederick Douglas come looking for his spiritual services, Blackstone soon finds himself at the vanguard of a war between men, demons and gods for the soul of the world. The Amazing Adventures of David Walker Blackstone is Kevin Sipp's first graphic novel.

AVAILABLE AT: http://www.sippcreative.com/

Tori #1

Written & Illustrated by Alfonza Lee Hobbie

Captain Tori Anderson’s life just keeps on getting better! Ten years ago a mob hit squad known as the Maddox Clan tried to kill Captain Anderson and her brother. They failed. Tori and her brother were saved by some passing monks. The Maddox Clan wants desperately to finish the job.  It’s a matter of reputation. On a planet light-years away from known space. There is a very powerful and deadly Witch. She ,the Mob , and the Federation, wants Captain Anderson in pieces.

Available at:


DayBlack Issue #1 Meet Merce - cbr

By Keef Cross

Four hundred years ago, a slave was picking cotton when he was viciously attacked by a vampire. Ever since that moment, Merce has struggled between his conscience and his deadly thirst for blood.

Only now, as a tattoo artist, has he figured out a compromise that he and his victims can live with. However, the hunger is strong. So strong, it even haunts his dreams.

Available at: http://shop.rosariumpublishing.com/


Written by Jemir Johnson
Art by Luis Sierra & Winston Blakely

This comic-book stars Jemir Johnson’s seminal character Jay Nova, a tough female Private Investigator who has a secret power to read minds. And while you’d think that would be an extremely useful ability in that line of work, it also has the unfortunate side-effect of causing her massive pain, therefor she only tries to use it as a last resort. There are 4 short stories in this book, the first three illustrated by Luis Sierra and the fourth and final story is illustrated by Winston Blakely.

Available at; Amazon


Content with KAOS #1
by Jay Reed

Brunzy and Grimz, two bear-suitted mercenaries have been dispatched to hunt down KAOS, a mysterious figure that has appeared within Omega City searching for information about a project known as Omega 13.

Meanwhile Logik, gets a reminder for a large meeting occurring downtown with other members of a movement known as the Underground. On his way there a planned detour leads to an unexpected encounter.




By Gerald Boney

The exploits of the world's greatest Supernatural Adventurer, exploring the myriad mythologies of this world...and beyond!!!

Available @ Dragon's Lair in Fayetteville, NC

Contact: Gerald Boney

The Urban 30
Lorenzo Johnston,Christopher Brown,T-Gyrl,Ben Fentem,Toni Jackson,Scott

Fraser,Charles Sweet

Read the stories of everyday people, with everyday problems. The only difference is, they have powers. See what trouble they get into and the difficulty they have being a part of a team.

Available Now At: http://urban3zero.com

God Cell: Gate of the Gods Paperback
by Arthur Bellfield, Ra'Chaun Rogers, Vince White, Tony Kittrell, Cloves Rodrigues, Rachel Rodrigues,and Eric Battle

God Cell: Gate of the Gods is a mini-series from the creative minds behind some of the hottest independent comics (The Legend of Will Power, Titan The Ultra Man, War's Chosen and Hierophants) chronicling an epic story that couldn't be told until now! Four visionaries (Vince White, RaChaun Rogers, Arthur Bellfield and Tony Kittrell) came together with this special tale to create an entertaining, well-crafted story that will fascinate ALL readers! The end result was the creation of GOD CELL: Gate of the Gods!

Available at: AMAZON

Neters #1

By Edward Uzzle

NETERS chronicles the lives of the men and women of the Ma'atan Code. Born in the wake and destruction following a mysterious Back-Ground noise, they live out their lives, burdened with the awesome responsibility for redeeming the names and traditions of those who came before the end of the Dream Time. Sut'Dia – The First, The Living Weapon, stumbles upon the once populous kingdom of Orunoja-Yo-Wo.  A vast city on the edge of the great Uru desert. There he encounters a Boy-King and his Sage. Together, they set out to find the “ID” responsible for the disharmony of the local frequencies of
space time…


Future Shock Vol.1 Issue 1

By Chandar Wilson

An epic tale spanning millennia. From biblical times, and even earlier, to the future labs and boardrooms of seemingly all-powerful corporations where superhumans are manufactured for a price, Future Shock chronicles the evolution of humanity; biologically, socially, and politically. In this high-tech world most people have lost what it truly means to be human; sending much of humanity into a dark spiral. Can one man not born of this Earth turn the tide?

Available at:

Vasion Comic Series #1-3
Christian Hall (writer),

Nate Johnson (artist)

Walking amongst humankind for hundreds of years are an ancient offshoot of people known only as The Enforce. Governing this race, and ensuring that rogue factions of their kind are not able to affect world peace, are the Enforce Council who have become the de facto leaders of the line. In recent times The Enforce have been engaged in terrible wars and are now facing their greatest threat – Devour, a monstrous, cursed, dog-like being brought to life by their enemies and responsible for the disappearance of around 300 of their number.

Available at: http://www.2ndcomingcomix.net

Cahobba County #1
Written and Illustrated by Alfonza Lee Hobbie

Cahobba County is an offbeat comic strip about the daily struggles of Alfonza Lee Hobbie. An extremely low income thirty-something African American male. He’s a divorcee living in a small town in an Alabama housing project.




By Anthony Jappa

When a star explodes, it threatens to unleash a wave of shardial destruction that could swallow up the entire universe!

Commander Koji Kanna must armorize and push his JIROtech armor to it's limit if he is going to save those caught in the storm's path and the planets now infected by the spreading solar sickness! As he wages war against the solar shards planetary infection, ships with mummified crews continue to show up all over the galaxy.

Have these deadly shards created a life stealing monster that is now stalking the solar space-ways or is it something much, much worse?


Available at:





ONENATION is a five-issue limited series featuring the hero Paragon, the first superhuman the world has ever seen, whose idealistic views of being a superhero and doing good for mankind is challenged when the reality of changing the world hits. At first harkening in name, design and deed to the likes of Captain America or Superman, as the series progresses Paragon; along with a rising generation of superhumans called Keramats, find the trappings of being a superhero ill-fitting when it comes to his larger role of saving the world...from itself.


Available at:




Swag Patrol #1 By : Rubyn Warren II 

Swag Patrol is a team of 3 ordinary teens with extraordinary powers from Kongo City who fight to defend the city from thugs, criminals and the crime lord, Louscious Jackson. The team is made up of a brother, Rashad Carter (aka K-Swag), his sister, Mya Carter (aka Mindset), and their cousin, Chris Lowery (aka Blaze). They received their powers when Rashad went to get his mp3 player from his science teacher, Dr. Tre, and knocked over chemicals from an experiment that spilled on them, thus granting them powers they couldn’t even imagine.

Available at:





Enigma By Kimberly Moseberry

For years, the world was freud by war to the point of near extinction for everything including the human race. The world was barely recovering and those with enough power and riches took to the skies building cities above the waste lands below. 50 years later, Brook and James, two new world agents, find themselves trying to solve a murder among the upper class.

Available at:




Route 3 - Terminus Media LLC 

In America’s continuing war on terror, the nation has gone to questionable lengths to defend its sovereignty. Whether its extraordinary rendition, or utilizing unchecked private security firms, the nation has taken drastic measures to win. At all costs.








P.B.Soldier - “The Awakening”
Written and Illustrated by Naseed Gifted & Abel Garcia


Episode 1- “The Awakening” P.B.Soldier (Nat Cummings) goes out on one of his first mission only to find out that his number one target will become one of his greatest allies. If he could only avoid killing her or being killed in the process.









Chronicles of Piye: The Awakening"
By Richard Gaskin & Chris Miller

Chronicles of Piye is a new, exciting fantasy comic series & graphic novel that is set in the ancient, African Civilization of Kerma. (Currently located in present day Southern Egypt & Northern Sudan). It tells the story of a young warrior who, plagued by dreams of his older brother’s death, seeks to avenge his brother's murder. His brother’s murderers are members of a powerful cult known as The Chosen. To defeat them, Piye must join forces with some resourceful allies in order to prevent The Chosen from opening a gateway that would allow demons to invade the earth. However, he must first go through a deadly ritual to increase his mastery over his mystical sword, if he fails The Ritual, it could cost him his life.





Rescue League Academy


Story: A Sr. cadet at the universe's premiere superhero training facility, the Rescue League Academy, 'Blue Scout' AKA Bianca Johnson's main aspiration is to be the greatest superhero in the universe. But this year she and her best friend 'Troy' are up against their fiercest challenge yet; SR. YEAR FINALS.


Written by: Radi Lewis
Cover color by: Lee Moyer
Pencils by: Jason reeves
Interior color by: Luis Guerrero
Deon de Lange & Ceci de la Cruz


Get the free 40pg. PDF. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD




Monsters 101 By M. Rasheed

Monsters 101 is a high adventure graphic novel series by creator M. Rasheed. Starring the former school bully turned super-strong monster Pugroff, and his former favorite nerd victim Mort, the two protagonists act as the newest superheroes in a world full of child-eating monsters and other supernatural beings.











Jaycen Wise is an immortal warrior/ scholar hailing from The Golden Ages of antiquity (a period that is so remote that it has been relegated to the realms of mythology.) He is the Last Son of the African Empire of Kush, which dominated the Ancient World, and spread knowledge, wisdom and peace across the globe.









Lightweightz: The Anthology Part One By Justin Martin


Inspired by 1 Corinthians 12:7 (“Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good”), Lightweightz: The Anthology Part One introduces four California teenagers who discover they have powers that have major implications for how they view themselves and how they relate to others. For Solomon the lie detector, Grace the empath, Abaddon the connector, and Kayin the precog, the only thing more life-changing than accepting their powers…is choosing what to do with them.









Lucius Hammer is the explosive tale of a black superhero born from the pages of American Myth and forged in the fires of our country’s civil rights struggle! In a world where black paranormals have longer life expectancies than their Caucasian counterparts, Lucius is a man searching for his place in the world. His amazing powers have enabled him to become America’s most visible and controversial superhero.


Get it Now







How to Deal with Stupid Clowns who don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about!

by John Garrett!


Did you ever notice that whenever good normal people are trying to live their lives, have a good time, or just plain get some work done…there’s always some STUPID CLOWN around trying to ruin things?nDealing with difficult people is hard enough in life -somebody should write a book on these clowns, or something. Waitaminnnit…

Good news! The answer is here!



Stealth, Vol.1

By William Satterwhite

A dark city in need of a hero, a young man with the power to be that hero- a new hero for a new millennium! This double-sized, Prestige Format book collects the first two episodes of the hit online comic for the first time in print, along with a small gallery of behind the scenes artwork."There is a lot to like here"-Dwayne McDuffie,founder of Milestone Media and writer/producer for Justice League and Static Shock animated series'


Get it now at:http://blacksciencefictionsociety.com/page/comics-1




Urban Shogun:

The Evolution of Combat 

Follow the exciting adventures of students of an inner-city martial arts school and their Kung Fu Style wars on the streets of Atlanta. Specializing in updated forms of Five Animal Kung Fu, Tiger, Crane, Phoenix, Mantis and Cheetah protect the streets from criminals and their dangerous martial arts rivals - the Venom Clan!









Dreadlocks “War of the Gods” Chapter 

In this new series of Dreadlocks, he is summoned by the Gods of Alkebulan. 

Dreadlocks has been given another mission by the Gods to stop the one called Serpentess “the Serpent witch”as she Search for ways to bring her father Apep back to life to destroy Dreadlocks and the Gods he serves. If Serpentess is victorious The Universe will no longer exist the way we know it to.”









Imani the Killer By Jeff Carroll


IMANI the KILLER which is based on the Awarded Film, GOLD DIGGER KILLER. IMANI the KILLER brings back the one woman (Imani) who can strike fear into the hearts of disrespectful misogynistic men who molest, rape and kill woman with no problem.  Imani Hip Hop’s most popular rape victim was convicted for the murder of 11 men and women.







Hierophants: Writer And Creator: Rachaun Rogers
Artist: Kurtis Hamilton
Letterer: Jaymes Reed Cover Kurtis Hamilton And Dylan Magwood


Marcus Ripley is following his families legacy as the Geist, New York cities one and only hero. However that all changes when the death of a young man sparks civilians into action and a new vigilante emerges and takes center stage.







The Horsemen: Book of Olorun

The Orisha have returned to save humanity from itself…whether we want them to or not. They thought their mission was to show us a different way, a better way, to live, to bring the conspiracy to light and free us from the invisible shackles of the Deitis' slavery... ...What if they were wrong?







Nukkullheadz #2 -  Chris Miller

It's wall to wall action and adventure as Angie and the NUKKULLHEADZ sneak into the DUNGEON of NIGHTMARES to rescue Uncle Junior.

Angie was a nerdy little ten year old, until she merged with the mystical Pearl of Night. Now she uses her new found powers to assist in the quest of the rebel air ship crew, known as THE NUKKULLHEADZ!


Neters #0 By Edward Uzzle
Issue zero is the Official Guide. It is the beginning; or herald if you will, of a six part mini series. Forty
eight pages in full color. Character profiles, cultural break-downs, and the ultimate secret of the Neters universe is revealed! We bring you a world both strange and familiar. It is our hope that the guide will wet your imagination pallet. Neters issue zero is the first of the new cifer-Ra (high-science-entertainment), coming to you from Daathrekh Publishing.


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