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Genesis Science Fiction Magazine Is Back By Popular Demand!

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Once again, we have the great privilege of being the conduit for unapologetic diverse expression. Genesis Magazine is unique in this respect. We continue our campaign of highlighting, celebrating, and developing science fiction, speculative fiction, sword and soul, fantasy, horror, movies, and games, in a print magazine as well as an e-mag.


Reginald L. Goodwin’s blog post was featured
My autographed copy from Dr. Weinberg. Topics: History, Nobel Laureate, Nobel Prize, Steven…
Carles CJ Juzang’s blog post was featured
 Abyssinia Media Group® Artist CJ Juzang was selling Comics, Tshirts, and Original Art. Thank you…
Turtel Onli commented on Turtel Onli’s status
"Acid-House met Onli's 1976 Rhythmistic illustration in a vinyl vibe disc release's album-cover for…"
Jul 18
Michael Anthony Gill-Branion commented on Michael Anthony Gill-Branion’s status
"Make sure you grab your FREE Amazon "Story Tokens" to open up episodes of ANY story you like on…"
Jul 14
J R Cannon’s blog post was featured
This month, we’re taking a look at another reference book to help us with our craft. The…
Jul 1
Yahshin Ben Yahudah’s video was featured
It's Been a long time. I really missed being part of this BSFS. I GOTTA SAY.... IT'S GR8 2 be…
Jun 26
Administrator: Jarvis Sheffield’s video was featured
Jarvis Sheffield, proud TSU graduate & professor, administrator of the Black Science Fiction…
Jun 26
Alonzo Von Threet’s video was featured
AVT Animation
Jun 26