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Useful writer's website

Famous writer's site The Write Life made a list of Top 100 best website for writers. He made a special section for Black Voices, which I am posting below here. ⭐️ 1. Black Freelance Because race matters in freelancing — and most industries — writer and strategist Megan Williams created this website to show Black writers and writers of color that it’s possible to branch out on their own and successfully work outside of traditional employment. The BlackFreelance community provides freelancers of…

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Basics for Epic World building and Narrative Design

Anyone that has wanted to write a series, be it novel, comic, tv or film should begin with establishing the world along with the protagonist or main character. To do this, it requires that you create what I call the Guiding Principles of your world.THEME: The main idea of your story, best expressed as on word.PURPOSE: The reason your story must be told (The important message)EXPECTATION: The result of applying the PURPOSE.LOGLINE: A brief description of the main character and conflict in your…

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*Free Advertising* International Book Con in Busan!

I managed to get a table at a foreigners' book convention in Busan South Korea (the good one). I'd like to rep our club for the event and generate some sales for members.There are 2 ways I'd like to advertise member works.I will make a special guidebook of our club's member products. Each page will be one member's product cover and a link (ex: book cover and link to sale site like Amazon). Guests look through the guidebook and choose a product they like then access the product on their home…

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