I managed to get a table at a foreigners' book convention in Busan South Korea (the good one). 

I'd like to rep our club for the event and generate some sales for members.

There are ways I'd like to advertise member works.

  1. I will make a special guidebook of our club's member products. Each page will be one member's product cover and a link (ex: book cover and link to sale site like Amazon). Guests look through the guidebook and choose a product they like then access the product on their home computer/phone/whatever
  2. Content creators in our club can email me a pdf/epub/mobi file of their work for direct sales. I'll still make the promotion guidebook for all products and put theirs in the front pages. If a customer wants a direct sale, I'll make a sales spreadsheet and collect cash/bank transfer in their name (bank transfers in Korea are hella easy and really cheap, like 50cents or some s***) and write purchase info down on the sheet. At the end of the day, I transfer the money to them (minus currency conversion fee of course) via paypal/venmo or paper check. No, I'm not using Western Union!

If you're interested in participating, send me an email here at the club with the work you want to display!

The convention is in one month, and I'll be making the guidebooks in two weeks.

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