The more you buy the betta we get!!!

Indie and small Black Age publishers like ONLI STUDIOS LLC can only grow and improve if and when you, the free thinking fan, the intelligent buyer, the culture conscious investor, the positive soulmate purchaser openly share our creative products. You are the key to being free!10944454691?profile=RESIZE_710x

Either to grow your precious collections beyond the limits of the exploitative mainstream or manifest your vision of being free of the mainstream's profitable selfish narrowness.


We small & indie publishers are like cuisine and music. You and most folks do not restrict themselves to the foods and music produced by just three of four or maybe five huge exploitive brands. You are open to all types of aewsome musical and delicious eating sources. Then you could be open to us!!?? We are the betta flava!


So why be so into an industry imprisoned by Trump investing Marvel. DC, Disney, Image and Manga? 

10944452481?profile=RESIZE_710xFree your minds and quit being exploited page-slaves to the evil mainstream.

10944456459?profile=RESIZE_710x10944457073?profile=RESIZE_710x10944457663?profile=RESIZE_710x10944462464?profile=RESIZE_710xIt is that easy!!!!!


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  • Very true! We must $upport what we want to see and experience!
    • Folks need to see that the Trump/ KKK supporters are the main shareholders in the mainstream. That money overspent in the mainstream benefits them and powers their oppressive ways. Free Your Money and your liberation will follow! End what I call the Black on Black Boycott of legit indie publishers & producers!
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