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Wakanda forever! What an amazing collection of short stories about the technologically advanced, spiritually laden land of Wakanda. Award-winning authors from the African diaspora contribute their own visionary tales of the Black Panther and his…
May 31
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A plot-driven tale, Kurzhon The Life-Taker is about a lone warrior who doesn’t bat an eye at taking a life, if it pleases him and his warrior god. Kurzhon resides in a land with elves, sorcery and plenty of sword-and-axe action. A cold-hearted…
May 1
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 This time we’re going to look at the stunning graphic novel, “Malika Fallen Queen Part One,” by Roye Okupe and YouNeek YouNiverse. This is a historical fiction story like none other I have read. And, although the graphic novel is labeled Part One,…
Apr 1
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 If you're like me and want to write a novel, I would highly recommend this book by Jessica Brody. It is a slam-dunk as far as getting you to understand writing plot points, characters and beats of your story. A few people had told me about this…
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