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The Talented Tenth: Season OneHistorical Bureau of Investigation Agents Tad Jones and Kim Davis research history with The Time Telescope in order to reconnect with their history due to the Great Cataclysm. They discover unknown Historical Heroes suc…
Aug 6
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A Time Traveler from the future arrives in present Alabama to be captured by uber-billionaire, The Salesman, who is rumored to be almost 200 years old. The Time Traveler must seek help from the superhero group called The Talented Tenth.  Can the Hum…
Jun 9
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Heroes Like Me Entertainment is proud to present the covers for all 8 issues of The Talented Tenth Saga. Be apart of this epic adventure. Actresses and Actors within Alabama joined together to tell a Astonishing Tale. They did it because they believ…
Jun 7
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