Way Back When...a Sci-Fi board game about Slavery


You are one of four Multidimensional Alien Travelers who is studying our Earth of the past and in particular the Deep South of 1836 at Fort Mitchell, Alabama. In order to better understand life in 1836, you transform yourself into a Negro---A Slave. Unfortunately, you didn’t fully understand that the Negro is not considered a human being during this time but merely property. You are beaten unconscious. When you wake up you are in a slave auction house. You are hungry, beaten and only want to get home. You have to reach the Multidimensional Portal in order to get home along with the other three travelers. You realize that there is one time during the year that slave masters treat their slaves with some measure of decency...It is the season called Christmas. You now must travel back to the Multidimensional Portal in order to bring this revelation of Christmas back to your dimension in order to save your world from its own Inhumanity.

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