THESE TYPE of CLAUSES WITHIN Certain, and MOST COMPANIES' "PITCH", and/or "SUBMISSION" Forms, and Documents, Contests, are how These Giant Companies are able to "STEAL" little, and Small CREATIVES Intellectual Materials. These Clauses have been used for Films, Movies, Music, All types of "COPYRIGHTED & Intellectual" properties Thefts. One of my Most respected and loved Musicians of all Time..THE LATE-GREAT BARRY WHITE, did not even own his OWN NAME, when he died. NOW That is a Shame, but "The LATE-GREAT RAY CHARLES", if you watched the Movie performed Outstandingly, by Jamie FOX, ;RAY insisted on owning his Name and his Music "HARD Files" and "Sheet Music"...

WATCH OUT for these TYPE CLAUSES????????????? YOU are Signing YOUR RIGHTS away. This was sent to me/US from a Very, Very WELL KNOWN GLOBAL COMPANY, who tried to STEAL MICHAEL JACKSON'S BEETLES Properties>>>> WE Chose to NOT sign it or do anything with them. WE were/are NOT desperate to Give them or other "KROOKS/CROOKS" total Control to Steal and develop Our Properties or Materials.

3. I understand and agree that Company may use, without any obligation whatsoever to me and without
payment whatsoever to me, the Material, or any part of the Material that (a) is similar to or contains
significant elements of a concept Company already had under consideration or in development at the time of
my submission or presentation, or (b) is not unique, novel, original, or concrete so as to be entitled to
intellectual property protection under the law, or (c) has been made public by anyone at the time of my
submission or presentation, or (d) is in the public domain or otherwise would be freely usable by a third
person as a member of the general public, or (e) is not protected by federal copyright law, or (f) was not fixed
in a tangible means of expression or (g) was, is or may be obtained by Company from other sources,
including Company’s own employees or associates or those of third parties independently of my creation,
whether before or after the date of my submission or presentation. Any of the material that, in accordance
with the preceding sentence, Company is entitled to use without obligation to me is hereinafter referred to as
“Unprotected Material.” All or any part of the Material, if any, that does not fall in the category of
Unprotected Material is hereinafter referred to as “Protected Material.”
4. I understand that Company has access to, may create or may have created, material, stories, ideas,
Submission/Pitch Release Page 2 of 3
proposals and the like which may be similar or identical to the Protected Material and I agree that I am not
entitled to any compensation if Company uses material, stories, ideas, proposals and the like that was
independently created by or on behalf of Company, or that came to Company from any source other than me,
whether before or after the date of my submission or presentation. I agree that, in any dispute arising from
any alleged use of the Protected Material, I undertake the entire burden of proof of originality (e.g. proving
that Company did not independently create the alleged similar materials or obtain them from a source other
than me), access, copying and all other elements necessary to establish Company’s liability, and agree that
my submission or presentation of the Material shall in no event give rise to a presumption or inference of
copying or taking, or to a presumption or inference that anyone at Company, other than the particular
Company Exec to whom the Material is being submitted or presented, had access to the Material; and I
further agree that, should I bring any action against Company (including without limitation for wrongful
appropriation of the Material or any part thereof), my sole remedy against Company shall be limited to an
arbitration for damages, if any (which shall in no event, under any theory, exceed the fair market value of the
Material on the date hereof, as determined by customary practice in the motion picture industry); and that I
shall in no event be entitled to an injunction or any other equitable relief. I further agree that, as a condition
precedent to any such action, I will give Company written notice of my contention that Company has no right
to proceed under any of the subsections (a) through (g) above, stating the particulars in complete detail; and
that any such action shall be, and is hereby forever waived and barred, unless duly filed by me within six (6)
months after Company’s first public release or use of the Material, or thirty (30) days after Company notifies
me in writing that Company denies liability to me, whichever is earlier.
5. In agreeing to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, I understand that I may be waiving rights


Our Comics Books have Different Strategic Designs, as Our Own Special ways of Supporting Literacy, Reading, and The ARTS & Libraries of Education.
Sounds like a plan!

Terry Reece, aka “the Warrior” Super Hero
Writer/Copywriter/Creator of The Closet Cove and the L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. project, and the "G.i.J.i.M.O.M." Series Brand

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