Will Smith new Scifi movie is creating a lot of jobs for writers.  I know the story isn't written by a Black person but it stars a Black person.  I understand why a Black writer wasn't used to write the Underworld books but for these After Earth books could of had at least one Black writer.  Well I don't know if they did but I won't launch a full attack.  But it does open the conversation.  Django and After Earth build off the energy of Black actors when will Black writers be used for their story telling energy?

Check out this article on all of the After Earth books.http://www.bobgreenberger.com/index.php/2012/09/26/after-earth-nove...

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Good Morning: Subject: Why African-Amercians Writers are not used.


Point One: We are no longer needed. Out of over one hundred thousand writers - mainly white - why would you even think that we will be selected?

Point Two: The economy: Those of the same color wil look after those of the same color.

Point Three: There is open retialiation against African-Americans due to the President being re-elected.

Point Four: Racism is more complex - sophiscated and extremely well concealed.

Point Five: Remember what Dick Gregory stated on many occassions: The rules always changes when all situations involves African-Americans.

Point Six: There should have been years ago, placement of African-Amercian Publishers and other African-American Organizations that specialized in African-American Science Fiction - Comic Books and Fantasy.

Point Seven: Create you own market. Yes, at times there will be struggles.

Point Eight: If you have not, start going to the major science fiction and fantasy conventions as well as comic book conventions. Learn and appreciate those who will help you to succeed.

Point Nine: Give Thanks to God for not rushing into this field and be taken advantage of by negativen persons.  Sometimes and just because someone is of your color does not mean they are willing to help you.

Point Ten: Find out what Writer Groups Sponsers Talented Writers Contests.

Point Eleven: Do For Self and be Mighty Proud.

Point Twelve: Remember that racism permeates in science fiction - fantasy - and comic books. Find ways to hang in there and write - draw - create to your best ability. Never lose faith. Many professions have close their positions to African-American Men. I live in Washington, D.C. and there has never been a full time sports caster - weatherman - or full time news anchor.  There are more white men - white women -Afrrican-American and Foreign Women filling these positions. Notice how Affirmative Action has aided everone else but the African-American Man.  We are being pushed away. Those who control behind the scenes have mandated that everything will be given to women and men other than "The Brothers."  Even today, more "African-Amercian Women have and always will have an edge over African-American Men.

Finally, the Late Honorable Eligah Muhammand was right. Find the book, "Message to the Black Man." There is alot of information in this book that has come to light.  Especially, concerning two races that will have more access to America than African-Americans. God Bless.

Tyrone, your answer states the root of the problem but does not totally account for our inability to break into scifi books, movies and tv in a meaningful way. This subject is serious and deserves much thought. I do not want to add to the discussion in a potentially shallow emotional way so will pause and write back later

Yes. Thank you both. I think in light of Barack Obama all past therories have to be thrown out. I think what maybe going on is that we know to well the past esperiences of black writers and we limit ourselves. I think a newby like myself who doesn't really know of all the racism in the literary world who will break down this barrrier. WATCH!

Yo Jeff this is a very good question. I thought about it for seven days tossing various ideas and threads thru my head. Today I logged onto BSFS to attempt a detailed literate response then i read your second post. The confidence you express that willful ignorance is a key element in your eventual success demands that i respect you and say nothing. I look forward to seeing your name in bright lights.

Thank You Both for your replies to my statements.  When I was able to attend fantasy and science fiction conventions, I learned alot about publishers, agents, editors, and of the publishing industry.  I also learned that in the early years when you had African-American authors who wrote in this genre; when their books where shipped on trucks some of the white truck drivers would destroyed them.  There is a great need for us to create new bookstores for our authors. Sometimes when there are poor book sales is not of the author or publishing houses; it is because there are no specialized African-American Bookstores who specializes in this field.  Today there is greed among many bookstores and websites.  Thereby, the publisher, editor, agent, and author will be cheated out of royalites.  Still, hang in there and persevere againgst these odds.  God Bless.
Anpu said:

Yo Jeff this is a very good question. I thought about it for seven days tossing various ideas and threads thru my head. Today I logged onto BSFS to attempt a detailed literate response then i read your second post. The confidence you express that willful ignorance is a key element in your eventual success demands that i respect you and say nothing. I look forward to seeing your name in bright lights.

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