The summer of 2011 will be a great one for comic book geeks and sci-fi fans.  MARVEL Comics will see there heroes “Captain America and “Thor” with new movies.  DC Comics will have their “Green Lantern” on the big screen and DISNEY will see the return of Tron: Legacy.”   I will probably see them all at the movie theater and buy them on DVD when they are released. 


The only bankable black person that could play a superhero and sell well is Will Smith.  I not sure when HANCOCK 2 is coming.  But we shouldn’t put our black superhero hopes squarely on Will Smith shoulders alone. 


Tyler Perry could make one, but he is not a comic book geek.  He makes good comedies and dramas though.  I’m glad he is on the scene. 


Next summer, like all other summers: the movie screen and TV screen will not have the presence of a black super hero or black sci-fi adventure that our kids can talk about and watch.  My son will think that a black man can’t really fly.

That line was in reference to the 1978 motion picture “Superman.” You’ll believe that a man can fly.


Can’t BET, TV ONE, Tyler Perry, Michael Baisden, Tom Joyner, give our kids someone to believe in.  Can someone make our kids believe that a black man can fly with a cape next summer?


-Chris Love


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I actually think Hollywood is ready for a more Afrocentric hero. As long as it's written intelligently and has characters that grow.
Personally I think the Milestone characters of Icon or Hardware translate great to the big screen.
Their stories are deep in the African American condition without having them be just BLACK superheros...they're just superheros.
True, That is why as science fiction writers who shouldn't expect to look to Hollywood or the comic book companies to make those movies. I seen many people who have made short films on this site, but we need to go one step beyond and make a feature length film. That practice is as old as the the films themselves. During the 1920's to the 1940's. Low budget films were made for black, by blacks and were shown in black theaters. The Film "SON OF INGAGI" which by my research is considered to be the first black sci- fi film made in 1940.

This is an unusual film about a mad doctor who keeps a monster in the basement. It's unusual for two reasons, one being the mad doctor is a woman, which was strange for the time, and the other was the fact that the film had an all-black cast.

But we need to support of own development of movie making. They did it in the 1920's to 1940's. We certainly can do it with the power of the Internet.
Did you guys know that the HANCOCK character is originally white?
Just a step on the path to getting more black superheros.
BUT...we're forgetting one of the BEST superhero movies of all time...BLADE. Really kicked off Marvels run of good Cape flicks.

Milton Davis said:
True. I've heard much about Milestone. Unfortunately the only character to survive that DC experiment was Static Shock, and he's on life support. Hancock worked because of Will Smith. As far a I know there are no black superheroes other that Storm and Black Panther that have a big enough fan base that would warrant a possible movie.
The Mighty Madea? Luke Cage. Black Lightening. Starchild- You can create a whole cool fool universe with the struggles between Starchild and Sir Noise'D'voidofunk! After you've taken every pill, twinkle! twinkle!
Yoooo Hooo!
I rather see a unknown black writer, director, producer make theese films out side the hollywood system. A Indie director will not sell out and keep it real. plus He or she can do it with unknown actors which will save the film more money to work on special effects and production vaule. Film production does cost money but the technology is within the reach of the people.
Does amyone remember Meteor Man? LOL!
I love the Bullet-Catching scene!

Ronald T. Jones said:
Does amyone remember Meteor Man? LOL!
"Blade" is definitely a character worth talking about, along with "Mantis" back in the day (before they rebooted it for the actual series. Ive never really looked at Hancock as a superhero, just s, I don't know, Will Smith in a suit with powers, it was kind of empty, but I understand the genre...I never understood why so many people looked at Hollywood to show us, look at San Diego when they brought the whole cast on stage from the Marvel films, only black person up there was Samuel Jackson..Lets just keep doing our stuff, moving forward, and support more of us that release quality work, not just 'a black creator work" but quality work like we're doing on this website...

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