Dwayne McDuffie Comic book and television writer who has worked on Justice League Un-limited, Fantastic Four, Beyond!, and World War Hulk: Damage Control. Also created the Milestone characters which are currently being inserted into the mainstream DCU. Has written Justice League of America for DC Comics.

His writing for animation credits

Justice League: Doom (2012)

All-Star Superman (2011)

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010)

Ben 10: Alien Force (2008–2010)

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (2010–2011)

Ben 10: Omniverse (episode 1 and episode 2 only)

Justice League (2002–2006)

Static Shock (2000–2004)

Teen Titans (2004)

What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002)

Here's his Comics writing, and editing credits

Regular writer 
"Overture" (in Marvel Comics Presents #19, Marvel Comics, May 1989)

Damage Control (4-issue limited series, Marvel Comics, May–Aug. 1989)

Captain Marvel Giant-Sized Special (one-shot, Marvel Comics, Nov. 1989)

The Sensational She-Hulk in Ceremony (2-issue miniseries, Marvel Comics, 1989)

Giant Size Special Captain Marvel (one-shot, Marvel Comics, Nov. 1989)

Avengers Spotlight #26–29 (Marvel Comics, Dec. 1989 – Feb. 1990)

Damage Control vol. 2 (4-issue limited series, Marvel Comics, Dec. 1989 – Feb. 1990)

The Amazing Spider-Man: Children Special #1–3 (Marvel Comics [Canada], 1990)

Deathlok #1–4 (4-issue limited series, Marvel Comics, July–Oct. 1990)

The Road to Heaven (with co-author Matt Wayne and art by Colin MacNeil, in Toxic! #30–31, 1991)
Monster in My Pocket #1–4 (Harvey Comics, May–Sept. 1991)
Damage Control vol. 3 (4-issue limited series, Marvel Comics, June 1991 – September 1991)
Prince: Alter Ego (one-shot, DC Comics(Piranha Music, 1991)

Deathlok vol. 2, #1–5, #11–16, annual #1 (Marvel Comics, July–Nov. 1991, May–Oct. 1992
Prince: Three Chains of Gold (one-shot, DC Comics [Piranha Music, 1992)
Double Dragon #1–4 (Marvel Comics, July–Oct. 1991)

"Rest and Sweet Glory" (in Marvel Comics Presents #113–118, Marvel Comics, 1992)
The Demon #26–29 (DC Comics, Aug.-Nov.1992)
Back to the Future: Forward to the Future #1–3 (Harvey Comics, Oct. 1992 – Jan. 1993)
Blood Syndicate #1–4 (Milestone Comics, April–July 1993)

Hardware #1–8,10–19, 25, 29–32 (DC Comics [Milestone], April 1993 – Oct. 1995)
Icon #1–10,13,15–17,19–31,34–36,38–42 (DC Comics [Milestone], May 1993 – Feb.1997)
Static #1–4 (DC Comics [Milestone], June–Sept. 1993)

Shadow Cabinet #0 (co-author, DC
Comics [Milestone], Jan. 1994)

Captain Marvel (one-shot, Marvel Comics, February 1994)

Worlds Collide (one-shot, DC Comics [Milestone], July 1994)
X-O Manowar #17,19–21 (Acclaim Comics, Feb.-June 1998)
Sins of Youth: Kid Flash/Impulse (one-shot, DC Comics, May 2000)
Static Shock! Rebirth of the Cool #1–4 (DC Comics [Milestone], Jan.-Sept. 2001)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #156–158, #164–167 (DC Comics, Aug.-Oct. 2002, April–July 2003)
Fantastic Four Special (one-shot, Marvel Comics, Feb. 2006)
Beyond! (6-issue limited series, Marvel Comics, July–Dec. 2006)
Fantastic Four #542–553 (Marvel Comics)
Justice League of America #13–33 (DC Comics, 2007–2009)
Fill-in writer Edit
"Fall Guy" (co-author, in Solo Avengers #13, Marvel Comics, Dec. 1988)
Clive Barker's Hellraiser #2 (Marvel Comics [Epic], 1989)
St. George #8 (Marvel Comics [Epic], Aug. 1989)

Iron Man #251–252 (Marvel Comics, Dec. 1989 – Jan.1990)

Power Pack #55 (Marvel Comics, April 1990)

Avengers Annual #19 (Marvel Comics, 1990)

Avengers West Coast Annual #5 (Marvel Comics, 1990)

Iron Man Annual #11 (Marvel Comics, 1990)

"Test Run" (co-author, in Marvel Comics Presents #62, Marvel Comics, Nov. 1990)
"Shadow of a Doubt" (co-author, in Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 3, #4, Marvel Comics, Dec.1990)

"Cupid's Arrow" (in Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 3, #9,

Marvel Comics, April 1992)
"Not to Touch the Earth" (co-author, in Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 3, #11, Marvel Comics, Oct. 1992)

"Cupid's Error" (co-author, in Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 3, #12, Marvel Comics, Jan.1993)

Clive Barker's Hellraiser #7–10, 15 (Marvel Comics [Epic], 1991–1992)

Hardware #25 (DC Comics [Milestone], March 1995)

"Communications Error." JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant #1 (DC Comics, Feb.1993)
Static #14 (DC Comics [Milestone], Aug. 1994)

Blood Syndicate #35 (DC Comics [Milestone], Feb. 1996)
Impulse #60 (DC Comics, May 2000)

"Never Say Die." Batman: Gotham Knights #27 (DC Comics, May 2002)

Editor for

Freddy Kreuger's A Nightmare on Elm Street #1–2 (Marvel Comics, Oct.-Nov. 1989)

Blood Syndicate #1–30 (DC Comics [Milestone], April 1993 – Sept. 1995)
Hardware #1–10 (DC Comics [Milestone], April 1993 – Dec. 1993)

Icon #1–8 (DC Comics [Milestone], May–Dec. 1993)

Static #1–28 (DC Comics [Milestone], June 1993 – Oct. 1995)

Static #30 (DC Comics [Milestone], Dec. 1995)

Shadow Cabinet #0 (DC Comics [Milestone], Jan. 1994)

Xombi #0 (DC Comics [Milestone], Jan. 1994)

Frank (2-issue miniseries, Harvey Comics, March–May 1994)

"The Call" (in Superman: The Man of Steel #34, DC Comics, June 1994)

Kobalt #1–10 (DC Comics [Milestone], June 1994 – March 1995)

Shadow Cabinet #1–17 (DC Comics [Milestone], June 1994 – Oct. 1995)

Xombi #1–16 (DC Comics [Milestone], June 1994 – Sept. 1995)

Worlds Collide (one-shot, DC Comics [Milestone], July 1994)
Deathwish #1–4 (4-issue limited series, DC Comics [Milestone], Dec. 1994 – March 1995)

My Name is Holocaust #1 (limited series, DC Comics [Milestone], May 1995)
Kobalt #14 (DC Comics [Milestone], Aug. 1995)

Static Shock! Rebirth of the Cool #1–4 (DC Comics [Milestone], Jan.-Sept. 2001)

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One of the most incredibles


Truly a "TRAILBLAZER" for Creators of Color, and with a Resume that showscases the most successful for any Creative Comics Book Creator of Colors,


Much Love, Respect and honor;

Terry Reece, aka "the Warrior"

http://thesiborg.com/ http://familymediasite.com/ http://tdmcomics.com/ http://post-up.me/

Those of us who knew Dwayne remember him as a brilliant giving creative humanitarian as well. He and I maintained a relationship of creativity, culture and commerce that started before the launch of Milestone Media as a company and that of the Black Age of Comics as a genre/movement. Through him, Milestone provided material support to the very first Black Age Convention. In fact Milestone was launched Feb. 27th 1993, the day after the first Black Age Con, Feb. 26th 1993. I think this practice is known as networking.He is missed by his family, friends and fans.

His tenacious professionalism was at core to his industry successes. One way to honor him is the support both Milestone Media which is the most important company in the Black Age, and to support the indie aspect of this genre as well. BTW: That work ethic and practice is worth exploring by those who wish to work in this or similar industries.

Dwayne was a giant in the industry, and I am proud to have known him. His influence is still felt in the comic book world, both at DC and Marvel. John Stewart is Dwayne's best known character and I think reflects the qualities of his creator.

The All-Star Superman is the one that really stood out to me especially how he was able to show that despite him defeating Sampson and Atlas in a test of strength even he had to bow down to the power of Africa's Egyptian God. I thought another poignant scene was at the end when Superman became a being of pure light energy and returned to the Sun!
We should all hope to have a portfolio so impressive.


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