Here's GOOD NEWS for the BSFS Fam'

For all those of us that like FREE stuff, here's a great one but it's still going require some action to really see the value other than just not having to pay for it. The UNREAL Game engine software is now free and it's an awesome opportunity to develop a game, visualization, animated short or movie intro using that tool. In addition, they are actually offering developers grants with no strings attached but the "catch" is, your project has to be in the working prototype stage BEYOND kicking around ideas or wishing you could if only... lol.

The grants start at $5k to be spent any way you want relative to the process. That's more than enough to get an updated production workstation, upgrade(s)  and the pro version of some of the free software(s) it may take to take a project beyond freebie/fanboy hobby/limited resolution output. I think you get my drift. ;-)

Here is the link:

Through their site, you can find tutorials as well as on youtube. I personally am using this for a client project that although it's not a game per se, it will easily be able to be adapted to one later. We have a LOT of untapped , unused, underused, talent here in the society and a lot of creatives that either just dont know where to begin or have great ideas but lack the resources to get an otherwise genius idea beyond the wishful thinking or chatroom stage. This could be EXACTLY what the doctor ordered for some. It will require some actual WORK, time, and patience to see something and make something happen but anyone who is familiar with the UNREAL game engine knows it produces jaw dropping results and this is fantastic news.

I would urge anyone and everyone who is serious to take advantage of this and work with someone or others to create a team of "components", that is, complimentary skills, to collaborate and to get a project done. There is too much talent HERE in the Society to not grab this by the horns and get busy.

Here is an amazing example of what the engine can do:

Good luck and hopefully, we'll see SEVERAL members here take this to the next level over the next few months!

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Thank You for taking time to post this.

Very nice. I'm checking it out now. I get pumped when I see stuff like this.

...let your Soul Glow

Oh yes, the video game software wars are getting heated!

Unity 5 which is Unreal's major competitor just came out so let's weigh the pros and cons...

Unreal is free but after you make $3,000 you have to pay a royalty fee of 5%

Unity 5 is also free but if you upgrade to the pro version it's $1500 or $75 a month with no royalty fees!

Assuming that you will make money one way or another it's a matter of do you want to give up the $$$$ up front or later... Bookkeeping is the key here!

If you make 1 million dollars off your game you owe Unreal $50,000... with Unity you only owe $1500 or $75 a month!

Imagine making one billion dollars and factoring all that in plus taxes and a creative team that you have to pay or split the profits with!

I chose Unity for it's better iOS capabilities with handheld devices and that you don't really need a whole special forces sized creative team to work with it successfully!

For Xbox and Playstation games like Batman where extremely detailed graphics are essential Unreal delivers the goods and the 5% royalty aint nothing but a thang to large companies like Warner Bros but for the every day average game maker that could hit you up real good if you are late once on the payroll checks...


This is soo cool! I think i might be able to use this program for my animation movies! yayyy! :D

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That's right i said it Challenge for the week if you are an Artist,Writer, whatever the case. If you are a writer do 10 Pages a day for the next week and prove it by Saturday the 25th. That is 70 pages by one week. Now here is the caveat you have to do it in the time frame of your normal day if you cant than try using an hour by hour schedule to see what you are doing that is wasting some time. Nuff said we are all adults here we go! 


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Also, I launched my comics line last month with WINTERMAN COMICS #1

#2 drops at the end of this month and so on. In 2018 three new titles will arrive in a very interesting way.

The comics are sold digital-only on AMAZON (for now. other outlets when i get some free time to make the appropriate files)

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