For those of you who still don't believe there is an horrific segment out there who drool vitriol so potent 'Alien' blood looks like suntan oil in comparison, here's a look at one of the nastier websites out there dedicated to stirring the witch's cauldron of hatred....


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wow, this is a sicko website if i ever saw one.

Just the type of thread that can pull me out of lurk mode... Thanks Wolfgang!

Well there are many black folks out there that do need to be put down and as a designated primary color spandex wearing super hero I for one believe that day will come where there is a great purge of black folks that have no business still breathing and there will be some white people caught up in the mix too! Lol

As Chris Rock said... "I love black people but I hate N!&&@$!"

However, what places like this website epic fail in is that they are not sure if they need to kill all black people or the many white people who are also demonic as well!

Case in point... A friend of mine from high school (Oliver Lacy) was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer and had his head stuffed in the refrigerator after his body was used for necrophiliac activities!

This of course helped lead me to my black militant ways as I was at that time reading the autobiography of Malcolm X right at the part he spoke of the NOI teachings of Yacub and grafting white people!

A friend form work (Chicago Tribune where I met Ronald T. Jones) phoned me and asked if I knew the victim as the gruesome details of all the bodies being discovered after Dahmer's arrest and I was given a brief interview as I processed the info!

Friends from our high school got back in touch with each other as we attended a close casket funeral that was late in the making due to not being able to recover all the body parts and an ongoing police investigation!

A brief history on Oliver was that he was undefeated indoor at the 55 meter dash (Fourth at state 100 meters) and whenever we would go to away track meets we would be in the back of the bus talking about each others mommas as the whole track team listened to us trade the most nastiest disses we could think up... This drove our track coach crazy but he couldn't split us up because he grouped all the sprinters together and our best friends instigated the drama because we were both so good at it!

Despite the "Yo momma is a such and such" me and Oliver got along most of the time and he always thought that I would make it big as a comic book illustrator (Go figure) and we both dated two of my sister's two best friends at the time even double dating at one point!

The murders itself created awkward situations as a famed black athlete became front page news and here I was absorbing what Malcolm X said while starting to get a taste of what bean pies were like!

Coming from a predominately white neighborhood I suddenly found myself at just about every Saviour's day address Farrakhan gave and frequenting Mosque Maryam on Stony Island... The "White Devil" teachings hit me hard but for the most part I kept to myself on religious issues except for the bean pies I brought to work that Ronald would sometimes eat! (Smile)

As far as judging people goes I am currently classified as a born again Christian and I hold no regrets on my experiences as a black militant nor do I hold any animosity for those who still subscribe to that... It's all good you are where you are and that's that God Bless!

Spiritually I am expected to forgive Dahmer as well as others who trespass and this is never an easy thing to do especially when it is so close to home and this gruesome!

When "RACE" is pushed into the mix it can lead to over or under judgements as you propagate to favor your own self gratifications often missing the crimes under your own noses just to stick it to another group of people out of spite while ignoring your own people's actions!

When Dahmer as rapper Chuck Dee pointed out enters a court room without handcuffs while black men with but the slightest baby mama drama are shackled down to their ankles hardly able to walk one can see the unfairness in the criminal justice system and the blatant biases!

In an interview Dahmer gave he stated that it was only Jesus Christ that could judge him... Later he was beaten to death by a black inmate that literally believed he was Jesus Christ which makes this a very ironic religious outcome... God's sense of humor perhaps I won't go there!

From my experiences I get it why someone of any race would want the destruction of another race if that is all you want to see out of a misguided Hatorade but there is more that remains to be seen and needed to make proper judgements before something that drastic can be enacted! 

If I somehow crossed paths with Dahmer would I have beaent him to death... I can never answer this question because vengeance is a conflicting ideology clouded by anger!

BUT... If the safety of families, friends and even strangers were in jeopardy I would like to think that I would act in accordance of what a true black super hero would do and if there were no other option but death to save lives then I would be no different than the Navy Seal that shot Bin Ladin!

The real problem people have with the Death Penalty is the thoughts that go into scheduled deaths as opposed to random deaths blurs the lines of religious duties and racial tolerances!

With that said there are black people, white people and other people that need to see God ASAP about the evil they have done on this earth... Buh Bye Now!!!

You bring up solid points. I put the link to that site up because constantly I run into 'black conservatives' and the like or 'upwardly mobile' black folks who just can't fathom the absolute depths of hatred that exists out there and is pointed in all our directions. Granted, as you said there are plenty of ^!**@#$ who have an asswhuppin' or a bullet coming to them. However, I want to quantify that as ^!**@#$ come in all colors. The person who made that website is so filled with hatred he can't see the trees because of the damn forest in the way. He (or she) for that matter is so obsessed with 'the other' they can't see that they are the problem. Folks don't recognize that hate is comforting. Hate gives us the illusion of certainty. It allows us to move with 'conviction' when otherwise we would take pause and recognize we're about to do something stupid. What's worse is there are people who will view that site and eat up his half-truths, lies and outright misrepresentations as 'gospel'.

Thinning the herd!

If you follow the path of Hitler it all leads to a dead end no matter which direction you take!

Hate has a way of infecting someone at the core of their soul and slowly eliminating them from the equations of  a good and healthy life!

You either go out in a bloody pointless war or alienate yourself from the rest of the world as they leave you to seethe in your anger and fears over stuff that has a very low fruition value!

You will notice that in all those BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagon commercials you never see the most famous German of them all Adolf Hitler in them... HINT nobody wants all the drama that comes with associating with that much Hatorade while losing all that revenue at the same time!

People who keep holding on to racism hurt themselves both spiritually and financially and spend way more time in their lives troubleshooting and explaining their beliefs and motives as people line up for more rides at Disneyland and suntan at nice fine beaches ignoring their rants!

The movie American History X with Edward Norton is a classic especially the prison shower scene where his own brotherhood literally screwed him over... This is more common than one thinks so be careful about hooking up with movements that do not have an easy exit route in case you change your mind and decide to grow up later!

People who come out of those bubbles of racism will possibly spend an equal amount of time going through counseling trying to sort out their lives and recover from all that regurgitated propagation to make up for lost time!

Once upon a time being in the KKK was the HOT thang to do way back when... But after all the civil rights litigations and even white people dissing them they are now a very distant second to the Al Quedas of the world and no longer as relevant as they once were in this high speed internet world even if their numbers do grow!

Sure there are these hate websites here and there but even they have to be "Politically Correct" under the new laws and extra careful about the attention they grab!

Now deez N!&&@$ that have outgrown their usefulness there will probably be a whole lot of Tookie Williams type executions because dudes just won't behave and have taken their rebellion and contempt to new levels that at some point will need to be addressed!

Worst case scenario is when certain black men start encouraging the death penalty when things go too far... This will only happen when it comes through us because if too many white people do it their will be complaints of racism!

Every revolution starts with a surprise purge from out of no where for any new civilization to establish itself whether it be Moses passing out 10 Commandments from off a mountain or that king that executed people in Zaire just before the Ali/Foreman fight to send a message to any bad guys wanting to start some stuff before, during or after that huge event in their country!

At some point most laws lead to the judgement of death eventually if things get too hectic and out of control so expect to be deputized during emergency situations and given legal arms to carry out what should have been done decades ago... The black community itself will be judged by it's own it is the way of things one way or another!

Speaking of the F.O.I... Remember when that Muslim brother beat the crap out of that drug dealer that got video taped and showed on the news? (Don't act like you weren't cheering him on silently) Lol

In my wife's native South Africa they often put criminals in a tire necklace and set it on fire... Extreme and barbaric yes but some times people get fed up with certain individuals and they take matters in their own hands the only way they know how!

Do we want that here NO but if the killing and raping continues somebody somewhere will do something with an audacity that changes things like Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight and there will be no going back...

A black male going Frank Castle Punisher on thug N!&&@$ will alter the course of Black History because you will have to have an opinion or an ideal that either supports this or rejects this privately or openly!

Conflicted... You will be!

That's the 'rub' with the whole going 'Frank Castle' on a mofo or mofos. Who grants license to start 'whacking the weeds' of society? In the midst of one of those 'purges' you mentioned, what happens when you pass a mirror and see you're the problem? Do you self terminate on the spot like Kirk tricked the robot 'NOMAD' into doing when he pointed out it made a mistake? Or do you do like every other ^!**@# (Hitler, Stalin, Amin, Pol Pot, Dick Cheney, etc.) who was doing their dirt and had that moment when they recognized they were full of it and just say, 'It's not me man!'

People talk smack about kids reading comics but I learned a valuable lesson from an old X-Men comic. Out of dozens of superheroes, Wolverine was the last one standing and found a device that gave whoever possessed it cosmic power on the level just short of God! There was one catch though, whoever found it could conceive of the cosmos and understand its intricacies but they were still only in possession of their mortal wisdom.

So there Wolverine is with damn near the 'power of god' in his hands. He realizes there are an immeasurable amount of assholes in the universe and they could all use a good smack. It occurs to him that he can give them all that 'smack' or better yet, he can make them stop being assholes in the first place. Wolverine then recognizes that hell, he can go a step much farther than that. He can remake the universe so there wouldn't be any assholes in it at all!

And then he has a moment where he realizes in using that tremendous power, he will become that which he hates most... some asshole imposing his will on people who don't have the power to stop him. He then understands that despite his good intentions, all that power will corrupt him and he doesn't have the wisdom to 'not use it at all'. Instead, he releases the power and seals the chamber where it was hidden behind him. Come to find out, it was actually a test which by him passing it showed that our species has the spark of wisdom which would one day allow us to evolve into wise cosmic beings.

Though I've never had cosmic power, I've been in places where the right code sequence and a pair of keys would initiate the destruction of the human race. Strange thing standing in those rooms knowing part of me thinks humanity is one big waste of time. We have a beautiful world, yet we do everything we can to %^&$ it up and we kill each other for the slightest things. There's a whole Solar System out there with otherworldly wonders which we have seen by proxy, yet we barely make any efforts towards going to them ourselves. We have the means to cure diseases or repair injuries by which would be a death sentence 15 years ago, yet we withhold these innovations because of money. That part of me wants to push the button... bad.

But there's another part that realizes though humanity is a PIA and probably should be killed to the last man, woman and child, it's not my call to make. By pushing that button, though there wouldn't be anyone around to take umbrage, in my last moments I would know that I was the 'asshole who wiped out humanity.' Though humans would be gone (and good riddance), what lesson would an extinct species have learned? No, I'm more inclined to want to hold humanity's 'nose' in the business they left on the floor and whack them with a rolled up newspaper until they take the hint. Even then, I would have to be careful because at any given moment I could become just another asshole exerting his will over others....

It's the gratification of the moment that would drive such a scenario so I doubt even the Navy Seal who pulled the trigger on Bin Ladin is sitting somewhere brooding like Batman over the inner conflict of ridding the world of the most famous terrorist!

There are a whole lot of killers like soldiers, SWAT team snipers and cops that have squeezed the trigger on someone who had it coming and moved on to family BBQ's without losing much sleep!

Men have the capacity to kill and still maintain a functioning lifestyle although there are those who can have emotional issues later over the guilt if any but it seems many just seek counseling if they have not gone crazy already!

In a comic book the story arc may address a particular characters inner guilt or self doubt but once he sits down and starts paying taxes or Playstation 4 life goes on and os does he or she for that matter!

Rationalization is a powerful tool if you are either sanctioned by your own government or your own self vigilantism ways but statements will get made by someone at some point and usually that persons or persons will be well in to the killing by higher orders or the very voice in their head that tells them this 30th time sex offender needs to go... Gotta go gotta go!

And speaking of my alma mater Oak Park and River Forest High School...

Of all my white friends I was the designated driver because I don't drink and some of them did stuff that should have gotten them suspended much less kicked off the football team!

The movie Casino is loosely based upon mobsters the Spilotro brothers of which the younger brother of the character Joe Pesci played his children went to Oak Park at the time they found the brothers beaten and buried alive!

Also, arguably the best athlete at Oak Park (other than my older brother) was Erik Kumerow (Ohio State, Dolphins and Da Bears) the grandson to mobster Tony Accardo who had in some instances more fear of him than Al Capone did... That guy would come to football games with a couple of goons every now and then I wonder if the FIX was in! Lol

The richer community of River Forest had quite a few mob ties AHEM... I mean "Real Estate" investors that had HUGE fully paid for homes!

Racism will have you ignoring things like The Saint Valantine's Day Murder for whatever some random black guy did as if murder was exclusively a black thang!

Is the white mob demonic too... Burning saints rituals... Blood in blood out oaths... Sounds a bit like satanic ideology to me!

... anyway, gruesome web site. What's amazing is that there are; if not millions, several hundred thousand more people out there at least equally as twisted as the creator of this macabre web page. Bet this person is all too happy looking for the worst images and stories in cyberspace, probably masturbating with each new up date.

Ooooh, did not need the visual from that last bit! But you're no doubt correct. Oh and don't get it confused Iran. There are very few people who 'do the business' and sleep with a completely clear conscience. Granted there are folks out there like I said have it coming to them and when they get it, all is well. That is until the next major pain in the ass rises up like a chopped off Hydra head!

My thing is to make sure not just black people know these jokers are out there, but everyone. And, I want them to know that at any given moment they too can be 'part of the problem.'

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