I started an interactive story called the Ancient Forest about a year ago with a young friend of mines. She is going through some major issues and can't do much of anything now, so I would like to continue the story with a good writer and possibly develop the story into a video game and role playing game splitting all profits 50/50 right down the middle.


The Ancient Forest                by Jason Keita Karamo & Alex Luckett


Part I: Even in ancient Israel Zadok had heard of Zilli and her infamous demon family and that she had terrible sick and demented troubles with them even to the extent of gross violent battles. Registering the grey cloudy skies and slight stirring of hackles that danced across his neck, Zadok’s keen senses reflected in a pair of clear sparkling eyes a thin trace of green molecular residue that wafted in between two thick knotted large trees. Reaching into his embroidered leather bag with breathtaking dexterity and excitement Zadok pulled out a clear, translucent, crystal star and points it up at the faint green pattern in the grey sky that he views more with his psychic or astral eyes than his physical eyes. What in Aharons name?" Feeling the hackles rise even further on his body Zadok swayed slightly and rhythmically from side to side as he saw the shimmering outline of a  young nude girl looking confused and disturbed  half sitting, no almost laying by an enclave of trees that appeared to be similar to the ones that he was standing next to. Metallic copper fear coated his tongue as he looked intently into the Star of David crystal and observed Zilli of the demon family that He had been searching ages for, through multiple dimensions. "How in all the priest and angels names did she end up so ...utterly alone and apparently vulnerable?"......ooc

Part II: Interactive story response from Zilli; Even in her confusion, Zilli's senses remained sharp! She was born with these gifts, heightened smell, sight, strength, hearing, and other such gifts which made her so very much different from humans. Having such ability's, she heard the faint sound of someone’s footsteps in the distance and quiets down to listen more intensively. For a moment, she thought to cry out, but as the wind carried Zadok’s human (?) smell she knew better then to do so.
Gasping, instinctively she felt it would be a good idea to hide. Being so vulnerable, she didn't want to have to fight. She looks up the tree and turns into a raven and flies up above, crawing out loudly as her wings beat against the wind.
She lands herself in a tree, nearer to the human and settles. In her confusion and loss of memory, she still knew what this creature was. Human.
She still actually had quite a bit of knowledge, but nothing of her memories, home, friends, family... Though she knew her name... But little else.
Her craws at him, flapping her wings and boasting her jet black feather's in hopes to make him go away.

Part III: Interactive story response from Sumerian Elohim; using almost every ounce of his incredible will power... Zadok began slowly calming down the violent tornado of stimuli.. That bombarded his extra heightened senses and faculties of awareness... that had... developed methodically... over centuries of ancient, guarded secrets and powerful spiritual practices. Senses so heightened, sharp and acute that it appeared to the tall man that he was watching and hearing young Zilli in slow motion underwater. Taking in the brilliant acidic green eyes that were Oscillating wildly in her pixie.. Yet.. feral like face... listening to her shallow, ragged, breathing, her fierce aura field of frightened, yet strong vital energy force that Zadok’s astral eyes could see arcing out of her body in long wavy lines of psychic energy which whipped her raven hair around her face and head like an inky halo of hells worst storm ... then her pale nude youth which began to color Zadok’s face red while simeountaneously disturbing him in its stark, lonely, intense savageness. Only countless generations of the most... intense magical training and extreme self discipline allowed Zadok to block her natural... seductive demon... powers that would have made many lesser humans crave Zilli as a starving man craved food. Also his desire to connect with Zilli for a higher purpose to benefit and protect both of them, prevented Zadok from spinning a seduction spell around Zilli and thrilling her savage, beautiful, soul to the core with magic and mental elevated flight. Finally shaking off the effects of Zilli’s naturally potent attracting essence... he spoke slowly and assuredly the tone of his cultured voice rich, resonant, rhythmic almost hypnotic..... Designed to calm the frightened youthful-appearing demon -princess into a semblance of rationality..... while simeountaneously, auditorially.... caressing her spirit in a tender... yet strong way as he gracefully and elegantly as an eagle diving for prey and with the noble bearing of an ancient King, reached into his black leather embroidered bag with
The star of David symbol and gold lion with ruby eyes on it (Zadok’s tribe symbol) and pulled a thin but strong cloak out and tossed it with uncanny precision towards Zilli..... muttering a small guidance spell as it fluttered over the young angry nude covering her body up thoroughly.... he then quickly and respectfully averted his eyes and head to an interesting bunch of leaves in a far away tree opposite Zilli’s direction.  Zadok tactfully, giving Zilli a chance to adjust her cloak properly." I am Zadok of the Aharonic priest line and tribe of Yehudah I have heard of you and your family Zilli"" I have no desire to hurt you and didn't mean to frighten you. "I have travelled for hundreds of years and through multiple dimensions.. Quite a few of them unpleasant... looking for you to warn of great impending danger.....

Part IV: The Ancient Forest interactive story from; Zilli; Zilli eyes him and reaches out for the cloak stubbornly. She quickly wraps it around herself, though not lifting her eyes from him; she had little trust for humans. She had lived around them most of her life, away from her family in the cities. With the love of her life which now she no longer loved and even resented. But she did not remember this... She didn't remember anything. Zilli could only remember being trapped in a huge white box? The sky was white, the ground was white, white in every direction.
Zilli observed this human was older then herself, a lot older then most humans and because to wonder about that.
She looks down a bit, knowing it was only right for her to thank the man for his, kindness? But as she opened her lips to speak she heard his voice speak of danger, and family," I have a family..? And, what about danger!" she grew excited, though more in a sort of eye opening panic. The part of danger slipped her mind," Do you know where I live!? I have to get home, but I'm lost! I just sort of woke up here, and yet somehow I know I'm supposed to be here!" she looks around, as if trying to see a home and another demon someplace. A welcoming face that would hug her and tell her she was ok," Please sir! Do you know?"

Part V: The Ancient Forest interactive story from; SummerianElohim: Yes ...Zilli I do know" and you do have family". "You live in a huge historically... exotic... mansion deep within this same forest" You have a demon family of royal blood which adopted you, a mother that you have mixed emotions for and a crazy love/love/hate relationship with... a demon-brother named H.B. who you sometime have arguments with but you love dearly and a pet a rather weird-looking ghost cat.. I noticed you looking strangely at me moments earlier and noticing my age you appear only 17ish but you are actually three thousand years old Zilli. "When the world was using ancient tools and riding horses you were a young princess of royal blood who was seduced by a powerful half vampire demon-lord named Azzaro when you experienced your first kill the result of three well to do spoiled troublemakers who followed you foolishly, one fateful night out of a venetian tavern attempting to get a little free fun, You then  brutally, and artistically flayed those three young punks from their skin amidst their screams of exquisite agony and pleas of mercy to you" When you were found by your present demon family they took you in and taught you how to drain and feast and only to kill the wicked people that Yahweh has designated as marks for destruction" I was sent by the Melchesedekian order to rescue you from the large empty white dimension that Azzaro trapped you in after his rage at your demon family for taking you in and adopting you." He now plans on killing your adopted family as well as enslaving you to drain the essence of your immortal-soul" I need you to follow the commission we both have in YHWH and save your family protect this endangered forest and extend our immortality"

Part VI: The Ancient Forest interactive story from Zilli; It is so hard for me to imagine all of this you are telling me. I can't disagree because I seem to have a sense of dejavu' at what you have told me. Let's go Zadok.

Part VII: The Ancient Forest interactive story from Sumerian Elohim;"Uhm...yes...Zadok spoke quietly...but clearly, I'll take you home to your family." Reaching out his hand he took back the small empty vial from Zilli. "Are you feeling better Zilli?" Your memories should be returning full force any moment now. "Let's head out Zilli" Zadok bending down held his hand out to help Zilli up off the ground. They start walking down the dirt strewn path through the enclave of trees. Walking silently past frogs, flies, murky trees and assorted mushrooms of various sizes....Zadok's keen senses picked up a faint smell of acrid smoke far in the distance.” sniff sniff....not wanting to scare Zilli he refused to ask her if she smelt the same thing ...but uttered a masking spell.... under his breath to cloak the smell from Zilli until he could be absolutely sure that the smell was what he feared it was. Thump.. Thump... thump ...a short squat ogre looking man with an odor so pungent and stink that wafted off his body toward Zadok. Zilli unfortunately delivered by the masking smell Zadok cast was looking with a snarl at the ugly stranger and stretching her finger like talons out ready to rend and tear the fellow if need be. "Calm down Zilli let's see what this grotesque little chap wants." "Speak stranger and bear us good will or else you'll suffer more pain than even your ugly mug has cost you" "I mean you and the young demon-girl... no harm.... "I am Vagnog of the underground folk, cousins to the dwarf just more homely and rugged -looking as you can well see" rubbing his chin with short, thick, hairy stubby fingers, he then  smiled, a grotesque parody of humor with broken teeth and split lip displayed. "The demon family mansion has just been burned and the demon family spirited away". "What the...."? Zadok exclaimed. 


This is as far as we went before her meltdown though I believe I have two excerpts lost somewhere. Please feel free to e-mail me at jasonkeitakaramo@yahoo.com Thankyou all and love you all. May the creator bless you!!!!


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You are in the right place. There is allot of talent here.

I will pass this around to the writers I know and perhaps someone or more will be interested. Best wishes.
I think maybe a portion of the profits should go to your friend to acknowledge the work that she put in already. Otherwise I imagine she could potentially sue you later on ....
You are absoloutley right I was trying to contact her and let her know about me adding her part but she is going through a severe emotional/spiritual meltdown astep or two from being commited. However, I would never rob her or any other person I'll save her share for her whenever if ever she gets over these demons tormenting her.

Cecil King said:
I think maybe a portion of the profits should go to your friend to acknowledge the work that she put in already. Otherwise I imagine she could potentially sue you later on ....

Thank you very much Diana!!!
Diane White said:
I will pass this around to the writers I know and perhaps someone or more will be interested. Best wishes.

Administrator said: Yes indeed that's why I am looking 2 collaberate i don't really need it but it woul;d be nice with so many other writing projects in the fire.

You are in the right place. There is allot of talent here.

What is the story about?"
This is very, very beautiful, from my standpoint as a reader.

Sidonie Colette said:

This is very, very beautiful, from my standpoint as a reader.Thank u very much Sidionie!

What form will this game take? 1st person adventure? 3rd Person? A visual novel?

Well Ken a visual nove,l sort of like a graphic novel. I considered making a ancient forest role playing game with dice to roll and cards to puh will chart the map through the ancient forest and depict the adventures of zilli, zadoc vagnogv of the underground folk and both zadoc'sgoup of the order of melchesedek and Zilli's demon family.

ruby morris said:

What is the story about?" This story  is about a Metaphysician and a demon vamire girl who travel through a gint ancient forest meet and clash withunderground folk, demons vampires and religious crazed people to put young Zilli on the track of killin g the wicked for yahweh not to mention finding out who burned down her ancestral mansion an killed her family.

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