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Very good brother. I would love to see the final movie.

This is a very interesting piece. Enjoyed it big time.

Impressive. How long did it take you?

Very well done.  I wish you all the best with this. 

i like it. Congrats!


This is very well done.  I like it very much.  With your permission, I would like to share this with my facebook friends and a few email buddies.  I salute your work and talent.

I also know someone you might want to work with musically.  If you think you might be interested, I'll get you some links to his music to check out before telling him about you so you don't feel obligated, but I think he's very good and could write some stuff for your film.  Although he does do mostly rap and a little rock, but he has some other stuff also.

By all means, do not feel silly.  What you have started is very good.  I found myself wondering if the android would call him on his challenge and bankrupt him or if the 2 women would conspire against him and the company.  I found it interesting that the android would be a slave for 250 years and not rebel.  I wondered if other androids had committed murder or are they programmed so that they cannot.  I also wondered if the android would start a rebellion the corporation and society would come to regret.  I wondered if the android would kill this sick man or if the shrink would become frustrated with him and save her the trouble.  There are so many ways you can go with this and all of them I find very interesting.  I've been told the sign of a good writer is when the writer has you trying to finish their work long before the work is done and trying to anticipate where the story is going.  Also, your animation is very good.  There were a few places where the words didn't quite sycn up exactly, but that's the nature of animation.  I hope I am providing you with encouragement to finish this quickly because I am very excited about this project for you.

As for the music links, I will dig into my email and pull them out for you.  I don't know what type of music you had in mind, but the links I have are for gangsta rap, but he also does, rock, r&b, goth and pop music.  Personally, I really like his goth rock, he's got a couple of those that would be perfect for some of these vampire shows that I'd love to get hold of and send in.

I'll be in touch either tomorrow or the next day.


The visuals are beautiful!  Its SO wonderful seeing Black folk in the future.  To let Hollywood tell it, they've gotten rid of all of us (were there *any* Black folk in Blade Runner - or did they all go with the Whites to the colonies?) , or all of us are effeminate and ineffectual (see Chris Tucker's character in "The Fifth Element").


Nice touch on the eye movement when the Bot was remembering!  Movement of the humans is a wee bit stiff - you could  make the argument that its purposeful for the "Bots" but humans should move like humans.  I understand that it may be a limitation of your software/hardware and the animation software.  For the final project, consider exxaggerating the stiffness of the bots, e.g. Humans purposefully left the Bots movement a wee bit stiff to better differentiate between Bots and Humans.  Clothing moves well on the different forms! Love the reflectiveness of Synthia's clothing - not even sure if that's clothing ot her "skin"! :D  For her character, its a good thing.   If you can, add some bounce to the hair - at least for the psychologist.


If Vogel is sooo rich and powerful, why is he doing the dirty work of denying the bot her request to terminate?  Rich and powerful people don't usually need to *say* "I'm so rich and powerful blah blah blah" because its self-evident.  They also don't usually do their own dirty work - plausible denyability is part of how they stay rich and powerful - unless you're making a statement about their culture or how much or culture has changed with the technological advances.  In addition, is Vogel so arrogant that he believes that an self-identified homicidal, suicidal and depressed bot won't kill him or itself?  Or is Vogel sending a hologram of himself?  If so, has hologram technology progressed enough that Vogel can kiss her?  Even in her fantasies, Synthia attacks like a 5-year old or an attacker in a karate class demonstrating an attack from above?  Wouldn't she choose the most efficient method of dispatching Vogel?  Or are you making a point that since she has emotion, she'd want to make it painful and slow.  Might even be better to have her attack him off-camera, e.g. jump right from his kiss to her covered in blood to her snapping out of it. 


Wait, the business suit hasn't evolved in the last 1-2 HUNDRED years?  Fashion nowadays changes every decade, if not more often in some circles. . .Or is Vogel purposefully wearing a throwback (akin to a modern business person purposefully wearing tights a la a Shakespearian character actor)?


Its 2779 - why does the voice actor for the psychologist sound like a Black woman from 2013 (and one that is reading, to boot)?  "Ultra-High Definition Video Accounts" - um, would someone in 2779 actually still call it that vs simply calling it "Video" or simply "Accounts"?   Even now we usually say "Flatscreen or TV" rather than "NTSC" or "HDTV".


Are these Bots using Asimov's three laws of Robotics?   If so, was that why Vogel was so confident (e.g. first law is you cant hurt Humans or through inaction cause Humans to be hurt) that Synthia wouldn't act on her impulses?


Anyway, I can't wait to see the finished product!  You don't necessarily HAVE to answer any of these critiques in your product - its YOUR product after all, but its good to have thought these out and have reasons (even better if your characters actions are determined by these behind-the-scenes reasons and we're left to figure them out from the actions they  take or don't take!).


Hi Jeffery,

Sorry I took so long to reply, crazy day.  Faceless' links are below:


Track 18 -- Money Bounce is my favorite on this one




He was a little younger when he did these and has expanded the genres he writes.  He's focusing more or school now and if it weren't for him I would have had no idea what you meant when you said you had to re-render scenes.  If you think you might be interested in doing something with him, let me know and I'll put you in touch with him.  No matter what, let me know when this project is completed.  I can't wait to see more and thank you for the additional clip, I love it.


I am impressed! This is really good! Isaac Asimov would be intrigued.

Sooooo, is it finished?

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