The Truth About Ronald T. Jones... You Just Don't Be Knowing! lol

Last Friday my boy Ronald T. Jones did an interview with our resident "Japanegro" William Hayashi on Genesis Science Fiction Radio!

If you missed it you can find the link right here...


As a friend who has known Ronald for a good minute I thought I would put all his business out there on blast just because I can people so fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

I first met Ronald on the editorial floor of the Chicago Tribune where we both worked as copy clerks and we hit it off pretty fast... That or my Jedi mind tricks were really that good!

True story... Ronald once arranged for a sort of blind date with another co worker for me but she failed to show up which means that she will not share in the riches of the Flex Hectic empire so it's her loss and my current wife thanks her for standing me up back then! lol

In between work (we got up and sat down a whole lot on the job) me and Ronald used to debate everything from Star Wars and Star Trek to why there is not a black Star Wars and often we shared ideas back and forth!

During that period I was heavily into Nation of Islam teachings and would quite frequently bring beanpies to work to share with our co-workers... All the times I hooked you up negro you owe me a couple of slices of beanpies!

One of the things that always struck me was how brilliant Ronald was as a history student... He then was a genius waiting to happen!

Another true story... When my wife was threatening to throw away my Star Wars vhs tapes Ronald like a true G stashed them for me until things cooled off at home because wifey was tripping about me keeping my work space clean and I was taking no chances on her verbal threats especially when it comes to my comics and sci-fi genre! Lol

Note: Thanks to the invention of the concept of the "Mancave" wives everywhere can now back off of their husbands and let them freely get their cosplay on as long as it does not interfere with normal household chores!

Another true story is that whenever I came over Ronald's house I had to make sure I never got caught slipping because he would ambush me from the blindside with a plastic light saber... The dark side is always at work all day every day!

Once upon a time Ronald joined my older brothers flag football team as a defensive tackle and got his Richard Dent on... I was impressed with that since he never played organized football before but represented very well even if we didn't win one game all season! OUCH

On a road trip to ECBAC from Chicago to Philly me and Ronald drove my son crazy with excessive Chicago house music... We should have made him walk but then I wouldn't be the father that I am now right!

Did you know... Ronald at one of his birthday parties tried to battle me in a karaoke style freestyle rap and I caught a body real quick with little or no problem I mean seriously dude you know I got bars for days stand down soldier! Lmao

Ronald was the one who alerted me to this site and TROLLS everywhere have been the better for it... I think!

Every time that I return to Chicago me and Ronald dine on Chicago style pizza and talk shop but since I have not been back to the Windy City in a good minute the plan is for him to get out west so that I can treat him to some of the Chicago pizza joints here!

One last true story but you have to swear yourself to secrecy okay... There was a very cute sistah that I hooked up with on the down low at the Chicago Tribune that I neglected to tell Ronald about due to employee discretion and one day we both helped her move and the cat got out of the bag as her new boyfriend didn't even bother to help much!

Ronald's since of humor about that particular situation was legendary until he once again helped me move another female friend who so happened to be very celibate... Long story but Ronald is a ride or die friend whenever you need him there for you literally!

I didn't keep too many friends over the years but Ronald has been a keeper as we share a lot of common goals and genres!

Any time you have a friend with the tactical readouts of the Death Star poster on the wall you have to take them seriously!

Most of my Black Sci-fi knowledge begins with Ronald telling me something profound or encouraging me in some way!

At a Chicago Bears game that we went to with my older and younger brother me and Ronald did the Star Wars Imperial March theme out loud and in Dolby Surround to the delight of all the fans seated in our area!

Also... When Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out I bought a ticket for those two brothers of mine as well as Ronald who could not make it that night so dude owes me a free movie somewhere down the line... Black Panther... The Spawn reboot... The remake of Roots... Figure it out and hit me back ASAP!

On a ride along lake Shore Drive we played that same Star Wars Imperial March theme while wearing dark sunglasses and pulled up alongside a cop car and stared at them for the whole red light as the sound blared as if daring them to pull us over for noise ordinance!

When Ronald finally makes it out to Hollywood together with our combined strength we will rule the galaxy as father and son... Well maybe just as homies with ideas that need to go public!

Ronald is to Black Sci-fi writing what Mshindo is to cover art... Let that sink in and accept it!!!

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Remember that certain individual who got mad at you for quizzing her on one of the Star Wars movies? I think it was Empire Strikes Back. I should've had her exiled to the Spice Mines of Kessel! But you handled it. Wait! You gave me a bean pie? LOL! But I remember that crisis regarding your science fiction collection. If the wife threatens to throw yourself away just put it all in a box and mail it to me!

Also, the Vindicator sends his regards!

I do remember blowing you away in a Star Wars trivia though! Lol

Was that what's her name who started dating that other brother in editorial... I'm trying to remember who you were talking about without naming names so drop me a hint or two as a reminder!

Let's be real there were a lot of cute sistas working with us and I sincerely apologize for not telling you about what's her name but I was sort of sworn to secrecy so as not to cause a stir at the job but a few people caught on to our staggered leaving to walk her to her car!

How could you forget the bean pies and that I used to wear a kufi to work looking like I came straight out of a Spike Lee joint!

Those were the good ole days until I left to become a personal trainer working for my brother!

And why did you not give me a shout out in your interview with William after all we been through...

And many thanks for the hook up and keeping my Star Wars stash safe you know how newlyweds be all tensed up in the early years and her being from another country not valuing all things Star Wars... She went through a throw everything away phase and i was following the Happy Wife Happy Life protocol!

Now that we are in the digital age she cannot throw away things stored in iCloud cyberspace but I did lose a few comic books mysteriously when we moved so I need to get my pimp hand a little stronger! Lol

She may very well be a subconscious reason why I went the digital route but that would require a lot of therapy sessions to unlock my mind and figure that all out!

Did we double date to go see Spawn... Check your memory banks on that one!

The Vindicator is frozen in carbonate didn't you get the memo?

Vindicator rules!

The Vindicator's name came up in that whole Ashley Madison scandal... Who snitched! Lol

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