I've said it in discussions here at the BSFS many a time and I'll no doubt say it many,many more that Homo Sapiens (us) have been around for a far longer time than believed. The majority of the time (approximately 50-60,000 years) it was 'Black or Negroid' Africans who walked the Earth and survived long enough to allow our species to out last all our competitors.

Here is a video by the National Geographic Society that shows the find of an African child from 108,000 years ago and the reconstruction of the skull and face. Though it's just a reconstruction, there's something powerful looking into the eyes of someone who lived and died so long ago....

Naked Science: World's Oldest Child

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So where did everyone ELSE come from in such a short period of time, if evolution has gone on as long as often stated in textbooks? Makes you wonder about some of those ancient genetic engineering stories floating around. If someone wanted to do a TRULY controversial novel, or film/comic that would be the one. It seems like Hollywood can't get around the ancient history of black people in this world, so they want to put it in the background (10000 BC, a white man still comes to save them) or give them help for their accomplishments (Transformers Revenge of the Fallen) This ancient men were black, but clearly robots helped them build the pyramids.

So when was the barbershop invented it looks like someone needs a lineup!


According to the Genetic record, every male born in the last 60,000 years is descended from one African man whose line has survived since then. Apparently there was a major population crash at that time which is corroborated with the geological record which shows there was massive Volcanic activity during that era. The Gene record also shows that 55-50,000 years ago is when all other variations of homo sapiens arose. That also is consistent with archeological finds in other areas of the world that so far show no human habitation older than 50,000 years.

All aspects of human variation (eye, skin and hair color) are present in black Africans. The Gene record for black Africans goes back 200-250 thousand years. Recently, they've found the human 'Y' chromosome goes back at least 350,000. The human 'X' chromosome goes back even farther. Now it is unlikely modern humans (us) go back any farther than 200,000 years. More than likely we're in the range of the child featured in the video at max 120,000 years. Still, that's 70,000 years black Africans have walked the earth longer than all other modern humans.

So with a major population crash and the surviving population moving into much different environments, genes which were either uneeded or inexpressible under the conditions of the original could easily rise and be passed down. With communities being isolated from the source population for 10,000 years would show all kinds of variations. As for the 'robots' building the pyramids, that's an entirely different discussion.

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