Are we wasting our time hoping to see great black characters in the types of TV shows we really like?

I mean, Smallville had one black character who they quickly got rid of (at least hey didn't kill him).

Heroes... I mean Come on! DL is the best they can come up with?! And what a pitiful death for this "hero". (married to a white woman too)

Stargate Atlantis got rid of one light skinned black guy and replaced him with a lighter skinned black guy.

Will we ever again see something as monumental as Cisco and Worf in the same show?! I'm not even going to get started on animated shows...

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Cisco and Worff? Man... THAT was a great run! Worff has got to be one of the best ALL-TIME TV sci-fi characters!

Tuvok from VOYAGER was a good character and very well played by Tim Russ.

uhh... there was Gunn from ANGEL... a bit of a bitch actually... think he fell for a white girl too...

hmm... isn't there a sister on that X-FILES remake? Called FRINGE? ...she's kind'a in the background...

Michael on LOST... what ever happened to him?

think, think, think... the sister on BSG blew her own brains out... the one brother CYLON did nothing worth mentioning... didn't Gina Torres have her own show at one point? really probably should have supported that but I think Letterman was on in that time slot...

sorry... I got nothing.
Dennis Haysbert in The Unit. It's not science fiction, but Haysbert's portrayal of a spec ops commander probably makes him the strongest, most visible black character in a non-comedy tv show.
Oh yeah, I just purchased the MANTIS series on DVD. In the absence of black superheroes on TV, the DVDs are quite handy.
Yep, we're wasting our time. We have a better shot at putting someone truly Black on the net than putting someone truly Black on TV. After 9/11 Bush's people had a meeting with hollywood and tv powerbrokers (this is true) and told them to promote storylines and shows that supported the War on Terror. Due to the consolidation of media ownership something with a strong Black character who supports black people ain't getting on TV or hollywood.
when have we EVER been portrayed in a positive light in hollywood? hell,the first movie"birth of a nation was about us coming up from slavery and the whites' paranoia of us creeping into their houses to rape their women. who were their saviors from these vicious savage negroes? THE KKK!!!! what hypocrisy. we were scared to walk under a white woman's dress if it was hanging on a clothesline,let alone creep in some cracker's house to get her. and who's women have been the victim's of vicious rape in america ou's or theirs? yet this was an award winning movie. this alone should tell us what it's hittin foe in hollywood. in my original blog i said we must pool our resources and do for self. we must make our own hollywood and portray ourselves the way we want. anything else is foolishness.
My father once told me that when he was young, black business was a reality. B\We even had our own public transportation system. Black neighborhoods were filled with stores that had black owners and the money went back into the community. Blacks were becoming a power base.

Unfortunately, this was all systematically dismatled and black neighborhoods were intentionally filled with drugs, alcohol and crime instead. Black money was moved out of the black neighborhoods and put back in the hands of those in power. To this day, even affluent balcks give their money back to the powers that be, buying white products and supporting white causes.

How many successful black businesses, record labels, TV channels and other companies have been bought out by huge white or Jewish congomerates and watered down from the original creator's vision? The original creator retires with millions in the bank but the original vision is dismantled yet again.

How long before the world forgets that rap music ever had a connection to black people? I hear so much rap and hip hop here in Korea it's insane! I wonder how many of these rappers ever spoke to a black person.
You ask this question but also ask h
ow long has B.E.T been on. The first and
only black network that has done nothin
HBO has done for black people.
Gina Torres, mentioned by Night Manager, played Zoe Washburne on a short-lived SF series that aired on Fox called FIREFLY. She was the strong, female second-in-command on the Firefly-class mid bulk transport, Serenity. She's one of television's best action heroines and could easily take out TV's (another Joss Whedon creation) Buffy without breaking a sweat.

Also, starring in the same series, Ron Glass played the shepherd, Derrial Book. Shepherd Book is intriguing character who's definitely more than just the man of the cloth he pretends to be.
FIREFLY had 2 regular characters who were black, interesting, and integral to the plot. Of course the show was canceled after one season... but lives on and is worth checking out on DVD.

Freema Agyeman, from Ghana, has played the Martha Jones character in the latest incarnation of the British TV series DR. WHO and spin-off series, TORCHWOOD. I've never had any real interest in the Dr. Who series so I haven't seen her. Can anyone comment?

Old School Honorable Mentions: MILLENNIUM (the X-files spin-off) had Special Agent Emma Hollis played by Klea Scott and SPACE: ABOVE & BEYOND had LT. Damphouse, played by Lanei Chapman
I really like Richard T Jone's work as Agent Ellis on The Sarah Conner series. He exhibts courage, intelligence, sensitivity, and a well thought out disposition. Dorian Harewood was also great as the shrink
I never saw the new Dr. Who, but I saw her in the episodes of Torchwood in which she appeared. Great character and very well done. Also very beautiful.

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