A Black Out of Black Heroes

It all began when in the late 80's I would stop by the corner store to buy a Captain American comic book for 75 cents.  Then in the early 90's when I was a young man in the US Army.  This man would sell me once a month, Brother Man, Dictator of Discipline.  That was the first black superhero comic book I ever saw with excellent writing and great artwork.  That's when I started to seek other black superhero comic books.

     Sadly, there wasn't any I could find.  All the comic book stores were covered from top to bottom with comic books. But none of them look like me.

     Now in the 2014, I have a company called Heroes Like Me Entertainment that is dedicated to presenting stories of sci-fi, action, mystery and fun with heroes that look like me and you.

     I have created a short video called The Alien Ambassador: Nightmare of the Gorans.  It is an attempt to present a black teenage superhero to multimedia thru YouTube.   

     It is also a launching pad for my endeavor to seek funding from the Internet community to produce The Alien Ambassador; The Movie. 

     As I began to send out press releases about my project. I noticed I was getting little attention and no responses back from comic book websites and sci-fi companies.  I even turned to African american websites and have gotten positive responses from a few. One of them is Black Science Fiction Society

     I was upset when Marvel Studios didn't green light a Black Panther movie but instead green lighted Guardians of the Galaxy.  A group few have heard of, but since it's Marvel it will make millions of dollars.

     I firmly believe there will not be any black superhero movies on the screen until a black creator makes once for everyone (Black, White, Latino, Asian, Indian) to see. 

     Dragon Ball Z and Speed Racer are Japanese cartoon shows that were made into movies.  Instead of the lead characters being Japanese, they replaced  them with white actors.

     That was wrong.  The movie could have been successful if the movie studios stayed true to the original material and kept them Japanese.

     I know that if my characters where white that I would have gotten a better response for my project from both white and black audiences.

    Several years ago a black cartoon movie was made called The Golden Blaze. It had a A-list cast of black actors, but it wasn't commercially successful.  Even balck folks didn't support it well.   

    Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame once considered to leaving the show in the sixties because she felt that she was a glorified telephone operator.  Martin Luther King Jr heard about this and asked her to stay on the show since she was a positive black woman on a sci-fi show.

    She did.  That is why we know who Nichelle Nichols is.

     Another project worth looking at is Earth Squadron by the creator of Black Science Fiction Society.  I will definitely contribute to it's development. 

     We need to see heroes in tights of color, we need to see heroes of color too fly space ships and chart alien worlds.  We need to see heroes that look like me an you.  I love Superman, Spider man, Batman and Wonder Woman but we have been denied the opportunity from the major movie studios to see a black hero on the screen.

     We have to make our own, We have to support those who are trying to make that happen by any means necessary.

-Christopher Love   

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Comment by Wanda Kurtcu on January 20, 2014 at 4:12pm


I am working with Baycon and Con-volution in the San Francisco Bay Area. We would like to invite you to be a panelist.  I've submitted a 'friend request' and hope that you will get back to me asap.



Comment by Peter Darryl Slaughter on January 19, 2014 at 8:34pm

Peace and bro and not surprised. Back years ago growing up I use to read all the marvel

characters regardless of their skin color.

These days I boycottt all these comic book movies,since they seem to have  problem putting black super heroes in movies that we al pay money to see.

One of  my all time fav character is Gabe of the Howling Commandos and use to love how they would throw in a mention of some jazz every now and then.

Some cool great writing but now it appears to be all phony and staged.

So I refuse by anything period again.

Comment by Brandon Hill on January 19, 2014 at 5:24pm

Wow!  Someone else who has read Brother Man!  I still own 3 issues of the comic.  That was an awesome little series; I won't lie.  

Also, I think you might be forgetting about Static Shock.  That was a very good series, centered around an African-American superhero.  It's DC, if memory serves, and the stories were quite good as well as multicultural.  Now that would be something I'd like to see made into a live-action movie.  I also remember an old live-action TV series called M.A.N.T.I.S. about a paraplegic who became a superhero when using an experimental device which allowed him to walk, but also gave him superhuman strength, speed, and agility as a side-effect.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it didn't last long.  








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