Six: The Loft

A robot sits in a loft on looking at a hi-tech home alarm system. He sees an incoming blip on the scanner. "In coming vehicle on scanner Shana. "Check it out" Shana replied. "Checking vehicle now. The robot scans the incoming vehicle using the hi-tech security/x-ray cameras mounted outside the loft. The scanner reads: Life forms 3:Race: White. Black. Asian: The other two women inside the loft arm themselves with laser pistols and then they walk over to Shana and the robot. "Who is it?” Nicole asks" "It's our guys, returning put your guns and ammo away girls" Shana responded. "Maybe we should send the dogs out there just to be sure it could be anybody, it could be those guys that we got into a fight with at the bar" Gail responds. "Yes, send out Bruno and King" Shana replied. The robot signals the a huge German Shepard and a Rottweiler. The dogs run down the stairwell and out into the street they stand and watch to see who comes out as the women watch through the security cameras. "If they both start barking then we take action" Nicole replied. The car doors open up. Mike, Lee and Peter get out, the dogs greet them with happiness in their return from the city. Then the three men and the two dogs walk up the stairs and into the house. "What’s going on out there in the city street?" Shana asked. "The same shit we couldn’t get anything to eat down on Tremont St. because we didn’t have any access cards" Mike responded in anger. Then he almost crushes on of the server robots in the main street café, we had to calm him down before he got killed" Lee said. Yeah! The lockdown law is still on everywhere. We can get into anywhere because we are not rich or we don’t have access cards or some off us don't, we got to be off the streets at a certain time or else we get killed without question by the federal patrolmen and those 2000 lbs. of junk Incbots" Shana replied. "The President is still overseas talking about every other thing accept the lockdown law" Nicole responded. "This is going on everywhere all over the world, I talked to people on the videophones in the middle east, china, Russia, Japan, South America and Africa its all over" Gail said. "We have to take stand and get the President to uplift this lockdown then maybe if he agrees then he can perhaps get the other world leaders to do the same. Peter said. "We can't just walk up to the state house and tell the president to request for the president uplift the band when he gets back. Plus we are not a United States anymore, its every state for themselves, Boston is the last refuge now we our the new capital of North America ever since Washington D.C. was wiped out from natural catastrophes " Lee replied as he finished practicing his martial art skills. "We have to send a message out to our other friends in the remaining states and other countries and step up the revolt against this world lockdown and restore world freedom and the way things used to be years when you could go where ever you wanted to go and to what you wanted to do before the lockdown started" Shana replied. " In order to do this we all have to get new access cards, because the one’s that were issued to us by the city are expired We all have to get access cards to get into the places that we cant get into but, we need to do it without going down to the access card registry" Mike responded. " I can plug into the city's security mainframe system to process access cards for everyone so that you can get access to places where you need to go to accomplish your mission sir" the robot said. "That's illegal, but we can give it a try to do you think you can do it" Nicole replied. "Yes, but you have to give me some time". The robot replied.

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