The Flying Bullet-a black sci-fi series under review by Amazon Studios.

Hello All

I have submitted a proposal to Amazon Studios. It is a scripted episodic series called The Flying Bullet.

The link to the project is here at:

On the project page, viewers can download a PDF pilot script and watch a 4 minute promo video.

I need to show the executives at Amazon Studios that their can be room for a black sci-fi series that everyone can enjoy.

Please view the material and leave a review. Let Amazon Studios see that we

can be a juggernaut in the entertainment business too.

Nothing can happen until we make it happen.


-Chris Love 


In the wake of the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on December 07 1941, the United States joined the war that will define a world. Back home, pressure mounts from the black community for black citizens to be able to fight for their country. One of the goals is for black citizens to be trained as pilots. From all over the country, black men travel to Tuskegee Institute to become the first black pilots called the Tuskegee Airman.

Here we meet CURT MASTERS from Alabama in his P-51 Mustang fighting Nazi planes over Germany and Italy. During one these confrontation, he encounters an unknown vessel. Curt believes it is a new Nazi vessel. When he attack the unknown flying object, a tractor beam envelopes him and suddenly he mysteriously disappears. 

Suddenly he awakens on the Planet Ambracon and is informed that he is being charged with Obstruction of Intergalactic 
Operations. Later, he learns that he has been found innocent of the crime, but he learns that Earth must be destroyed in fear
that Earth will bring its warlike tendencies to the stars. 

While he is being flown back to Earth, they fly into a asteroid field and their ship is damaged. He meets ALIENA, a galactic police officer and ARC, a robotic man. They make it to an abandoned old space station. They attempt to salvage parts to repair their
ship when they encounter SUTTER. Sutter is a career criminal who helps them to fix their ship. They make repairs and leave
when their ship runs out of power and they crash lands on an unknown world. 

They look for an element called zurillian which can power their ship and return Curt to Earth. While Curt wanders around the 
strange world, he encounters a large monument. Something activates the structure and he learns that the Warlord, which the 
Galactic Protector has been hunted was actually the First Galactic Protector called ROM VEGA. Curt learns that Rom Vega 
became a villain in order for the various worlds to work together and form a peace alliance by having common enemy. Soon
the planet begins to break apart. They manage to make the ship a "lightning rod" which can channel the energy from the 
exploding planet into their ship. 

They arrive in Earth's solar system and Curt is home.

Curt makes the decision to stay with the Galactic Protectors since his membership will spare Earth from destruction.

Thus Curt Masters aka The Flying Bullet becomes a Galactic Protector and here his troubles begins. 


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Comment by Christopher Love on February 16, 2015 at 8:19am
I plan for it to stay in black and white.
Comment by Ronald T. Jones on February 16, 2015 at 7:09am

This is reminiscent of Golden Age science fiction!








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