The mystery of Black people and futuristic movies

Have you ever wondered about the mystery of the human race and the so called evolution of people in according to movies? I have seen many movies and love the science fiction genre but i always tend to wonder how i don't know how many times where in the blazes black people went. Did we all die off first? Were we like the game show the Weakest link? Did we all die off first like in every movie if so the animal kingdom is prejudiced and seriously love them some dark meat. Did white people turn into cannibals and eat us all like chicken? Exactly what happens to us in all of the movies and shows television shows alike. Did we all turn on each other and tear each other apart? Somebody has got to have an answer out there or am i just tripping. And lets talk superheroes.....Really??? Does everyone have to have Black in front of their name?? Black Lightning!Black Goliath! The Black Panther!!!! Dun dun dun!!!!! Hello where are the Latino heroes? No where in every movie they are either dirt poor in the hood or drug dealers for some cartel with a cliche background of drugs or gang raised. And not a father figure to be found Really???? Why are all of the portrayals negative? So what did they catch that disease too and die off with us in the future? Last week i saw a post on FB of a 14 year old black student graduating from college the youngest ever! Where are all of these bright stars now like him. Did somebody just tuck them away somewhere and experiment on them in a lab or something? Why haven't we changed things yet? Why are we the most of the homeless in america? Why are we the most unemployed in America? Why are we not more successful in business and life then we are. And why is it that when we think we have arrived we shut the door on where we came from and pretend we don't belong to our past by not helping anyone else to get there? It's not really that difficult to see when you step away and think about it. I thought about this for a long time as i traveled the world in the military. Being away makes you think about home a lot and reflect on your experiences and life while away. Things like why someone like Terry Crews hasn't even been considered for a superhero role i mean seriously everyone in Hollywood has to go through hell in training to look like that and he is that way everyday of the year. What about Michael Jai White? Have you seen Blood and Bone turn that man loose and give him a suit! He could actually kick everybody else's butt without breaking a sweat! So tell me why hasn't anyone written something that he could take on and own? Its simple because the people who own Hollywood don't want it so what do we do? Why hasn't anyone done anything about it yet? Producers? Black producers and heavyweights in Hollywood?? Why do we mistrust each other so much that we cant pull this off? Its laughably easy to do so why haven't we? Is everyone that jaded that they wont work as a team for not even one thing to work? Is our pride that bad that we cant support each other? Did we forget where we came from like our moms used to say? My mom died a couple of years ago and her words of wisdom are like gold to me now. Things haven't changed a bit if they only knew and understood that the money they spent on those new shoes would buy stock in the same companies and the long term would get them the credit and cash they need to live by. There is a way.... to be continued tomorrow.

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Comment by Jarvis Sheffield - Admin on June 1, 2017 at 5:46pm

Make it so! 

Comment by KENNETH E JAMES on June 1, 2017 at 7:40am

Alright Jarvis i see your point about that so i Accept your challenge. You and me are going to have coffee one day soon and discuss this and what i am planning to do as well and i am serious coffee will be on me. Soo be warned its on i have three big projects to take care of first one is happening right now that is moving in process to another state. I have to get set up first with my business as well which is a chore but moving along. My third project is the final one i will discuss with you and get it off the ground and running quickly after more planning to ensure success. So yeah i guess you can say i am in with what you are saying supporting each other is key and paramount to the success. True teamwork is what we will need to be successful meaning egos have got to be lowered to get heads through the door. LOL i know what i am dealing with. So you all will be seeing a lot more of me on here shortly but it will be spotty for about a month. I really do have a plan its what i am good at once i gather the right people who have vision as well and are resourceful in how they think the sky is the limit. Some of those people will come from right here on this site and they will want to come along for the ride but trust goes both ways i am a Business owner so i get it however i guarantee they who we are going to come up against (the big two) have no idea of what we are capable of when we go all in on something.  Now let get this party started right i will be checking out every one and reaching out to some of you to talk as well. Creative people are even more effective when dealing with each other. 

Comment by KENNETH E JAMES on June 1, 2017 at 7:07am

Thank you D'Norgia i will be sure to check out your blog and your work as well!! 

Comment by D'Norgia Taylor on May 31, 2017 at 11:21pm

Hello Mr. James, 

I wholeheartedly agree with you.  There is a need for more writers who are a part of our life experience that will tell the different stories we live in.  The characters in my books live in the far away future as well as the far away past continuously teaching protags to make sure they are strong and positive in mind and body and keep our legacy, our truth and our incredible potential in the forefront of our collective genius... for the world to know in their subtlety.    Also, they keep our species alive and thriving. D'Norgia

Comment by KENNETH E JAMES on May 29, 2017 at 6:01pm

Lorenzo i see your point on the Black part but sometimes it does get old. I get that it makes for an interesting story and even great build up. But really should we have called Hancock Black Hancock? Sounds corny as Luke Cage saying Sweet Christmas! What i am saying is everyone doesn't have to have a jacked up background. We are more creative than that! Not every hero but some should be from the suburbs and even further up. But my rant was basically saying that every-time a good movie including Marvel who suck at black characters as well as DC. DC for example Catwoman with Halle Berry, every other catwoman movie there were always supporting cast and good villains so who does she get a designer with a rock hard face. No Penguin, not one good face from the gallary of Gotham? It was weak all the way round but should have been better. So to me Milestone had it right in the beginning until DC came a knocking with the big checks and promises.     

Comment by Lorenzo Heard on May 26, 2017 at 2:06pm

I agree with most of what you said, not all. I got no problem with the word "Black" in the names of Black Superheroes, as a matter of fact, I like it! It leaves nothing to the imagination. That part of your rant reminds me of a letter to the Editor in a comic magazine. He complained that every Black Superhero was from the ghetto and he wondered why none were from the suburbs. Frankly, the ghetto is more interesting. Growing up and becoming a hero from a ghetto background is much tougher and makes a better story. As someone who has worked in Hollywood, I see no mistrust in Blacks among other Blacks, but to quote Chuck D, every brother ain't a brother, and just having brown skin don't make you Black.








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My wife and I were in the local MLK Walk today. We also donated suits and coats! Last year I was obese and hated walking to the mailbox. Losing 100lbs had made a huge impact on my life.

The Beloved Community...

Posted by Reginald L. Goodwin on January 15, 2018 at 3:58pm 0 Comments

Image Source: AJC link below [1]

Topics: Civics, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Martin Luther King, Star Trek

Notwithstanding our national projected life expectancy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.…

Best read of 2017

Posted by Jan S on January 15, 2018 at 12:07pm 0 Comments

The last 18 months in my life have been unpredictable, and not in good ways. Now that my health issues seem to have quieted down, it's past time I posted here.

As a freelance reviewer for Foreword Reviews magazine, I get to read free books of above-average quality from independent presses. The standout- read for last year was An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon. You can find my review here:

Solomon is amazing. It seems as though this young writer distilled the essence of Octavia Butler's work and added personal perspective; what resulted is a wonder, and more than just a mixing. This novel deserves all the awards and then some; the sad and likely fact is that it probably will go mostly unnoticed.

Please check it out. If you love it, talk it up.

The Hierophants return 2018-2019

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So thanks to some suggestions and consideration I'm continuing my first comic series The Hierophants. I will bring production on issue 2 early/mid year. Might do a kickstarer but who knows. Stay tuned.

Dunning-Kruger Epoch...

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Named for Cornell psychologist David Dunning and his then-grad student Justin Kruger, this is the observation that people who are ignorant or unskilled in a given domain tend to…

Working on getting the Archangel X Trilogy published!

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The next trilogy in the Darkside Universe is nearly completed. My intention is to get all three volumes published simultaneously and I'm going to need help.

The Archangel X Trilogy continues the saga of the Darkside Trilogy, following the extraordinary community of African Americans who discovered the means to beat NASA to the moon and live there secretly before Neil Armstrong arrived. The three volumes are Quarantine, Enmity, and Enlightenment, with the third installment over half way completed. 

Please take a look at my GoFundMe campaign and see if it's something you can contribute to. There are Premiums for those who contribute to the campaign. Please give it serious consideration, and thank you in advance for checking it out. Thank you so much for your consideration!…


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