Did you hear? On Saturday, we're all dead meat! So, say your goodbyes, Nibiru is on a collision course with Earth and putting plywood over the windows won't help! 

Relax folks, this won't happen for a few reasons. 

-There is no Nibiru. 

-There IS a "theoretical" 'Planet X' (aka Planet 9) but, at its closest pass, it's still about 700AU or 65,100,000,000 miles away - so far away, in fact, that we haven't visually confirmed its existence yet.

-anything THAT big lurking in our inner solar system would've been here before life on Earth, (maybe even before Earth) and noticed a long time ago. If it came from outside, we would've seen it long before it got here, and it would most likely get Deebo'd by Jupiter or Saturn's gravity on its way in.

-last time we were hit by a planet was 4 billion years ago (and from that cataclysmic one-night stand, we got the moon)

-These are just my thoughts, though. What do you guys think?


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Comment by Matte Black on September 28, 2017 at 9:05pm
I agree, Kenneth! Everything has to be vetted nowadays. Thanx for your input!
Comment by Kenneth Andre Brown Sr on September 27, 2017 at 8:53pm
Some people are willing to believe anything without doing research. Thanks for doing research.
Comment by Matte Black on September 22, 2017 at 8:51pm
Al, we may disagree but I respect your opinion and appreciate the input! Reginald, nothing will be in the sky on Saturday except what's supposed to be. Wish your son a 'Happy Birthday' from me!
Comment by Reginald L. Goodwin on September 22, 2017 at 5:26pm

Saturday is my oldest son's 35th birthday. I'm sure he and his wife have something special planned. It will pass and the world will continue. Next...

Comment by AL Bey on September 21, 2017 at 9:37pm


Hello Matte! Thanks for responding quickly and thoroughly. It’s great that more of us, especially melanin-abundant folks, are having chats like these. While my initial response to your conversation starter didn’t disagree with the Nibiru assessment, I provided my theory based on previous Planet X studies. Indeed, your scientific star logic has been valid for the past billion years, and will hopefully be so for billions more.

Yet based on my recent research in this decade, as only an inventory journalist who was curious about the 2012 Mayan Calendar, the only red/brown dwarf star close to Earth that resembles Nibiru’s description is Sirius C. When I first heard about Elenin, the descriptions were unclear about whether it was a comet or even a dwarf star. Even various History Channel programs have described some free-roaming dwarf stars as being occasional occurrences that are often non-threatening to a solar system. So while it is “Extremely” unlikely that a Nibiru path will cause a catastrophe to Earth, it’s not absolutely impossible. Earth, like the human species has infinite neighbors, friendly and hostile. Countless sci-fi narratives have projected apocalyptic depictions of Nibiru-esque planet changes. Famous and virtually unknown new-age authors alike have served as NASA advisors, though their “knowledge” may only be based on ancient near-eastern scripture accounts like Nibiru – i.e. George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Zacharia Sinchin, Dr. Malachi Z. York, Credo Mutwa, etc.. So even though this Saturday’s prophecy is 99.9% paranoia, doomsdayers continue to attract a Death Star Jesus. Today’s Hollywood fantasy becomes more of tomorrow’s scientific facts. Plus, the more our elite powers drain Earth of its’ resources to militarize and colonize expansive space areas, we’re increasingly likely to encounter enemies on all levels.

We could go on and probably will discuss this topic well beyond Saturday. Meanwhile, we pray that these issues become better known and less feared by our peeps, without the cool need for an established astronomer like Neil DeGrasse Tyson to become President. As Danny Glover’s presidential character said in the “2012” movie, “In a brave new world, one young scientist is worth 20 old politicians!”


Comment by Matte Black on September 21, 2017 at 3:04pm
Interesting, Al but I have to respectfully disagree. Partly because Elenin is just a comet. But mostly because something as large as even a low mass star, or "red dwarf" passing through or even near our 'inner solar system' would be devastating! Our solar system is a perfect gravitational harmony of all the planets. The speed of the rotations, and the distances from our sun are all perfectly synchronized like the gears of a clock.
It took of billions of years for the planets to settle in their orbits, and because they finally did, that's when we came along. The earth is exactly the right distance from the sun, not too hot, not too cold, and it's been that way for BILLIONS of years. The gravitational tug of our moon keeps the earth's rotation stable on its axis, which gives us four predictable seasons, and allowing life to flourish on this planet. That's why there are no collisions of planets and moons anymore. All that stuff happened when our solar system was young, and still forming, and "finding" itself.
Even something as small as an earth sized planet moving into our inner solar system would throw all of that harmony into complete chaos! And If it were a red dwarf, it would rip objects right out of the Kuiper Belt and send them flying everywhere including toward the earth, it would tug on moons and even planets, throwing everything out of line and possibly setting off a collision scenario.
In the EXTREMELY unlikely chance that scenario would actually go down, we would more likely to get hit by asteroids that were thrown out of place when it entered our solar system than we would the actual red dwarf itself. The discovery of a third star in the Sirius system won't affect us in anyway other than with the excitement of finding another star.
We looked across our galaxy and found our sun's sibling stars - stars that were born in the same nebula as our sun. We're more than capable of seeing a star pass through our inner solar system.
When Saturday comes and goes, the people that subscribe to this theory will most likely reset the date of this 'cataclysm' just like they did back in 2011
Comment by AL Bey on September 21, 2017 at 1:10pm

From various notes of Science or even Sci-Fi studies, Nibiru (Planet X) has been near Earth for the past 30+ years when Western scientists, through all their arrogance, finally confirmed the Dogon's naked-eye vision of the Sirius tertiary star system. The last time, I heard of Nibiru's "scheduled" arrival was Fall of 2011, when a dwarf star called Elenin passed near, around, or even within our solar system. NASA scientists though, have still never officially confirmed whether Sirius C a dwarf star, black hole, planet, or only a moon, despite the Dogon's statement of Sirius C's existence. Therefore, it seemed safe to conclude that Elenin was like Sirius C (Nibiru-Planet X) passing by in 2011, and NASA possibly used CERN or some secret technology as used in modern Avengers comics to block any potential ill effects from Elenin's presence. If there is some type of Nibiru elemental force near us right, it's likely another roaming dwarf star. However, as the movie "Melancholia" pointed out, NASA can only spot 3% of the whole expanding Universal skies. Plus, some youtube crony showed some interesting sky-spot video over Houston before Harvey claiming it was Nibiru, which if true, was either a space-ship, meteorites, or a private space satellite!

Comment by Matte Black on September 21, 2017 at 12:49pm
Wow! I can only imagine some of the things people said. The 'Nibiru' cataclysm is a valid scenario, and it could happen, just not with something that big. An asteroid or a comet? Sure... But not a 'super earth' like what 'Nibiru' is depicted as
Comment by Larry Johnson on September 21, 2017 at 12:14pm

I wrote a sci-fi trilogy based on this topic. Yes, it was science FICTION but you would have been surprised if you would have read some of the comments from those who believed I was attempting to predict the future. 








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