Where are the Black Heroes that are great examples for all of us to follow?

As i sit here and think about what ifs and why nots, I research certain questions and i see the questions repeated over and over again but to no avail. Why arent there more black superheroes in the movies and mainstream comics even? Where are all the black heroines that i know are out there waiting to have their movies made? Where are the black comics? Milestone set the bar high what have we done since?


They say the world isnt ready to accept an black hero i say bull, what about Blade? Why havent new stars been given the nod yet( Michael Jai White) Who can pretty much take anybody out he darn well pleases and yet we have him doing comedy roles. Really? Is that the best we can do for someone born to be an action star like him comedy?  Tell me what you think

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Comment by Jarvis Sheffield - Admin on May 25, 2017 at 4:54pm

I must make a comment on this one. I've been in the game for 9 years now and have seen allot.

First and foremost, it is all about money. Spike Lee said it best in an interview about 8 yrs. ago when asked the why question. To state it simply, Hollywood is in the business of making money. They green light movies that they think will make money. It takes millions to market the blockbusters and want minimal risk.

Second, Black folks must support with money what they say they want to see. This does not include buying the bootleg. You must pay for the movies for them to count. If Hollywood makes money from it, they will make more like it.

Third, every month for a few years now we feature a Black Comic, Video and Book so people know that there are indie creators out here to buy from. Have many of these have you all supported really?

Forth, buying theaters at this point in my humble opinion would be a bad investment. With movies debuting on sites like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and others money would be much better spent creating and getting distribution or distributing directly with a site like Vimeo. The game continues to change so we must be able to change as well or get left behind like the dinosaur.

This is not to be preachy but to get to the root of the problems and create solutions. I end with this. Black Science Fiction Society is trying to play our part in being the change. This cannot come about without participation and financial support. What have you done or intent to do to be a part of really supporting our cause? If you are serious get at me and we can build.

Comment by KENNETH E JAMES on May 25, 2017 at 4:23pm

Night Manager, you are right about that Will Smith is the man right now and killing it for years now but so was Lawrence Fishburne with the Matrix collection along with many other flicks. But even he acknowledges that there is a severe lack of good scripts being made available to black actors/actresses. Whats worse is the darker your skin is the least likely you are to get quality parts. We have some simply beautiful actresses all over the world who model and cant get seen either. They are actually being pushed to try to make their skin lighter. We have to stop the madness by doing something they wont see coming!! 

Comment by KENNETH E JAMES on May 25, 2017 at 4:14pm

Walter, we cant really say if he is a great actor or not as he has never had a part that could showcase his skills. This is the problem with being black in Hollywood. Just getting the parts that are worth more weight always go to anyone else but us. And you are right people of color will need to produce our own movies to see this change happen. Marvel comics has an issue just like this, the problem with the black characters is the writers of the stories are not black and have no idea what growing up black is like. In return we get crap story lines always the same either we are emotional wrecks as females who cant stop pining over a lost love or jacked up father story-line. If its a male hero he lives in the ghetto.....What the hell does a 45 year old white guy who never saw a ghetto in real life closer than a boys in the hood video know about street life? What they don't know is the truth and they cant know because they are not black and didn't grow up black or any other color. They don't  know and for ratings don't care that we have fond memories and safe times there too.

Comment by KENNETH E JAMES on May 25, 2017 at 4:03pm

Alright these are good points that you both bring up but there is another problem. We dont own anything, let me explain how many black producers own their own studios? But lets go further how many movie theaters do we own ourselves? You not only need the Hollywood they also own the movie theaters that we go see movies on. If we owned at least one theater in every major city we would be one step closer to being able to show the independent movies made by small studios and new talent. What if we did this and then begin by making and showing the movies at least once a month to start with? 

Comment by Walter Varner on May 25, 2017 at 1:47pm

In the case of Michael Jai White, as much as he looks the part, and I enjoy watching personally, he's not that great an actor. 

The simple answer is its mostly White folks producing and Directing superhero movies.  White people think "White" is the default, so when they imagine a hero, they imaging a White hero (remember the unveil of Spawn?).  It will take people of color producing movies that make money for that to change.

Comment by KENNETH E JAMES on June 5, 2012 at 8:49am

Great point Will is the man right now.  But we need more there are people out there working in the industry itself that are doing the things we need but we have to support them as well. This seems to be the sentiment of all who are here in this website. That's the reason i joined.

Comment by Night Manager on June 4, 2012 at 2:03pm

They ARE there...but "pop" culture doesn't treat them with respect because it's POPULAR not to.

Who's the greatest monster killer in movies the past 20 years?
Possibly the greatest Sci-fi super hero of all time AND the most popular?


Sure we could USE more black heroes in main stream movies BUT right now the number one guy IS black... and from Philly. (SHOUT OUT!)

But we're working on it!!








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