The A.S.S.E.G.A.I. Corps. is a department of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) that is primarily employed to protect the nation of South Africa against super-human threats. The A.S.S.E.G.A.I. Tactical Armor is the sole mechanized battle-suit used by the Corps.

History: Soon after Nelson Mandela's inauguration as South Africa's President, the country's best known superhero, Big 5, perished foiling an assassination attempt on the life of the nation's new leader. As the country struggled to forge a new path out of its dark history, it now faced a terrible new threat as agents of The Alliance (the notorious globe spanning superhuman criminal syndicate) sought to establish a strategic foothold. With Big 5 gone, the South African military found itself strained as it engaged the Alliance's superhuman army. Faced with such a daunting challenge to the new South African identity, Mandela chose not to publicly call on T.A.S.K. for aid; he instead rolled the dice on a different approach.

Nagar Dynamics -- a major weapons manufacturer and industrial corporation, was awarded a contract to produce a unique and immediately identifiable weapons platform for the South African military to use in its campaign against the Alliance. While the weapons were being produced T.A.S.K. provided covert support to the African nation. Two years later, ten Praetorian Mark 1 ("BIG BOER") Battle Mechs rolled off the factory floor and joined the fight against the Alliance. These mechs were piloted by a specially trained squad of military servicemen selected from the South African Army and Air Force. Once the BIG BOERS were deployed T.A.S.K. withdrew its operatives from the conflict, allowing the world to see South Africa go toe to toe with its adversaries.

For a time the BOERS were very effective against the Alliance, pushing them back significantly. However the rush to production and the strain of constant battles against Alliance personnel soon highlighted the armor's flaws. Within the span of three years South Africa lost half its mechs and pilots. It was also revealed that individuals within Nagar Dynamics had stolen and sold Praetorian armor design specifications to the Alliance. The BIG BOER was compromised.

On his final trip to New York as President, Mandela was introduced to young genius Moses Desalines (who would go on to be known as Kraken) at a charity event. Desalines intimated to Mandela that he had some thoughts on South Africa's mechanized armor problem. The prodigy quickly sketched a Zulu warrior influenced design for a new armored battle-suit which Mandela liked so much that he immediately invited the pre-teen to South Africa to present his design to the country's Department of Defence. Within months a factory was repurposed and Desalines' mech battlesuits (codenamed: A.S.S.E.G.A.I.) went into production.

Desalines' creations were stronger and more maneuverable than the Praetorians, relied on a hybrid electronic neural link/physical stimuli control interface that was superior to the BIG BOER's and were capable of high speed flight while the earlier mechs were not. As the first A.S.S.E.G.A.I. rolled off the production floor, the factory was attacked by a small Alliance force. The Alliance team was utterly defeated, marking the A.S.S.E.G.A.I. as a rousing success and making the pilot, Lt. Matheus Izaakse, a national hero.

The first squadron of A.S.S.E.G.A.I. launched attack after attack on the Alliance and eventually ousted them from South Africa at The Battle of Krugersdorp.

Since that time the A.S.S.E.G.A.I. have protected South Africa and other African nations from superhuman threats and act as members of T.A.S.K and The First World. There are approximately 100 units ready to be deployed at a moment's notice.


Height (overall): 15ft (4.572 meters)
Width (overall): 5ft (1.524 meters)
Weight: 2,500lbs (1.25 tons)
Armor Composition:
Surface/Primary Layer: Argonium Steel
Power Supply: Unrevealed
Armor sys

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