Burning Tiger

Real name: Tian ZiyiOccupation: AdventurerIdentity: Unknown to the publicLegal Status: Citizen of The People's Republic of China with no criminal recordPlace of Birth: ChinaKnown relatives: NoneGroup Affiliation: The People's Invincible Heroes (China's national super human force), T.A.S.K.Powers and Abilities: Burning Tiger is the Master of Dauntless Tiger; the world's deadliest and most powerful martial art. She is a virtually unparalleled hand to hand combatant who is capable of defeating super powered opponents or dozens of armed assailants. The training she received from the last Dauntless Tiger Master resulted in her strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes and senses being enhanced to extraordinary levels. The final part of Dauntless Tiger training transformed and strengthened her body considerably and she can accomplish physical feats that are beyond those of even physically superior humans. Burning Tiger can perform feats such as 20 ft. vertical leaps, dodging gunfire from multiple attackers and throwing strikes that rival the force of a 9mm handgun.Burning Tiger possesses and can control and manipulate an unnaturally high level of chi (natural energy). This chi has slowed her aging considerably as she appears to be a woman in her late 20's even though she is over 100 years old. She can also use her chi to heal herself and others.Brief Personal History: Born into poverty in late 19th century China and left on the doorstep of an orphanage, Tian Ziyi (as she was named by the nuns who ran the home) would become an orphanage favorite. Even though she was doted over as a child, her pre-teen years brought the onset of uncontrollable rage and rebellious behavior. It was during this time that Tian partnered with another orphan girl and the two would sneak out to commit petty crimes in and around the city. They became master pickpockets and thieves and fought rival street urchins for territory.One night the girls cornered an elderly man in a dark alley intending to violently part the man from his possessions. Unfortunately for them, their prospective victim was Xuan Chang -- the then Master of the Dauntless Tiger combat system. When the girls regained consciousness they found themselves in a small shack, miles outside of the city, with the old man standing above them brandishing a sword. The elder told the terrified girls that he was Xuan Chang, the master of a martial art that was older and more secret than any other, and he had chosen them to be his apprentices. He had seen the rage in their hearts and rage was the fuel that would help them to master his teachings -- but they had to choose. This was a choice of life or death.They chose life.Xuan honed the girls' bodies through extremely strenuous exercise, diet, meditation and ceaseless repetitions of Dauntless Tiger's forms. He also honed their minds through the study of art, music, history, and mathematics. Everything the girls learned had a connection to Dauntless Tiger. Every note would connect to a movement, every event to a philosophy, every equation to a series of movements; a thrust, a parry, a leap, a strike. The diet and training they received slowed the girls aging, leaving them to wonder just how old their teacher really was. Master Xuan also encouraged the girls to attempt to injure him at any point in time. Their failure to accomplish that feat, coupled with the beatings and mockery that would follow, kept his students enraged. This pleased Master Xuan as Dauntless Tiger was a style suited to those with fury in their hearts.The girls thrived under Xuan's training and competed for his favor. A decade into their training, Tian's friend snuck off to a nearby village to steal from a government office -- thinking this would impress Xuan. Her robbery was successful but she needlessly killed two guards. When she returned to the shack she found Master Xuan was awake and furious. She had used her skills to murder innocents and had
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