Hello my fellow Black Science Fiction writers,



My web site http://love-lovepublishing.com/ebooks is
having a $100 short story contest. I apologize that I neglected to mention this here sooner, wasn't sure if it was cool to post about it on the forums. I can extend the submission deadline a couple of days to accomodate anyone who wants to participate.   

$100 isn't a lot of money, it's mostly about recognition.


The website is http://love-lovepublishing.com or go directly to http://love-lovepublishing.com/ebooks and click the FAQ section for details. It is a romance themed publishing site, but at the heart of every story is a love story no matter the genre, so if interested please don't hesitate to sign up, and click the "SUBMIT NEWS" or "ADD STORY" link in the nav bar.


Warmest Regards,



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