The Last Angel Of History

This movie is Black Sci-Fi & Afrofuturism's largest secret. I saw this surreal cinematic essay/documentary at a Black Sci Fi screening last year, and everyone including myself couldn't believe we had never heard of it. And its 11 years old. The people in this film include Octavia Butler, Ismael Reed, Samuel R. Delany, DJ Spooky, Goldie, Derrick May, and also draws some intriguing lines between Sun Ra, George Clinton and Lee Scratch Perry. Its an expensive movie to buy or rent, but if you at least rent it and have a screening, you'll make your money back, and have a lot to reflect on...!! we stayed in the theater and talked for over an hour. shortcomings? not too many female perspectives, and Octavia Butler DEFINITELY could have been given more screentime. but it is hands down, a must see. enough from me. peepify.The Last Angel Of History (John Akomfrah, 1997)

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