Earth, 9002 A.D: Now a forgotten planet on the edge of a distant galaxy, Earth is in danger. And its inhabitants, descendants of ancient Egyptians who live deep within the planet's core, must depend for their lives on a reluctant heroine. Maatkara, a Flash animated series on the web. A first run of 13 episodes is planned. Created, written and illustrated by Ethiopian artist Dawit Lessanu, the series stars the voice of R&B singer Amel Larrieux as its heroine, Princess Maat daughter of the great warrior Amen Ra. A mix of Egyptian religion, cutting-edge technology and pure imagination, Maatkara adds an element often missing from science fiction, animation and general entertainment. Through his multimedia company, Stimulation Station, Lessanu caught the attention of folks over at who were excited to put the cartoon on the line-up and bring this Flash-based animation to life.

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