Up, Up and Away

In Disney's Up, Up and Away, Scott Marshall (Pagan) is the sole "normal" in his superpowered family. His dad (Townsend) is a mild-mannered orthodontist who fights crime as Bronze Eagle. His mother is a similarly mild-mannered businesswoman who takes on the bad guys as Warrior Woman. His older brother Adam rounds out their crime-fighting trio with super speed and electrical powers. Even his little sister, a budding pyromaniac, can shoot laser beams out of her eyes. And then there's Scott, who has no superpowers and who probably will never have any. That's because his 14th birthday is only days away, and no superhero has ever gotten his or her powers after turning 14. The pressure on him is intense--his dad's been looking forward to the big day ever since Scott was born. His family has scheduled a huge superhero party for him at which he'll be introduced with his own costume and secret identity. Not wanting to disappoint his parents, Scott starts pretending that he really does have superpowers, and that white lie rapidly grows out of control. But his adolescent conundrum is complicated by the altruistic goals of a group known as the Earth Protectors. Its founder has created an ingenious piece of mind-control software that will allow her to seize the brains of American children and force them to be good little environmentalists. Meanwhile, her partner has more nefarious plans--aimed at world domination.

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