The Dating Game!

Being the bold Flex Hectic guy that I am... I have volunteered my services to arrange matches made in heaven at this site! Since I am already spoken for I will be as unbiased as one can be! I'll need resumes with previous dating experience and or marriage/divorce status! I understand that some of you may be shy so all posts will be kept strictly confidential! I will also need to know tastes in movies, books and religious beliefs! It would be to your advantage to also list any fetishes or unusual desires that may come up in a long term relationship! I will need detailed measurements of all the women at this site and if they prefer to cook themselves or dine out for the evening! Any woman requiring special pampering will be given the VIP treatment! This is a sci-fi community so all requests will be given a highest priority and shown much respect! This was Jervis' idea I am only the messenger!

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